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Spoiler Dusty VS Mystery: The End

Discussion in 'Toontown Stories' started by bulldozerman185, Jun 30, 2015.


What do you like to do after you've beaten the CEO, and the game?

  1. Help Lower Laffers

  2. Run Cog Invasions

  3. Do As Many Buildings As I Can

  4. Race

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  5. Fish

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  6. Play Trolly Games

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  7. All Of The Above

  1. bulldozerman185

    bulldozerman185 Cog Crusher

    Feb 3, 2015
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    According to the Story of Dusty Bumblejinks, he came to Toontown ( in TTR ) following his adventure in Toontown Online, after learning his family had been kidnapped by the Cogs. Throughout his adventures in TTR, he rescues his family members one by one, along with Miss Melody Dandyberry and Buttercup, two very dear friends. However, Melody is killed by Mystery, the brown cat responsible for Dusty's family being captured, and vows to aid the Cogs in their war against Toontown. So Dusty sets off for the four Cog headquarters to stop Mystery's plans. Now, after fighting with the VP, CFO, and CJ, he's at the end of the line: Bossbot HQ, where he plans to defeat Mystery once and for all...


    ( Pre-Bossbot HQ )

    Dusty stood outside Bossbot HQ, determination in his eyes.

    So many of his best friends have suffered horribly or have died just so he could reach this point. It made him sick every time he thought about it.

    But he was ready.

    He was ready to fight and defeat Mystery. He wasn't going to let their deaths have been in vain.

    He was going to defeat Mystery and save ToonTown.

    With all his gag tracks maxed and his Laff meter filled and ready, he was ready to end his long, drawn out battle and take his place among Toon legends.

    This was it. It was time for the final curtain call.


    ( Pre-Frost Three )

    As Mystery sat alongside the C.E.O. in Bossbot HQ, grinning happily at his newest and greatest plan to stop Dusty Bumblejinks, Big Cheese Second-In-Command stormed into his office, looking highly alarmed.

    He stumbled over twice on his way up to Mysteries chair and looked at Mystery as though a crazy murderer were hot on his heels.

    "Sir, SIR! Bumblejinks is in the courtyard! He's on his way here! What do we do!?" The Cog asked, a hint of panic in his voice.

    To his and the C.E.O.'s surprise, Mystery laughed.

    "No need to worry," Mystery started, his eyes flashing demonically. "That **** dog will never make his way here. I have seen to it! We will be perfectly fine. Just tell those rust buckets in the Front Three to be ready for an assault!" He ordered.

    Second-In-Command saluted his superior.

    "Yes, sir!" He said, before turning around and marching out the door, relieved Mystery had a final resort plan to stop Bumblejinks.

    The C.E.O. smiled down at Mystery.

    "Indeed, all those new hazards and traps we put into the golf courses are top notch. No Toon can get through there alive. And our men are waiting to ambush any who dare venture in. You have quite the future as a architect, I dare say." He praised, receiving a happy glance from Mystery in response.

    "Thanks. Now then, shall we do tend to these LHAAFBBHQ idiots?" Mystery asked, gesturing toward the door.

    The C.E.O. laughed darkly.

    "Yes, let's." He said calmly.


    ( Pre-C.E.O. Battle )

    After fighting my way through the front three, the middle six, and the back nine, I stood within the country club, starring down the C.E.O. and Mystery, both of who looks furious. But not nearly as furious as I did.

    I looked down at the pink cat lying on the floor before me. Buttercup. Mystery had stabbed her to death right in front of me. He'd killed her.

    I had failed to protect her.

    I clenched my fist tightly, the night stick still in my hand. The mighty night stick that got me to this point.

    The night stick that should have saved Buttercup and Melody. But now, they were both dead. I had failed them both.

    But I wasn't going to let them die in vain.

    I cast a glance around at the many dead Cogs in the room. We had managed to destroy them all with oil cans before a pair of Big Cheeses showed up to crash the party. We dealt with them quickly.

    Now it was just me, my boarding group, and Mystery.

    Mystery laughed at me from atop the C.E.O.

    "Well, Bumblejinks, it looks like this is the end of the line for you. We can't allow you to live after all the trouble you've caused us, can we, C.E.O.?" He asked the giant Cog boss, who nodded in approval.

    "Quite right. Shall we kill him together?" He asked the brown cat, who grinned evilly.

    "Yes, let's." He said simply, before the C.E.O. began to roll his way across the room at me and my boarding group. I jumped away and took an offensive stance.

    "This is it, Mystery! Your not going to get away this time!" I yelled, before charging at one of the tables in the room. Mystery looked over at me and gnashed his teeth.

    "BRING IT ON, YOU CRIMSON CANINE!" He yelled at me.

    This was it. The final battle.


    ( Post-C.E.O. Battle )


    The C.E.O. yelled out as he shrunk to a mere Flunky, and Mystery flew off his back, hitting the ground hard.

    He got to his feet quickly and looked over at me, terror in his eyes. This was it. He was out of cog headquarters to hide out in. I had him at last.

    "No, no, no! Stay away, you blasted dog!" He babbled as he backed away from me, but I wasn't going to let him escape. I was going to put an end to this madness.

    "The Chairman is going to get you for this! Mark my words! This isn't the end!" He yelled out as he continued to back away, tripping and stumbling to the floor. I took this chance to quickly close the gap between us. I grabbed him by the front of his shirt and help him up high, snarling.

    "You killed Melody, Buttercup, and now, Roxy Wildwhip." I said, casting a glance over my shoulder at Roxy's unmoving corpse, which lay next to Buttercup's. I then looked back at Mystery, hatred in my eyes, my night stick raised, ready to strike.

    "THIS ONES FOR MY FRIENDS!" I yelled, and quickly hit Mystery in the head with the night stick so hard, he flew out of my hand and soared thirty feet across the room before crashing into one of the tables. He had been knocked out.

    I twirled the night stick in my hand and slammed it back into it's holster. It was over. I had won. With the help of my friends and my boarding party, I had won.

    But of course, there were a few more loose ends to tie up before I could head for home. I walked over, picked up Mystery, and tied his hands behind his back. After all the trouble he's caused, the Toon Troopers would want a few choice words with him. I then turned to Buttercup and Roxy. They were both great friends, but now they were both dead.

    Though it hurt me badly, and though I would miss them, I would always remember all the fun we had growing up together in Toontown. I still remember the first day I met Buttercup, when she was a young and beautiful blue cat. I knew right away she would be somebody important, and who'da thought she'd help me defeat Mystery and save my family? Heh, not me.

    So of course, I gathered up their dead bodies before jumping into my black hole to return to Toontown Central. There would be lots of questions to answer, there would be answers to force out of Mystery, and of course, there would be funerals to be held for Melody, Buttercup, and Roxy.

    But my mission was accomplished. My family was safe, and though I failed to help Melody and Buttercup, at least I could rest easy knowing my brothers and sister were all safe and sound, and Melody and Buttercup could now rest in peace.

    ~ Dusty Bumblejinks in: Toontown Rewritten: The End


    Dusty Bumblejinks journey in Toontown is over. With his family saved, the Cog bosses defeated, and Mystery in the slammer, it looks like this crimson canine can finally rest easy. If you've been following Dusty since the beginning of his adventure, thanks for watching and playing with me. See you next time! ;)
  2. Zade

    Zade Cog Crusher

    Aug 12, 2016
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    Technically if you finish DDL you finish the game, boss fights are optional.
  3. What does have to do with his story
  4. Zade

    Zade Cog Crusher

    Aug 12, 2016
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    absolutely nothing
  5. Miniapollo17

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    Nov 21, 2014
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    Oh he's talking about the poll :p

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