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Forum News Forum Oldies: Sanjaya Edition!

Discussion in 'Forum News' started by Miniapollo17, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Miniapollo17

    Miniapollo17 Social Media Team Cast Member Social Media Mini Mod

    Nov 21, 2014
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    This was technically supposed to be September's posting, but I ended up hanging out with my family the last two weekends and completely forgot about posting it.

    So instead, welcome to October's interview thread everyone! As a reminder over what Forum Oldies is, it basically is like Reddit's Ask Me Anything, only I start it off with some questions first, then "open the floor" to you all for whatever questions/comments you want to give the interviewee! (Forum rules still apply, obviously.) My questions were categorized into three sections: TTR, TTR Forums, and IRL, though yours do not need to be like that. It was mostly just to make this look fancier :p

    There's no set time limit on when you can ask questions, as this will technically always be open, but if it's been a while since the last post (Multiple days) then I'd recommend tagging the user in your post or something.

    As you can tell by the title, this month's interviewee is @Sanjaya , one of the members who have been active the longest- all the way from October 2014! His answers will be in gray, while my questions will be in red.


    How did you originally hear about Toontown Rewritten?
    I believe I heard about it through Toonbook (back when it was kickin'). I was amazed at how quickly TTR had been announced after TTO closed. I was very excited!

    What was your Toontown Online experience like, and how does it compare to Toontown Rewritten?
    TTO made up most of my childhood. I've always been introverted due to my anxiety and other reasons, so TTO kinda kept me going as a child. It gave me a chance to be social in a comfortable setting. I made lots of friends, some of which I still have contact with to this day. Compared to TTR, I'd say TTR gave me more freedom to try my own things and progress through the game, since it's totally free and you're allowed to run multiple accounts at the same time.

    What is a feature you wish would be added to Toontown Rewritten?
    I would love to see more rewrite options. Everyone who knows me knows that I want a gag track rewrite, but I'd also love to see a full package rewrite, meaning species and even toon gender could be changed.

    What's your favorite feature of Toontown, whether it be Online or Rewritten? Least favorite?
    My favourite feature in TTO was true friends. It let you talk to someone beyond the filters and it was a more personable experience. In TTR, my favourite feature would have to be the toon rewrites. my least favourite feature for both of them would be the story line for tasks. In TTO it wrote the backstory for the game, but after a while it became super repetitive, and the fact that TTR kept [most of] the same story line just made it even more repetitive. You always go to the same NPCs, and the same shoppes on the same streets. There's no variety.

    Is there any inspiration/theme behind your toons?
    I don't really remember where I heard the name Sanjaya, but when I did, little 6-year-old me absolutely loved it, and I had given the name to a lot of different things (i.e. Webkinz, Neopets, etc), so naturally I gave it to a toon when I first started playing in 2005. I picked a mouse because I loved the ears and the big nose. I remade him in TTR in hopes that maybe my old friends would also play and recognize my toon. My other mice, Santana and Sankara, were made as twins to Sanjaya (I basically just looked at similar names, since Sanjaya and Sankara are Sanskrit and Santana is Spanish :p). Their gag choices were just for fun and because I wanted a challenge.

    TTR Forums
    How did you hear about/discover the forums?
    I heard about TTRF through an ex-friend I met through Toonbook. we were looking at alternative ways to keep in touch, since Toonbook was really buggy at that time, and TTRF was one of the options, as well as MMOCentral and Toonblr/Toonter.

    Are there any members that you would like to shout-out?
    Past member shout-outs would be Raven and Heaven Bound. current members would be @Catcat , @Petallities , and @Loveless .

    What's been your favorite memory that occurred on the forums?
    My favourite memories would be all the "silent" trends we'd have here. One person would change their pfp, then someone else would copy it, and so on. I never knew what I'd see when I signed in that day.

    Which is your favorite type of thread?
    Off-topic threads are always fun to read through and participate in.

    What are your forum pet-peeves?
    Mostly spam-likers and drama bugs. They know who they are.


    What are your favorite hobbies?
    I'm really into crafting-type things. I love making things out of paracord, and I also enjoy knitting and crochet. When I'm not crafting, I'm drawing or playing videogames.

    What are your aspirations for the future?
    For my health to get better so I can go back to work and eventually enroll in university.

    What's your favorite joke?
    My favourite joke isn't appropriate for this site, so I went and picked a funny one off google:

    "Two men walk down a dirt path. One man has a big sack over his shoulder. The other man asks what's in the sack.

    The first man says, "I got me some chickens for dinner tonight."

    The other man asks how many chickens are in the sack.

    "Well, I'll tell you," replies the first man, "If you can guess how many chickens I got in this here sack, I'll give them both to you.""

    Are there any books/movies/shows that you're currently loving?

    I don't watch much TV, but as far as movies go, I'm still in love with Avengers: Infinity War. I'm also trying to find a new book series to start reading.

    Is there any advice you'd like to give to the people reading this?
    Toontown advice: the community can be crappy, but there will always be more good people than bad. Don't give up.

    Real-life advice: whatever you're going through, it will get better. If you're questioning something about yourself, just remember that there's nothing wrong with you, there's a lot wrong with the world you're living in. Be who you really are if you feel it's safe enough. You'll be much happier.

    And there we have it! I hope this is enough to get the question train rolling. If not, then it's perfectly fine to just read this and consider it as a "member spotlight" as well. Either way, I hope anyone reading this has an awesome day! :D
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  2. Petallities

    Petallities The One Teen With Issues™ KTTA TTR Beta Tester

    May 11, 2016
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    Interesting to read!

    Thanks for the shoutout, San. <3
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  3. Sir McQuack
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    Sir McQuack Elite Toon KTTA ATTA Supporter TTR Beta Tester

    Sep 28, 2016
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    cool read
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  4. affiniteas

    affiniteas Elite Toon
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    Sep 6, 2015
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    What are your forum pet-peeves?
    Spam-likers. They know who they are.

    *backs away slowly* :oops:
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  5. Sanjaya

    Sanjaya very distressed eggplant
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    Oct 29, 2014
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    i actually wasn't thinking of you when i wrote that, but now that you mention it...
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