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Toonfest Fail

When you get stuck in a tree when using the cannons. LOL It eventually forced me out of the tree thankfully so I didn't end up relogging but I was stuck for a good 2 minutes.

Toonfest Fail
Tristin, Oct 12, 2018
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      This is why I never went to Toonfest last year.
    • Tristin
      @Sr.Quack Well to be fair I haven't had many issues with it. I won't go on the trampolines after getting stuck twice already however everything else seems to work okay. I kind of asked for this by bouncing into a big bunch of trees. :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: Tokens are worth it for the double promosss...
    • Violin3607
      This is why I don't do Toonfest cannons.
      (no ofc it isn't bc I suck at them... shhhh you dont know me!:confused2:)
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    Oct 12, 2018
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