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A Friendly Reminder - Help the Cast Family!

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Enter, Jun 18, 2016.

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  1. Enter

    Enter Moderation Manager
    Cast Member Moderation Manager ATTA Supporter TTR Beta Tester

    Dec 11, 2013
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    Hi Everyone!

    Just wanted to make a quick note again for new users... making sure this gets seen as many posts are in the wrong section in the main forum section..

    @Duck Tape has conveniently created a guide for new users to take a look at! Thanks a lot ^^

    Please take a look at where to post here: Forum Categories and where to post | Toontown Rewritten Forums

    This should help you make threads at the right places instead of putting all the threads in the main forum ^^

    Thank you for attention!

  2. Faithful

    Faithful Hall of Fame Hall of Fame KTTA TTR Beta Tester

    Feb 16, 2015
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    Hi there!

    So I'm aware that there's a pinned thread here on the Main Forum about posting in the correct places, which you can view here.

    However, as of 18th June 2016, we are putting constant hard work and dedication into keeping the sub-forums organised.
    It has come to our attention that, looking back on many threads, most were only convenient for a moment - the vast majority of threads were simply just questions with simple answers, many threads were violating the Forum Rules, thus creating a lot more work for the Cast Family. The other threads were simply just duplicates of other threads, meaning we have to work harder due to merging many threads.

    To summarise, this thread is just a friendly reminder to:

    • Please, please, please - view the Forum Rules before submitting your post for moderation - does it violate any terms and conditions? (Remember, these rules are only in place for your safety, as well as others'!)
    • View the thread linked above to ensure your thread is being posted in the correct sub-forum - is there already a sub-forum specifically for your post subject?
    • Read over your thread - is it necessary to create a thread for? Could the contents of your thread perhaps fit into a profile post? Is this thread a duplicate of another thread?
    • View the FAQ thread, which is conveniently pinned to the Main Forum - has your question already been answered?

    Also remember, Cast Members are only here to help; you are able to PM us with your enquiries. We don't bite!

    Thank you for your attention! With your cooperation, the Toontown Rewritten Forums can remain a fun, safe and tidy place, suitable for all.
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