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A friendly reminder for New Registrants

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Enter, Jun 6, 2016.

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  1. Enter

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    Dec 11, 2013
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    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to the TTRF Forums!

    It's clear that MANY people don't read the rules firsthand before they register... I've just been going through the forum list of users sending out warnings to people who have registered with their real name...

    (Statistics-wise: There are about 284 toons out of 10,305 registrants who have real life names or anything that sounds like a real life name registered)

    So...PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Do NOT register on the FORUMS with your REAL LIFE NAME! This is a fansite for Toontown Rewritten! Register as your toon please!

    Also, for the love of cream pies...please do take your time to read and understand the forum rules before registering because it's really tiring to have to go through 10k toons just to fish out a number of people who have registered using their real life name... and also many people just register and probably don't login again.. I have been issuing warnings to people who have been registered since 2014.. this is not cool.

    Please understand that this is for the good of you, to protect yourself from potential online threats whilst we, the cast team make sure you're having a toontastic time on the forums :)

    Edit: If you're registered with a real name and have been issued a warning by me or other staff, please use the link below when logged into your account to request a username change, also usernames can be changed every 180 days ^_^ so if you get tired of a username, you may register for a new one :p

    If you have been issued a warning for having a real life name which isn't a real life name but a name of a character, celebrity etc. Let us know and we will have your warning revoked, provided that you give a legitimate reason for not changing your name or else we will change it manually for you.


    Thank you for your kind attention!

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