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New Skylanders Soundtrack Pack! (Coming Soon!)

Discussion in 'Content Packs' started by CoolFluffyWackyswirl, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. CoolFluffyWackyswirl

    CoolFluffyWackyswirl Gag Trainer TTR Beta Tester

    Sep 4, 2017
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    Since I am a fan of Skylanders because of it's soundtrack and Toontown's also being my favorite MMORPG and my childhood, I have decided to make a Resource Pack containing the Soundtrack from the Skylanders games and put it into a folder for you Skylanders Fans to download and experience Toontown like never before.

    Rules of Import:
    I will not put in APM Music in each track of the soundtrack. Only made fully by Lorne Balfe.
    That's include the Imaginators Soundtrack and the villains themes from Trap Team!
    For the sake of being a "Skylanders" Resource Pack, only Skylanders Game Music are allowed to be as Audio Tracks.
    Please don't go through commenting how these games ruined your views of Spyro's. I can take opinions and understand why you don't like it but I will be saying that there Spyro Fans who want to pan these games down for that only reason. So please have some fair opinions on this. we don't want to start a quarrel.

    If you guys wish to suggest me where to put the soundtrack from the games into any of these parts of the the audio tracks, let me know in the comments :)

    The Soundtrack I've put in order so far...

    Main Theme (IMPLEMENTED)

    (Title Screen 1) Skylanders Trap Team
    (Title Screen 2) Skylanders Swap Force
    Create-a-Toon: Crystal Eye Castle
    Gag Shop Theme: Persephone Tree (Trap Team)

    Toontown Central (IMPLEMENTED)
    Playground: Skylanders Academy (Trap Team)
    Street: Perilous Pastures (Spyro's Adventures)
    Buildings: Academy Library (Trap Team)
    Fight: Boss Battle (Trap Team)

    Donald's Dock (IMPLEMENTED)
    Playground: Junkyard Isle (Giants)
    Street: Cutthroat Carnival (Giants)
    Buildings: Levianthan Lagoon (Spyro's Adventures)
    Fight: Aeriel Attack (Giants)

    Daisy's Gardens (IMPLEMENTED)
    Playground: The Ruins (Spyro's Adventure)
    Street: Treetop Terrence (Spyro's Adventures)
    Buildings: Soda Springs (Trap Team)
    Fight: Fire Viper (Swap Force)

    Minnie's Melodyland
    Playground: Chompy Mountians (Trap Team)
    Street: Motleyville (Swap Force)
    Buildings: Chompy Mountains Inside (Trap Team)
    Fight: Baron Von Shellshock (Swap Force)

    The Brrgh
    Playground: Turtle Glacier (Giants)
    Street: Sunscraper Spire (Trap Team)
    Buildings: Frostfest Villiage (Swap Force)
    Fight: Boney Islands Fight (Swap Force)

    Donald's Dreamland
    Playground: Wilikin Villaige (Giants)
    Street: ???
    Buildings: Wilikin Factory (Trap Team)
    Fight: ???

    Cog Buildings
    Battle: Arena Battle (Giants)
    Waiting: Slippery Tunnel (Giants)
    Top Floor: Kaos Battle (Spyro's Adventure)
    Elevator: ???

    Sellbot HQ (IMPLEMENTED)
    Headquarters: Drill X's Big Rig (Giants)
    Factory: Kaos' Fortress (Swap Force)
    Battle: Dr. Krankcase Boss (Trap Team)

    Cashbot HQ
    Headquarters: ???
    Mints: Lair of the Golden Queen (Trap Team)
    Battle: ???

    Lawbot HQ
    Headquarters: ???
    DA Offices: ???
    Battle: ???
    Jury Round: ???

    Bossbot HQ
    Headquarters 1: ???
    Headquarters 2: ???
    Headquarters 3: ???
    Golf Course 1: ???
    Golf Course 2: Troll Warehouse (Spyro's Adventure)
    Golf Course 3: ???
    Golf Course Finale: Bringing order to Kaos (Giants)
    CEO Drinking Round:
    CEO Boss Round: Super Evil Kaos (Swap Force)

    Download Link: Coming Soon!
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  2. SinnohGeek

    SinnohGeek New Toon

    Oct 11, 2017
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    This sounds great, I can't wait for the download! Skylanders has some amazing music and it seems like it would fit well in Toontown with its themes. I agree, some people are too harsh on the Skylanders series; what matters is how fun the games are; If people don't like Spyro's weird pug-face, just don't play as him :p
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  3. CoolFluffyWackyswirl

    CoolFluffyWackyswirl Gag Trainer TTR Beta Tester

    Sep 4, 2017
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    Hi everyone! Sorry about the long wait but I was half way there to complete this content pack. If I were to make some exceptions to use APM Music in somewhere in TTR, It would be in the Minigames sections in trolleys but again, It can put me in a dilemma. I'm still busy in other things but I want to put this as my priority on my list. Feel free to tell me what music from Skylanders I will add and I'll considered it. If someone can get sound effects for this pack too, that would be great and if I considered them, I'll credit them from the sources.
  4. CoolFluffyWackyswirl

    CoolFluffyWackyswirl Gag Trainer TTR Beta Tester

    Sep 4, 2017
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    The mf. of the content has finally been released! Here's a link to download the file. After it finish download, put it into your resource files.

    Skylanders Sound Pack (TTR)

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