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Bad TTO Memory: Involving some selfish lieing toons in DDL

Discussion in 'Toontown Memories' started by Whisker Loopy Writer, Oct 19, 2016.

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    Nov 24, 2013
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    I went to Donald's Dream Land and was going to help these three toons. They kept saying that they're full, whining about me being there to help, etc.
    They were trying to get they're way. Telling me to "Rruff you leave rruff now." Reported them all.
    They said someone else was coming; I never saw the person telelporting to any of them.
    I got into the elevator with them, and they kept on walking out. Later, I eventually got in my self. They were telling me to leave or else they would 'rruff beat me up' reported again.
    I soloed the building for teaching those selfish toons a lesson.
    Saw the toon back in the playground. Evidently, he was whining and bad mouthing me saying "This rruff toon stole our building". I message the toon saying "I wanted to help them with the building. The toon then stated that they knew of the issue. Asked the toon if they were a Staff. She said she was and the other toons were dealt with accordingly.
    Another Staff member came up asking about a problem; I told him that these three toons were lying, swearing about me coming with them when I went out of my way to help them.
    I later decided to teach that one toon a lesson: not to whine to get they're way.
    The toon called me "Ur a ruff little rruff toon" I reported him and ignored his chat.
    He got a pop up message from the staff and accussed me of sending it to him.
    He later got disconnected. The Staff messaged me saying I did the right thing, by reporting the toon and that the toon was terminated forever.
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  2. lol they wouldn't have been terminated for that
    they probably were getting frustrated as they wanted to do a building as they said they were full

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