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Suggestion New gag reel: Draw/Sketch Gag

Discussion in 'Game Suggestions' started by Mike madorian, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. Mike madorian

    Mike madorian New Toon

    Aug 13, 2018
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    Hello Toons,

    After seeing TTR take flight and progress with new and interesting innovations. I was thinking of new gag reel for TTR in the form of Draw/Sketch.
    Classic Cartoons have various characters drawing and then bringing these wacky drawings to life.

    Working similarly in Toontown. Maybe our toons can create sketches to combat the cogs. Now I know people don't probably want another gag reel. But this one might be different.

    My initial idea is that this gag reel is used to add effects to the combat. I.e low level gags might reduce the damage on individual cog attacks. Whilst higher more powerful gags might reduce damage and increase the dodge chance for 1+ toon for one turn. This could be the gag that saves your friend on the final fight in a factory...

    The gags themselves could be simple or wild. One I thought that could reduce a cogs damage could be drawing a ridiculous (funny for the toons) moustache on the targeted cog. Confusing the cog or making them a mockery reducing their effectiveness. (Because nobody can take him seriously)

    Potential gag effects (please add your own if you have any ideas).

    -Reduce Cog damage
    -Reduce Cog dodge chance
    -Lock out Cogs more upsetting (powerful attacks for 1 round)
    -Increase Toon dodge chance
    -Give toon a quick turn (you give the toon a chance to have an additional turn, to toon up or to set up a trap then lure!)
    -Add uncontrollable laughter to toon ( Toon shield for 1 turn )

    Gag ideas (Please add your own too!):
    -swarm of bees (beehive thrown at cog maybe?)
    - Toon marching band
    - Stampede (could be something like a dust cloud OR could be cogs thinking it's something big and they panic but actually its just a few butterflys making them look silly)
    - kick me sign (gets kicked by large boot from behind so they could turn their back, distracting them for a turn)
    - Candy Atm (cogs believe it will dispense money but instead it blows them back with candy/jelly beans)

    *Now I know this might be harder to do and could be controversial to some. But what about playground exclusive versions/skins of specific gags?*

    I.e A Venus toon trap, that is a large fly trap the attacks a cog. The plant could be a normal large fly trap, daisys could be a large Flower, Donalds dream land could be a plant with a night cap, Donalds dock could be just simply a shark or palm tree or octopus) and the burrghs could be an hugging Christmas tree.

    Anyway thank you for staying toon'd, toons.

    I hope to like the ideas and I hope you can show me yours. If this gets considered for a future update that would be amazing.

    But like always stay awesome
    TTR community.
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  2. twinkleberry

    twinkleberry Elite Toon
    ATTA Supporter TTR Beta Tester

    Jun 26, 2017
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    Creative, but I don't think the gags would work well in TTR. Maybe in TTCC.
  3. Silentroyalty321

    Silentroyalty321 New Toon ATTA Supporter

    Oct 19, 2018
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    Yeah that is a seriously creative idea!
    Would be a good additive but who knows if it would that idea would see the light of day.

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