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Random Crashing

Discussion in 'General Support Forum' started by Conjurer, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Conjurer

    Conjurer New Toon

    Jan 3, 2018
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    My game crashes arbitrarily very often throughout the day. Upon crashing, a popup appears with this message title: 'The Fabulous Toontown Rewritten Engine has stopped working.' Here is the message given underneath this titile: 'A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.' From here, two button options are given to me: 'Debug' and 'Close program.'

    Closing the program will give me this message: 'Looks like Toontown Rewritten crashed. Make sure to check your log file and report it for fixing! Would you like to try logging in again?' In the past, I have sent emails to Toontown Support with the attached log files, and I have been told to not worry about this issue because they will fix it. However, this appears to be an issue on my end because most of my friends do not experience as much crashing as I do on a regular basis.

    Choosing to debug this program will open a dialogue with the title: 'Choose Just-In-Time Debugger.' Here is the message given: 'An unhandled win32 exception occurred in TTREngine.exe [<P>].' Then, I am given one following available debugger to select: 'New instance of Visual Studio Community 2017.' [It should be noted that I have this program installed on my computer for programming purposes.] I am also given these two options: 'Set the currently selected debugger as the default' and 'manually choose the debugging engines.' By default, option #1 is selected, and option #2 is left unchecked. This may be irrelevant, but I am sticking with the default choices, and I am purposefully listing out every single detail to describe the nature of my crash. Upon clicking OK to continue debugging, Microsoft Visual Studio is opened with the following title in the upper left-hand corner: 'TTREngine (Debugging) - Microsoft Visual Studio.'

    The selected process is: '[<P>] TTREngine.exe.' The default thread selected is: '[<T>] ntdll.dll thread.' The stack frame is always 56e9596c. The issue stated is: 'igc32.pdb not loaded. igc32.pdb contains the debug information required to find the source for the module igc32.dll. Module information: Version: Original Location: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\ki124994.inf_amd64_4d880b3eb8bd7056\igc32.dll.' Upon checking this folder, there does exist a file called igc32.dll inside this folder. Here is the message for the thrown exception: 'Exception thrown at 0x56E9596C (igc32.dll) in TTREngine.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location <some address>.' I am given the option to 'Break when this exception type is thrown Except when thrown from: igc32.dll.' By default, the igc32.dll checkbox is unchecked, but the 'Break when this exception type is thrown Except when thrown from:' checkbox is checked. Previously, I have tried messing with these settings as well as the 'Break When Thrown: GPU Memory Access Exceptions' setting, but I have noticed no differences in my game client's crashing tendencies. After messing with these settings, I resetted them to its default settings, and for safe measure, I did a clean reinstall of Toontown Rewritten. I am also given the option to 'Change existing PDB and binary search paths and retry: Microsoft Symbol Servers,' but this option is also left unchecked. I have never touched this setting. After closing Visual Studio, the game will ask if I would like to try logging on again.

    Here is a list of possible <P>, <T>, and <some address> numbers with details describing the nature of the crash:
    • P=3900, T=12256, addr=0x00000020: Crashed upon minimizing the game window after walking from Walrus Way to The Brrrgh (to recreate these error messages for me to post on this thread). I minimized my game after my character appeared in The Brrrgh
    • P=21924, T=14540, addr=0x00000018: Crashed on loading screen upon running from Loopy Lane to Toontown Central (no minimization this time)
    • P=22292, T=26692, addr=0x00000018: Crashed on loading screen after selecting a toon play.
    • P=26520, T=21100, addr=0x00000018: Chose a toon to play, loaded past the loading screen successfully, attempted to move my toon forward, and crashed immediately. I will provide pictures if requested, and if it is not against the rules to host the pictures on a different website and provide the link here because personally, I think attaching pictures inside this post breaks the formatting of my post.
    • P=7632, T=16032, addr=0x00000020: Upon entering TTC gag shop, I saw a black screen, game froze, and then crashed.
    • P=25512, T=21212, addr=0x0000020: Chose a toon to play, loaded in, attempted to run to gag shop in TTC, crashed before I reached and open the door (crashed mid-run)
    • P=18056, T=23428, addr=0x0000018: Crashed upon pressing "Quit" from the "Choose a Toon" screen to close the game. I was trying to log off, but client decided to crash for me instead.
    • I will continue to edit and update this post to reflect each crash. My game has crashed during the middle of cog fights, boss fights, chatting and idling around with Toontown friends, while looking at another window that is not Toontown Rewritten (TTR has crashed in the background while I have browsing the internet on Google Chrome), while entering tunnels, teleporting to friends and requiring a loading screen, teleporting anywhere [even to a different district], while buying gags, while entering VP/CFO lobby, upon logging on, upon logging off, etc. This crashing problem has been especially apparent last month when I resumed playing Toontown. Before my hiatus, I also had crashing issues, but sometimes they were more predictable (e.g., every 3rd loading screen would result in a crash).
    • My toon's idling animation freezes when my game crashes, but until I close the debug window (if I choose to debug) or choose to "close the program", my toon will not be shown to my friends as having logged off.
    Here is some information about my computer:
    • I am running Windows 10. My desktop is fully updated.
    • I am playing Toontown Rewritten in windowed mode. Sometimes, I maximize my screen, and other times, I do not. I tend to not resize my window during any gaming session until I log off (or crash).
    • I have an Intel i5 processor, and I have 12 GB of RAM. In the background, oftentimes, I have Google Chrome, Skype, Hexchat, and Discord open. I may have a few other applications open, and I may have anywhere from 5 to 10 Chrome tabs open, but speed and memory should not be an issue. Upon checking Task Manager, my current CPU usage is 46% and memory usage is 52%. Right now, I have a few more tabs and applications open than usual.
    • I have Intel HD Graphics 630.
    • If there are any more details you would like to know, please do not hesitate to ask.
    My apologies for the very long read, but I wanted to give out all possible details to speed up the process rather than having to wait for replies before giving out more information.

    Reason for edits #1-2,10: formatting
    Reason for edits #3,5,7-9: crash update
    Reason for edit #4,6: clarification
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
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  2. MGMoaks
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    MGMoaks New Toon

    Jun 12, 2017
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    This. Right. Here. Even though this is an old post, I think this is still a persisting problem. Frequently my game has been crashing (20+ times a day at least) and every time it does, Windows allows me to open the Visual Studio to debug it, and it always appears to be the problem of "igc32.dll", which doesn't help me much, considering I don't know much about reading and interpreting Visual Studio, but it's very consistent and there doesn't appear to be any easy fix.
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