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OP: Save Flippy Part 3

Discussion in 'Fan Made Writings' started by Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee, Apr 10, 2017.


Do you think Flippy and the others will save Surlee in time?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

  3. Who knows?

  1. Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee

    Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee Gag Trainer TTR Beta Tester

    Nov 1, 2016
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    Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee:

    "Get in there you Royal Blue rodent!" yelled the Mr. Hollywood. "Meet your new cellmate Mr. President..." The Hollywood left them alone. "What is your name?" said a shaky voice. Jujubee turns around to see Flippy on the floor against the wall.

    "I am a friend of Prof. Binky Electromonkey. My name is Jumpin' Jessie Jujubeeand I came with Surlee to help you." She said.

    "SURLEE'S HERE?!?! Oh no..."

    "What is it?"

    "We have to get out of here and help Surlee... this is going to be dangerous." They hear footsteps and they run towards the door of the cell. "Did they take your gags?" whispered Flippy.

    "Yes but not all of them. I got a rain cloud button in my shoe." whispered Jujubee.

    "Mr. President," Said the Hollywood "Come with me..." The Hollywood opened up the cell door, Flippy steps forward and Jujubee dug into her shoe for the button. "Hey!" Yelled Jujubee. The hollywood looks at her with the button in her hand.She pushed the button and rain came pouring down on the Hollywood and knocks him down. "Let's go get Surlee!"

    "We need more toons!" Said Flippy.

    "Don't worry I got back up" said Jujubee. " Calling in reinforcements. Let's go guys I need back up here ASAP!"

    "Got it Jess, we are on our way" Said Kong.

    Dr. Surlee:

    "SO... what can I do to release the president and my friend." Asked Surlee while cautiously watching the VP's actions.

    The VP stays quiet and pulls out files out of his HUGE desk. "It says here you are tracking down silliness?" The VP asks.

    "Yes? Why?"

    "It's annoying and stupid, I'll say that... but since you are such a excellent Doctor and the town of toons needs you, I guess you can replace your president's place and be guilty and stay working for the cogs." He smiled evilly.

    "OH NO! THIS WAS A TRAP!" Surlee runs to the door but Minglers stopped him in his tracks. What can I do now? He thought to himself.
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