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Op: Save Flippy

Discussion in 'Fan Made Writings' started by Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee, Dec 16, 2016.


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  1. Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee

    Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee Gag Trainer TTR Beta Tester

    Nov 1, 2016
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    Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee woke up on Thanksgiving day and looked at the Toontown news. "A feast? Hmm... sounds interesting" She said with such interest. She walks out of her house to see her neighbor Professor Binky Electromonkey running towards her. "Juju!" He said "I got word from Doctor Surlee that Flippy is missing!" Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee was very shocked.

    "That can't mean the feast has to be canceled, does it?!" She said.


    "We need to save Flippy!"

    "I will go with you."

    "Let's gather strong toons!"

    Professor Binky ElectroMonkey agreed. "I will go to some people I can trust."

    "Me too..." Said Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee. She then notices a new toon in the neighborhood moving into a house that her old friend Princess Whiskers Megasparkles use to live in before she passed. She looked up to that cat now she is

    more trained because of that brave cat. Now she must do her part to save Flippy. She then gets a buzz in her ear letting her know that a friend is coming to visit.

    "Hi Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee!" Said her true friend Sandy Sparkleson.

    "Hey girl! I need you to join me in a quest!"

    "With what? Another game show? XD"

    "NO! Flippy has been kidnapped!"

    "That is bad... I will join but I need gags and laff."

    " Ok I will get more people." Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee pulled out her Teleportation hole. She visited a bunch of friends. Kong, Bingo, Sir Max, Toonerz, and Elsa Funnybunny were all facing Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee and Professor Binky Electromonkey.

    Doctor Surlee was also there. He was twiddling his fingers due to him being worried about the safety of Flippy. "The note I have here is from the VP saying they have taken Flippy so they can send him to the CJ. He is going to be

    put in trial tomorrow for allowing toons to defeat thousands of cogs each day." Bingo got furious, "THIS STINKS!" He growled. Kong comforts him. Sandy Sparkleton asked, "So what is the plan?"

    "Well..." Surlee starts, " They should be keeping Flippy in Sellbot HQ until tomorrow... so I guess we start there..."

    "Can you try to make contact with the VP? Probably Trick him into thinking you want to make a agreement?" Professor Binky Electromonkey said.

    "Yeah but it instead it will be war!" Elsa Funnybunny said.

    "No! That will be worst for Flippy and the other toons. It will give us a bad name." Said Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee. "I will go with Surlee to Sellbot HQ. I will whisper if we need back up. Is that ok Doctor?"

    "I guess it is a good idea" Surlee said "I will contact the VP right away." He teleports back to toon hall. "Ok everyone.... go home and wait for a call from me." Said Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee.

    "Ok!" everyone said.

    She teleported to Doctor Surlee. He is in contact with the VP's telemarketer as soon as she is there. "Hello. Thank you for calling Sellbot HQ's video chat...." Say the telemarketer not looking at the camera. "How can I hel-" He stops speaking when he looks up to see Doctor Surlee's face.

    "May I speak to the Vice President please?'' asked Surlee.

    "Um... w-well he is busy..."

    "Now please. It is urgent...."

    The telemarketer looked down. "Fine... please hold..." After a few minutes the VP is on the line. "WHAT DO YOU BLASTED TOON WANT!?"

    "I want to make a appointment for today, I will have one other toon with me for protection. I want to negotiate the release of the ToonTown President."

    The VP thought about it. "When exactly?"

    "When I get there...."

    "I will see you later then..."

    The VP hangs up the video call and Surlee turns to Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee. "Let's hurry..." He said to her. "Ready?"

    She nodded then headed to their destination.

    (The Toons mentioned here are real toons!)
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  2. Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee

    Jumpin' Jessie Jujubee Gag Trainer TTR Beta Tester

    Nov 1, 2016
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    Part 2 will come soon

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