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TTR Bug Gag Xp Bug in Buildings During Invasion?

Discussion in 'Toontown Rewritten Bug Reports' started by Kcull, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Kcull

    Kcull New Toon

    Mar 27, 2019
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    So I haven't played TTR in a few years but recently got back into it. I've been using my friends account to help me and try and boost my lure xp while in buildings. I normally just do 4 story buildings and on the last cog (or 1st if only 1 spawned at the start) ill alternate lures between the two accounts (not at the same time mostly) and last building I should've gained 260 xp obviously you can only gain 200 per instance but instead I was credited 60 all the other gags I used throughout the building granted the full Xp im assuming. I got 172 for ToonUp and like 90 for throw but I didnt get my full lure? Is there something that prevents you from xp farming that I dont know about nor can find anything about on the wiki?

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