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Speed Run Soundless!

Discussion in 'Cashbot HQ' started by That Soundless Horse, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. That Soundless Horse
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    That Soundless Horse that pessimistic soundless horse TTR Beta Tester

    Jun 11, 2015
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    This is my first attempt at this, I will go over all the floors and see what I could do with speedruns on it.
    (Bullion Mints) (80 Gag Pack + all max) (this isn't for bucks this is for speed so )
    Floor 1
    44 Cogs for a total of 1484 Cogbucks!
    The First battle consists of 2 11s and 2 10s.
    a b c d represent toons while 10 10 11 11 rep cogs
    One person enters lure (a)
    b c d join in
    2 with Organic throw and the other 2 throw the ten. Down.

    Next battle is a 4 11 battle.
    a b c d enters
    (b) lures,
    a c d tnts the cog in front of them
    hose the reminaning cog
    (GAG CHECK! hypno : 10 Cake : 8, tnt 5, everything else stocked)
    next battle is 4 10s
    (c) enters the battle alone and lures all of them
    (a b and d ) enter the fight
    2 cream the cog furthest left AND right, (depending on which side your on )
    2 cream the cog on your side
    (Cogs down 12/44)
    2 11 2 10 fight
    (d) c, and b, enters the fight
    D Lures, while c and b cake an 11
    ENTER: A
    2 cream cog on your side
    Next Battle is a 2 10 2 11 fight.
    4 piano (yolo!)
    10 should be left alive
    4 Hose the ten.
    4 11s
    a b c d enters the fight.
    (a) lures, b c d tnts cog in front of them.
    hose remaining 11
    Doom room then visor.
    2 11 2 10 fight
    a b c enters the fight,
    (b) hypnos, a and c cake an eleven.
    d enters the fight
    cream cog on your side.
    1 11 3 10s (both sides)
    4 piano again!
    2 11 2 10s
    b c and d enters the fight.
    (c) hypnos, while d and b cake an eleven (should have 2 left)
    cream cog on your side.
    1 12, 3 11
    Whoever has NO cake uses hypno ( or magnet you can sub m in for h btw)
    2 cake an eleven
    1 toonup to boost lure accuracy.
    double cloud cog on your side.
    Can a soundless run test this out for me? I just came up with this.
    My Main goal here is to have this run last around 15 - 20 minutes or shorter, being as long as a run with sound. If this works I may work on other floors, or become a strategist. (I highly doubt that because my friends in the Soundless Squad gave me a lot of these ideas, props up to them)
    This also relies on luck with the 4 pianos, what if one misses? etc what if a lure misses though. (Sound has more reliability and thus is why people choose that over soundless, no offense)
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