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Contradictory and Ignorant Support

Discussion in 'Suggestions? Complaints? Comments?' started by Bottom Text, Jul 18, 2019.

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    Feb 27, 2017
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    For some context, I received a termination on one of my toons for such a stupid reason - hacking discussion - as a result of an inside joke made with friends. For specifics, I was called a hacker due to multi tooning when friends were present, which ultimately turned into an inside joke, where I would say things regarding it to *only* my friends. While some may find that a fair justification for a ban, fine, that's acceptable if it actually compromises the safety of players and the game.

    I guess this part of the thread is most prominent; the point I'm trying to make. I contacted support twice and received a less than favorable response after almost two weeks of waiting both times. Each stated that the termination couldn't be appealed due to the "significance" of the reason for such; however, I was free to make as many subsequent accounts as I pleased. Really? If hacking discussion poses such a threat to the game and its players that it dictates a termination with no prior infractions on that account, why allow for more accounts to be created? A person with actual malicious intent and genuinely wishes to hack the game will not stop due to the termination of their account, and if they're given the chance to make more accounts, that won't stop them from hacking the game. So why is it that people are allowed to make more accounts if hacking *discussion* is such a threat to the game?

    I do want to state here that I'm not asking for my other accounts to be terminated or banned alongside my 110+ laff soundless that was terminated, I want a justification for such a response that support was less than willing to give.
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