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NEWS Introducing the Options Update

Discussion in 'News' started by Sweetener, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Sweetener

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    Aug 17, 2015
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    Introducing the Options Update
    Posted by Sir Max on November 29, 2018 at 4:00 PM

    They said it could never be done. They told us it wasn't important. They claimed that such measures would destroy the Tooniverse as we know it! I don't know who "they" are, but today, we're proving Mr. Whoever-They-Are wrong. We're taking a step where no Toon has ever stepped before: W.

    Not only W, but also A, S, and D! In fact, let's go for ANY key on your keyboard! Today, we abandon the direction of the Arrow Keys and tell Control that it can't control us any longer. We'll delete the Delete key and throw pies the way we want to throw them. TODAY, dear Toons, we finally have OPTIONS!

    Play Your Way
    You begged us, pleaded us, and even sent some rather convincing threats. The Options Update introduces the most widely requested feature throughout Toontown's entire lifetime: Control Customization. Using a new Options Panel created specially for your customizing creativity, you can now set any action in Toontown to any key that you want.

    Look, I know what you're thinking: "What an innovative feature! How has no one else thought of such astounding functionality? This is bleeding-edge technology!"

    Buckle up, you fine observer of modernization, because we're just getting started.

    Access Options Anywhere
    We're betting you're pretty excited at this point. "How can I get to this fabled Options Menu?" It's quite simple! Almost anywhere in game, this shiny new remote will sit in the lower right-hand corner of your game window. If your Shticker Book is available, it likes to hide out of sight as to not bother you while you're playing. Just hover over the Shticker Book to make it stop hiding!

    You can also hit SHIFT+ESC (by default) to bring up the Options Menu at anytime, or change that key combo to something else to spice up your Options Menu experience. Snazzy!

    Modernizing Movement
    You might notice how smooth running around feels after entering Toontown. You didn't slip on a stick of butter -- it's a new feature! We've overhauled Toon movement to visually appear more natural, as well as feel more natural to control with the Toon gradually speeding up and slowing down. It's subtle, but it's just a small step we're taking to modernize Toontown!

    Of course, if you like the classic look of Toontown, you can turn off the animation blending setting in your new-fangled Options Menu.

    The Anti-Exercise Key
    Ever since moving into Toontown, I've ran everywhere as fast as I can. I didn't even have a choice, my feet just kept running and running unless I was going backwards! With this new update comes a key I call the "Anti-Exercise" key, but the Toon Council says I have to call it the "Walk" key. Starting today, Toons can go on a slow stroll by walking with the SHIFTkey by default.

    Can you use this new walking ability for an amazing new gameplay experience? Well... No. But you guys still requested it for some reason, so someone out there must be pretty pumped right now!

    The Options Are Endless
    Well, they're not really. But it still sounded like a pretty catchy headline, right? What I'm trying to say is: This update is so much more than just some new controls and a campaign against exercising! We've changed a whole lot behind the scenes to work towards making Toontown a much more modern game, and we'll be continuing to make changes in the future to keep up with the times and give Toontown the longest life it can have.

    You can check out the release notes below for a full list of changes, which several long-standing bugs that have finally been squashed. Let us know what you think of The Options Update, and keep your eyes peeled for the other exciting things we've been working on.

    November 29, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.3.0]
    • Implemented the all-new Options Menu! Check it out by clicking on the remote icon in the bottom right of your screen, or by pressing SHIFT + ESC (by default).
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when using a Toon Rewrite while using the Spooky Purple color.
    • Corrected an issue that could cause sound effects to continue playing after disabling and re-enabling sound effects.
    • Fixed a minor typo in Cog dialogue.
    • All settings that were only accessible through the settings.json file previously are now available in-game. This includes Anti-Aliasing, Animation Smoothing, Discord Integration, etc.

    • Adding WASD support to Toontown was our most requested feature EVER! We've now done that, and much more.
    • All keys that can be used in game can now be reassigned in the Options Menu. Use the control scheme that works for you!
    • Toons can now slow down and walk rather than run when holding SHIFT (by default).
    • Reworked walk controls to feel more fluid. Toons will transition to running and stopping, rather than maintaining a constant speed.
    • The new control system has been heavily tested by the team. However, if you run into any issues, please email [email protected] so we can get it fixed as soon as possible!

    • Music and Sound Effects can be individually adjusted to be quieter or louder.
    • Visual SFX Indicators can now be toggled from in-game. If Sound Effects are disabled, Visual Indicators will always be on.

    • Implemented support for borderless fullscreen display mode, which is now the default on Windows and Linux.
    • Legacy fullscreen support has been removed for macOS Toons, in favor of Apple's integrated system. If you’re using a Mac, you should instead use the green maximize button to toggle between Windowed and Fullscreen modes.
    • Added ability to turn on a Frame Rate Meter from the Options Menu.
    • Implemented Toony GUI transitions, which can be disabled for a more classic Toontown feel.
    • Fixed a longstanding bug where nametags and chat bubbles couldn't be clicked after changing the game's display mode.

    • Implemented animation blending for more natural Toon movement. Animation will no longer start/stop abruptly, but instead blend from one to another. This can be turned off in the Options Menu.

    Shticker Book
    • The Street M.A.P.S. icon is now hidden until hovering over the Shticker Book to avoid screen clutter.
    • Fixed a bug in the Toontorial where the left/right keys could be pressed to view other pages of the Shticker Book while talking to HQ Harry.
    • Simplified the Options & Codes page to combine the two tabs into one.
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  2. Miniapollo17

    Miniapollo17 Social Media Team Cast Member Social Media Mini Mod

    Nov 21, 2014
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    Thanks for posting this :D

    Also I'm one of those people excited about the walking feature :oops:
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  3. A Person

    A Person Elite Toon

    Jan 30, 2018
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    I can kind of foresee an issue with the gradually slowing down thing though.

    Imagine you're running diagonally (Why? Because you're in Toontown and everything's silly) and then... YOU SEE A COG RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! HOLY TACOS! You freeze, knowing that Toontown has this weird thing where you stop immediately after pressing the "up" button (Or W or Y or T or whatever us weirdos decide to do). BUT. Oops you slow down, slowly, slowly. And then you run into the cog. So much for tasking (or Boss running? Or whatever). AN: I could have fully well misinterpreted what they meant by fluid motions but who gives? Writing this was unnaturally fun.

    They really should add a sprint key too. I mean that contradicts the whole scenario I invented ^^^^^^^^up^^^^^^^^^ there, but at least when you're sprinting you would feel like it's justifiable to have crashed into a cog (and it gives the support team a reason to reject your pleas for an additional 60000 JB as settlement.) Maybe like we don't need the walk key? Why do we even need the walk key? To annoy our friends when we're walking across the VP lobby to the elevator? I dunno.
    Oh well now I see why. Welp.
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