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TTR Bug First Person and Culling *GAME BREAKING*

Discussion in 'Toontown Rewritten Bug Reports' started by fogey89, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. fogey89

    fogey89 Guest

    Oh boy I bet you guys haven't seen a real bug in a long time, but here you go.

    Lets start at the beginning: Whats The Issue

    The main issue I'll be presenting here is the problem that first person mode has when relating to the culling process in TTR. Although when normally playing it may seem as if nothing is wrong, in some situations it can be game breaking. I'll be attempting to explain what is occurring, and along with an explanation I've brought two videos to help show what the issue at hand is.

    Example 1

    In the clip we see the problem at hand, when in first person the culling used in Panda3d by the developers isn't working correctly. It only loads the first section of the street and refuses to load the rest, even after you revert back to the normal camera mode.

    Why Is This a Problem?

    At first it may not seem to create any issues regarding normal gameplay, giving Toons the ability to not allow certain sections to load can never end well.

    Example 2

    Well now your mind has changed about this hasn't it? With the correct techniques this bug gives Toons the power to load in certain sections of levels as they desire.

    (In some cases a second Toon is needed, such as moving through a full Golf Course a second toon is required, however they do not need to be working with you, them simply moving through the course allows you to move alongside them as the terrain is loaded when a door is opened by any Toon)

    So What's Going On?

    To the best of my knowledge after looking through the base Panda3d engine and the TTR Code, This is the issue.

    The way the TTR/TTO (Not sure which) developers had panda3d culling, is that when sections are not visible from your camera, they don't become loaded, and when they are in sight they become loaded. (This is why you may see the terrain load in while walking down a street) The issue that arises with this system is that the first person camera is categorized as a separate camera than the rest; as it is attached directly to the model. Because of this, the culling in the engine begins to malfunction. The culling function, as previously mentioned, will load in objects based on your view; the view of TTR main camera. However the first person camera is separate from the camera used in all other camera modes. This causes the culling function to treat the main camera as either somewhere else or non existent. (The reason the first section is able to load is because Panda3d forces the first section where you are warped to to load). My best guess is that because we started the game in first person, the third person camera simply was not loaded and thus the culling function was disabled. And because it was fully disabled this allowed us to switch to other camera modes.

    Now this section might bring back some warm feelings for those of you who played TTO. Of course I'm referring to the platforming room skip in the mint. (For those who don't know sorry I can't find a clip). The glitch was preformed by glitching out of bounds, then when underneath the floor, opening your book. This would allow you to shave about 30 seconds of your mint, and a lot of pain from the physics we all love in TT. Well how does this relate to this thread? It's actually fairly simple, it's the same way I used the book to load in the whack a mole mini-game in the golf course. When you close your book it actually puts out nearly the same function as when you first load in, forcing the game to load in the areas around you, so if you are close enough, you can force load in any area you please using the book while out of bounds.


    Doors are the second way that Toons are able to force load areas. When a door is opened, one of the first lines of code, before the animation, is to load the area behind the door. This means the out of bounds toon does not need to be near when the door.

    More on door loading.

    The way I tested this was through the Golf Courses, as I had consistent way of loading the wack a mole game. When the toon opens the door to whack a mole, it loads the entire area leading up to the next door; which in this case includes the hedge maze and first fight. After this, the door also cause spawn area to unload, along with the whack-a-mole minigame when the door is closed.

    e.g. -------- (^ = Loaded with)
    *Spawn --- ^Warp
    *Whack a mole / door 1 --- ^ Book Force Spawn
    *hedge maze / 1st fight / door 2 --- ^Door 1 Opening

    (Sorry about the weird formatting the forum just did not want to work)

    Oh boy a day later and this has progress now I can confirm this is game breaking and unless fixed will allow trolls to steal courses, and most likely any other mint/DA/Factory with ease.

    Example 3

    So what does that clip show us? Well, now it's confirmed that it is possible to skip through the entire golf course up until the end. Although for this example I couldn't show it (I only had a 15 laugh alt to use) when the door after the cogs is opened, like the 1st door, the area after it is also loaded. This means that you can follow the Toons while out of bounds until the very last minigame and set of cogs where you then phase back into the room where the cogs are, use a level 7 and steal the course. This currently works for every course.

    Now that this is out with all the information present, I'm hoping the developers can swiftly fix this with a few changes to the culling programs, because if not. Well. I hope you have fun having your courses (and Mint/DA/Factory) stolen...

    If There Is Anything I Missed or Any Questions Feel Free to Ask

    I Am Willing To Help Mods Who Would Want To Recreate This And Help Gather Information So We Can Get This Patched

    Also, Yes, This Is Unmodified TTR In Its Latest Version.

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