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Aug 28, 2018
Aug 8, 2015
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June 11
where no one escapes with their sanity
the Chairman

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Insert Epic Name Here

afk kween, Female, from where no one escapes with their sanity

KTTA TTR Beta Tester

:cookie: Jul 8, 2018

Insert Epic Name Here was last seen:
Aug 28, 2018
    1. Fishtacollahma
      Pile of snow with text above it how art thou madam? Happy very late birthday!
      1. Miniapollo17 likes this.
    2. Insert Epic Name Here
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      2. Miniapollo17
        We could maybe play ttr sometime just for funsies if you ever want to :p
        Jul 9, 2018
      3. Insert Epic Name Here
        Insert Epic Name Here
        sure :D tomorrow if you want?
        Jul 9, 2018
      4. Miniapollo17
    3. Loveless
      Happy birthday :cookie: Insert buds 4 life, even if you're dead here :shortcake:
      1. Insert Epic Name Here likes this.
    4. Petallities
      [Insert Happy Birthday Message Here] :cookie:
      1. Insert Epic Name Here likes this.
    5. JokundaSerene22
      Happy Birthday! :shortcake: :cookie:
      1. Insert Epic Name Here likes this.
    6. affiniteas
      Happy Birthday BB Galaxy. :cookie:
    7. FantariaTempesta
    8. Miniapollo17
      Happy birthday :cookie: :redapple:
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    9. Adorkable Mousie
    10. Miniapollo17
      I started hanging around on that roleplay site again :oops:
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      2. Miniapollo17
        Same tbh I'm mostly just checking out the "quests" because those don't require much effort ;-;

        Those are the ones where anyone can just drop in and vote on the next action to be taken and those are cool ;-;
        Jan 28, 2018
      3. Miniapollo17
        I'm too picky to choose one because if there's already like 7 people signed up I won't even if I like the idea :oops:
        Jan 28, 2018
      4. Insert Epic Name Here
        Insert Epic Name Here
        there was one I liked that was basically a school for mary sues and it was awesome
        and then it died
        Jan 28, 2018
    11. affiniteas
    12. Professor Brainiac
      Professor Brainiac
      1. Insert Epic Name Here likes this.
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      3. Insert Epic Name Here
        Insert Epic Name Here
        "the children . . . are playing swords - sorry, playing with swords. they are bleeding, oh no, they are dead. don't call again."
        Jan 22, 2018
        Professor Brainiac likes this.
      4. Professor Brainiac
        Professor Brainiac
        that scene had me dying... :tearsofjoy:

        Garnet: "We don't need to eat."
        Nanapua: "Oh, you young people and your experimental diets."
        Garnet: "I am much older than you."
        Jan 22, 2018
        Insert Epic Name Here likes this.
      5. Insert Epic Name Here
        Insert Epic Name Here
        all comedy is derived from fear
        Jan 23, 2018
    13. Insert Epic Name Here
      Insert Epic Name Here
      2018 for me, I feel really good about this year. :cookie:
      1. affiniteas
        1 AM for me. :oops: :cookie:
        Dec 31, 2017
        Insert Epic Name Here likes this.
    14. Insert Epic Name Here
      Insert Epic Name Here
      when you live on the west coast so you don't have to stay up till 12 to say happy new year <3 make it amazing :cookie:
      1. JokundaSerene22
        Relatable and much thanks you too :D.
        Dec 31, 2017
    15. Insert Epic Name Here
      Insert Epic Name Here
      it's midnight in est, so merry Christmas <3 may your day/week be filled with joy, light and love :cookie:
      1. FantariaTempesta
        :cookie: Hope your's is peaceful, cookie-friend!
        Dec 24, 2017
    16. Professor Brainiac
      Professor Brainiac
      I like your profile pic :D
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      2. Professor Brainiac
        Professor Brainiac
        Don't you know that you've been oxidized!
        Somebody left you in the rain too long and now you've been immobilized
        You're RUSTED!
        Jan 2, 2018
      3. JokundaSerene22
        YES Lol the nostalgia someone said that'd be a good cheating song :grin:.
        Jan 2, 2018
      4. Insert Epic Name Here
        Insert Epic Name Here
        if you move you make a squeaking sound
        that's right you've got an orange patina from above your neck down to the ground you're RUSTED

        yes, yes I do
        Jan 3, 2018
    17. Insert Epic Name Here
      1. twinkleberry
        Oct 17, 2017
      2. Professor Brainiac
        Professor Brainiac
        so much blue... :D
        Oct 17, 2017
    18. ThisIsSoSadCanWeGet50Like
      hi, play toontown with me again sometime. I miss you.
      1. Insert Epic Name Here
        Insert Epic Name Here
        might sound a little weird but thank you <3 I kinda gave up on toontown because it got boring, but if you want to play sometime, tell me and I'd be happy to :)
        Oct 8, 2017
      2. ThisIsSoSadCanWeGet50Like
        okayy~ you can help me out with some golf, howzabout it? :wink:
        Oct 8, 2017
      3. Insert Epic Name Here
        Insert Epic Name Here
        whenever we're both on, if such a time exists :p
        Oct 9, 2017
    19. Loveless
      Dang next time I'll have to rename to Wittlepurriwinklemaus. Nice seeing your old name back, it's a classic.
    20. Mighty Crash
      Mighty Crash
      Don't worry my friends always say when I draw my eyes that I always make them look like a demon who is a chronic alcoholic :oops:
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  • About

    June 11
    where no one escapes with their sanity
    the Chairman
    Toon ID:
    Toon Name:
    "Don't try to figure me out. It will only exhaust you."
    hai :eek:
    If I ever say anything rude, mean, or inconsiderate to you, I will almost never mean to offend or upset you. Also if you meet me in-game, guaranteed I will have to go afk at least once - I try not to on purpose, please don't take it personally if I have to go afk ;-;
    So my name is Insert, hallo <3 There are actually a few names you might know me by, so feel free to use any or all of them :blush: (if you happen to have time to type out a million and six names)
    • Insert Epic Name Here
    • Insert
    • Ins
    • Epic
    • kirathene
    • Freedom
    • bb Galaxy (courtesy of mama aff)
    • Infinity (changed from Freedom)
    • Frella
    I actually have two accounts' worth of toons, but these are the only two I'm actually active on, and now I've probably jinxed it so don't get too attached to Frella

    Shoutouts ^^
    If you exist you are an amazing person, but I want to mention a few people that stand out to me. :grin: I won't say that this site has really helped me through any tough times, because honestly it hasn't, but that doesn't take away from the amazingness that is this community. so, in no particular order. . .

    :cookie: Wall of Fame :cookie:
    affiniteas - mama aff
    Heaven Bound - dry
    Smartiez - holly
    Miniapollo17 - apple

    Professor Brainiac - brain
    Wittle Whimsy - wittle
    Mighty Crash - kman
    Wizard Bear - wiz
    Fishtacollahma - fishy
    May the forum soul of dry rest in peace :sweetrose: still love ya, cookie sissy <3
    Current Obsessions
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    Star Vs the Forces of Evil
    Steven Universe
    Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

    "Don't close your eyes cause your future's ready to shine, it's just a matter of time, before we learn how to fly"

    "Just like magic, I'll be flying free, Ima disappear when they come for me"

    "If you only knew what the future holds,
    After a hurricane, comes a rainbow
    Maybe a reason why all the doors are closed So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road"

    "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller"

    "Kick that ceiling, whatcha gonna say? No one can be just like me anyway"

    "Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight"

    "Like when I close my eyes, and don't even care if anyone sees me dancin', like I can fly, and don't even think of touchin' the ground"

    "This is no mistake, no accident
    When you think the final nail is in
    Think again
    Don't be surprised
    I will still rise"

    "Oh I don't know what you've been told but this gal right here's gonna rule the world"

    "There's a hope that's waiting for you in the dark
    you should know you're beautiful just the way you are
    and you don't have to change a thing the world could change its heart
    no scars to your beautiful, were stars and we're beautiful"

    "It's my party, dance if I want to, we can get crazy, let it all out

    "Let em wonder how we got this far, cause I don't really need to wonder at all"

    "And I don't really care if nobody else believes, cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me"

    "Life and death and love and birth and peace and war on the planet earth, is there anything that's worth more than peace and love on the planet earth?"

    "The children. . . are playing swords. Sorry, playing with swords. They are bleeding. Oh no, they are dead. Don't call again."

    "Son, there will come a time in your life when you'll learn to accept all pizza."

    "Isn't it remarkable, Steven? This world is full of so many possibilities. Each living thing has an entirely unique experience. The sights they see, the sounds they hear. The lives they live are so complicated... a-and so simple. I can't wait for you to join them. Steven, we can't both exist. I'm going to become half of you. And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that's me, loving you and loving being you. Because you're going to be something extraordinary. You're going to be a human being."

    "I'm, a maaaaaaagical princess from another dimension!
    Well, that brings us to the end of our tour! I'm going home now."

    "If you're hungry, I'm a great cook, so why don't you let me out of this chair and I'll give you a taste"

    "I don't need a hero. . . I need a friend."

    "I was just drawing unicorns and monsters cause they're cool."

    "When you steal someone's face, all you're really stealing is your future."

    "There is nothing you could have done. There will always be people who say mean words because you are different, and sometimes their minds cannot be changed. But then there are those who don't judge based on how you look or where you are from, and those are the people whose words truly matter."

    "You can't fade away, the way I feel for you
    there ain't no word I can say, what I'd do for you. . .
    . . .
    but with you by my side, we will win the fight
    in the battle of dark and light
    take my hand hold it tight, when we dance I feel all right
    by your side is where I'll be, endless love won't fade you'll see
    when I walk you walk with me, Terra, together let the light shine
    by your side is where I'll be, endless love won't fade you'll see
    when I walk you walk with me, together let the light shine~"

    It isn't that I'm ungrateful
    For all the things that I've earned,
    For all the journeys I have taken,
    All the lessons that I have learned
    But I wonder where I'm going now,
    What my role is meant to be
    I don't know how to travel
    To a future that I can't see
    I have my wings, I wear this crown
    I'm a princess, this is true
    But it's still unclear to me
    Just what I am meant to do
    I wanna have a purpose
    Wanna do all that I can
    I wanna make a contribution
    I want to be a part of the plan

    Your destiny's uncertain
    And that's sometimes hard to take
    But it will become much clearer
    With every new choice you make

    Patience is never easy
    I understand wanting more
    I know how hard it is to wait
    To spread out your wings and soar

    But you stand here for a reason
    You're gifted and you are strong
    That crown is upon your head because
    You belong

    Know that your time is coming soon
    As the sun rises, so does the moon
    As love finds a place in every heart
    You are a princess; you'll play your part

    We understand you wanting more
    A chance to shine, a chance to soar

    Soon will come the day it turns around
    Know that your time is coming soon
    As the sun rises, so does the moon
    As love finds a place in every heart
    You are a princess; you'll play your part

    You are a princess; you'll play your part

    "Fate will not write my story. I'm here to write it myself."

    “I mean, without the antagonist, there would be no story! It’d be like: ‘Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to be loved, so she met a prince and got married and lived Happily Ever After, The End’? That’s not a story; that’s a bumper sticker.”

    “Raven heard a crunch. “Maddie!” said Raven. “You’re not supposed to eat the stone.” “Why not?” said Maddie. “It’s delightfully crunchy.” “How do you even do that?” Raven asked. “I mean, it’s a rock.” Maddie shrugged. “Sometimes things aren’t impossible the first time I try, because I don’t know they’re impossible yet. I probably couldn’t do it again, though.”

    "Dearest Raven, know this: Without evil, nothing interesting will ever happen. Ever After would be a kingdom of boring princesses and dull princes humming with the birds and smiling their way through bland days of sunshine and rainbows. No evil means no villains. No villains means no heroes. No heroes means no adventures."

    "You're right, if I don't follow my destiny, I might be trapped in this wooden body forever--but even worse would be to be trapped in a choiceless life. If I can't lie, if I'm cursed to blurt out whatever I think even if I don't want to, then I can't really choose." She glanced at Poppy and then quickly away, afraid she might let slip another horrid opinion about her hair. "I think being a Rebel means you get to cut the strings and choose your story. And nothing is more important to me than choice."

    "Rebel, Royal, bleh," said Kitty, examining her nails. "If you don't care where you want to end up, it doesn't matter which road you take."

    "And because I must not bury my head in the blankets, but the reverse -- I must keep my head high and be brave, the thoughts will come, not once, but oh, countless times. Believe me, if you have been shut up for a year and a half, it can get too much for you some days. In spite of all justice and thankfulness, you can't crush your feelings."

    "Riches can all be lost, but that happiness in your own heart can only be veiled, and it will still bring you happiness again, as long as you live. As long as you can look fearlessly up into the heavens, as long as you know that you are pure within, and that you will still find happiness."

    "On the contrary, I've found that there is always some beauty left -- in nature, sunshine, freedom, in yourself; these can all help you."

    Ima angel
    also prolly insane so

    Screenshot by Lightshot
    f ;) r t h e v i e w i n g p l e a s u r e ;) f m a m a a f f y w
    Drawn by Catcat, who is an amazing artist <3


    "Make sense? What fun is there in making sense?"
    MewniBound BFF:cookie:E
    Best Friends Forever Or Else
    Love ya cookie sissy <3
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