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Buff Traps Carry Capacity, Damage

Discussion in 'Game Suggestions' started by That Soundless Horse, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. That Soundless Horse
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    That Soundless Horse that pessimistic soundless horse TTR Beta Tester

    Jun 11, 2015
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    I'm not suggesting any nerfs to any gags like sound or anything, but this is something I've found to disagree with the original devs of TTO.

    The main argument on "reducing carry capacity" for trap is "it's the most powerful gag" and I find that to be silly
    Anything before level 5 gag wise is irrelevant talking about drop and trap but let's compare the two

    Safe - 60 Damage before organic
    Trapdoor - 70 damage before organic
    That is about a ten damage difference, but just looking at damage it would seem Trapdoor has Safe beat, right?
    Not exactly.
    When it comes to carry capacity, You can bring in 7 safes, but only 5 Trapdoors.
    It would seem "Well, Trapdoor does 10 more damage then Safe, so it makes sense, right?" Well, when it comes to how gags are used
    No matter what, trap requires a second toon, or you're going to be taking a hit regardless.
    Drop requires 1 toon solo, but if we're being real, using drop/trap solo is more of a risk then it is a reward.
    It's also worth mentioning that you can stack Drop, but not trap, which is another thing
    While drops accuracy is "low" stuns will raise it up to a max of 95. And if we're being real here a squirt/toonup and two safes will take out a 10 eitherway, as stacking drop isn't as bad as it was in tto.
    When it comes down to the organics, the only real thing that makes trapdoors stand out is that it can kill a 7, which anything past a CFO, you don't see much of, and unless you're with 2+ soundless toons, or if you're in a situation where you have to lure, you'd be using trunks and fogs to kill off the rows anyway, making it not worthwhile in the long run.
    Drop is somewhat the same way being situational, however if I remember two organic safes can kill an 11 without help, but is situational due to accuracy/odds of someone else having it, but organic safe and organic cream can kill a 10 if it's lured, but another situational thing, which makes both organics up to level 5 not really that great.
    eitherway, the damage difference of the gags being organic is a 77 (trap) vs 66 (drop) both are rarely used, safe being used on low sets with a few 9s at the most, or if a soundless is present.
    Going into the level 6 of the gags
    TNT - 180 damage before organic
    Piano - 170 damage before organic
    The BIG difference here is with TNT, you only get 2, while with Piano, you get three.
    TNT is usually used on 11s and 10s anyway, since it requires 3 gags to kill a 12s with a tnt, leaving only one toon to do something else.
    With Piano, a hose/fog and that piano can take out a 12 using only 2 gags, hense why usually people drop on 12s in the starting rounds of a vp/cfo/cj (ceo I like to start out with 1 fog 2 trunks and a cake on the 12, since usually at least 1 9 will be present so at most only 2 can attack, plus pianos can stack good for carryover damage)
    When it comes to organics, what exactly does organic TNT bring to the table, situational or not? it really doesn't take much to get a 20+ damage thing to help the 180 tnt kill a 12, 198 would just allow a new 15 laffer to do it for you, but where exactly would that help?
    Organic Piano is situational, but helpful more in duos, save that fog in the starting round with a trunk/aoogah and piano.
    When it comes to level 7s, Train can wipe a row of 12s organic, but thats 1/day Toontanic just needs a bikehorn boost to do so. (So, I really don't think organic trap or drop are worthwhile, but sometimes fun to have on a trapless/dropless toon)
    I feel like the whole carrying capacity hurts trap as a gag track as a whole, one of the reasons I didn't get it on tto was because of how bad the carrying capacity was, I didn't really care about the extra ten points of damage, when I could just use drop, and let stuns take care of it for me. But along with that, I think a little more damage to let tnts kill 12s as an organic gag (railroad kill 12s without being organic) can help balance that a little. I don't believe a 100% balanced game in this is impossible, and this is really the only gag balancing track update I think that I actually think would benefit the game (tbh anything that altered sound would just hurt the playerbase so I don't care on that) as well as allowing you to carry 3 tnts, trying to make trap on par with drop would be easier, and give people more reasons to take trap.

    Of course, this is just my opinion, none of those is factual in any way. Just a suggestion I thought of a while back
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  2. Adorkable Mousie

    Adorkable Mousie Cute Adorkable Toon :D TTR Beta Tester

    Aug 19, 2016
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    Even if we get to carry the same amount of trap gags as everything else, it would still honestly be a sub-par gag track compared to drop and everything else since it needs a lure for it to hit, and mostly everyone prefers to sound over lure if it can be done. It just can't mix with sound at all like drop can, especially those sets that have one 11 and 3 9s and below where the safe especially shines in to save another fog horn. The trapdoor is honestly useless for the most part in most fights, except for maybe the ceo where it can kill off a 2.0 skelecog from previous carryover damage, or a low cog in the vp/cfo, but those are easily sounded away anyways. I agree that the carry capacity for trap is very silly at this point for a sub-par gag track that has very limited uses compared to everything else, and wouldn't mind seeing these buffs to make the organic a bit more useful and being able to carry 3 tnts, but even then it wouldn't be as useful as organic throw and sound or even squirt.

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