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How to know when Lure will work on Trap

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by ChiefLucarioOfficer, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. ChiefLucarioOfficer

    ChiefLucarioOfficer Cog Crusher

    Jan 14, 2014
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    I originally wrote this guide in 2013. I decided to upload it here since it might be helpful to those who are trying to train Trap and Lure efficiently.


    Here is a little guide about a trick that a friend of mine discovered. I'm not sure if lots of people know this trick, so I'll try and explain it the best way I can.

    First of all, you need someone else to do this trick with you. It cannot be done by yourself. Someone has to automatically lure right after someone uses a trap.

    I've been getting lots of comments saying "How do you know when it hits?!?!"

    Well, look at this picture of this trapdoor here.

    Notice the hinges. They are on top.

    Now, look at the hinges on the other trapdoor that is circled in this picture here.

    Now, do you see Lily using her Hypno-Goggles? That circled trapdoor is telling you that her Hypno-Goggles will work. If her Hypno-Goggles would miss, that circled trapdoor would look just like the one to the right of it that isn't circled.

    The same rules apply for quicksands as well. Notice the part of the quicksand that is circled.

    Now, look at this picture when I lure and both circled parts of the quicksands are opposite of each other.

    The cogs are being lured now. Those clues will show you how to identify if lure will work with quicksands and trapdoors.

    Now, I will show you how the marbles, TNT, and banana peels work with lure. However, in order to identify if lure will work on the three, it can only be shown in buildings. Streets and Cog HQs are unknown.

    Here is an example of Petunia using her marbles. Notice that there is a stack of marbles in the middle of where the cog and we are. Look closely at Petunia. Do you see her with the marbles in her hand?

    That icon before someone throws a trap shows that that trap that you physically throw will work. If it misses, that icon will not be there. Remember, it can only be done in cog buildings! However, it also does work in boss battles. Sometimes people see a TNT off to the side of the boss, or in the CJ, by the desk he stands on. That also shows that the trap will work as well. However, it's hard to see it, since the angle isnt directly by it. (I don't have a screenshot to show, but I think some of you may get the idea.)

    Here is the result of the cog getting lured onto the marbles. (I had to do a different cog because the first screenshot was blurry.)

    Here are the other pictures of what the banana peel and the TNT look like before someone lures.

    I will say that I have no idea how to identify the railroad and the rake. I never found a 'secret' to those gags, so you're based on luck with those two.

    I'd like to thank Petunia and Lily for helping me make this. This guide couldn't be done without them.

    You guys should test this out! It really works!​
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  2. Megabutter

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    Nov 11, 2015
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    Interesting, but the only way that knowing this is useful, is that it gives you a warning in advance if you had to use a unite.

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