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Tales of the Whiskered Writer

Discussion in 'Toontown Stories' started by WhiskeredWriter, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. (This story is a collection of writings I made along my toontastic journey!).
    Tales of the Whiskered Writer is (c) to WhiskeredWriter

    Entry #1: “Curiosity”

    Cats, as I’m sure you’ve heard, are quite curious. Of what, you may ask? Of all sorts of things! I should know—I’m a cat, an ice blue one, at that.

    Did I just rhyme? My goodness, I believe I did… I have a knack for that, y’know. Although I admit to having the habit of stating the obvious, blurting things and randomly drifting into my thoughts…I’m doing it now, aren’t I? Look at me, not even paying attention to where I’m going!

    The blustering winds and plush, white snow made it difficult for me to read the map in front of my face. I turned it this way and that, tried reading it upside down, insecurely tugging at the strings of my warm hat...

    “How do toons even read these?” I exasperated, stowing away the paper with messy scribbles all over it. December was a bad time to get lost, and here all I wanted was to make new adventure, travel to a special place known to toons all over: Toontown.

    Now you’re probably wondering: If she’s a toon herself, why wasn’t she already there? Well, to answer that question, I was raised a ways off. As a kitten my mother always told me stories of Toontown, about all the fun and games and pie…

    But when I got older, mother said she heard rumors of these…things, metal things called “Cogs.” She said that they weren’t very nice to toons and warned me to be extremely careful. I was a confident cat and assured her not to worry—I was a playful, creative adventurer that wasn’t afraid of robots wrapped in tin foil. Besides, I recalled telling her, if all that was true, than what about all those poor toons? I couldn’t just stand by knowing some may need help. It took some convincing, but she supported even my wishes of wanting an estate there and urged me to do what my toony little heart told me.

    And I did, leaving with nothing but a notebook and pencil.

    “Oof!” I tripped, shaking my head free of snow as I stood again. I made sure to dust off my skirt and adjust my jacket and scarf before moving on. I was determined to get there, my boots crunch crunching in the icy powder below my feet. The only thing that got me through the blizzard was the thought of other toons, their joy and laughter… I wanted to see it and hear it for myself.

    I may have never had a social group of friends, but regardless, I considered everyone and anyone a friend. Who knows, maybe I could try to see if one of these horrible Cogs would be my friend, too?

    Eventually the winds decreased and were reduced to a calm. Squinting, I spotted a sign ahead, “Welcome to Toontown Central!”
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  2. Entry #2: “Surprises”

    “Finally!” I cheered, and with great enthusiasm ran straight for it, slowing down and entering the town with awestruck look on my face. So many colors! I thought. My big eyes trailed all over, taking in the yellows and greens, listening to the scrape scraping of the cobblestone street as I walked. The trees blinked with stringed lights and the lampposts were festively decorated with holly and bows, no doubt for Christmas, which I recalled spending with my mother before I ventured out into the unknown. The snow here wasn’t so harsh and drifted slowly to the ground.

    A flake landed on my nose, which made me go cross-eyed. It melted and I sneezed.

    “Bless you!”

    I jumped; where’d that voice come from?

    “Over here, quick!” said the voice again. I looked to see a tan dog, hurriedly beckoning me. I glanced both ways before pointing to myself. He nodded a lot.

    “What’s wro—AH!”

    The dog pulled me in and closed the door, practically barricading it with the chairs and umbrella holders nearby. I blinked owlishly in confusion as he huffed worriedly.

    “Sorry about that,” he apologized sheepishly, winding around his desk, “couldn’t take any chances—the cogs have been popping up like daisies at Daisy’s Garden, I swear…”

    The dog spotted my clueless expression.

    “You’re not from here, are you?”

    I shook my head. He offered a sympathetic smile.

    “Well, then, welcome to Toontown!” he chimed. “I’m Toontorial Tom, by the way.”

    Seeing the opportunity to introduce myself, I puffed my chest heroically and said, “I’m the Whiskered Writer! Or Writey for short…Writey instead of lefty, heh.”

    Cue: "Ba-dum-psh!"

    Tom laughed, “Nice to meet you!”

    After I approached his desk he began filling me in on things around here, how they’d use gags to defeat those robots, and how the cogs have been turning bright, delightful toon buildings into dark and dreary cog buildings.

    I tilted my head. “So that’s what you’ve been scared of?”

    Tom nodded, however doing a double take when he saw something out the window. His eyes went huge. I followed his sight and knew why.

    “A FLUNKY!” he cried, making me jump. “Writey, take these”—Tom threw a ton of gags into my arms—“and get him out of here!”


    “There’s no time! Hurry!”

    I wasn’t able to ask anything else; I was shoved out of there and the door locked behind me. I looked up to come face-to-face with a wide, but short, cog, glasses on his metal face and in a brown business suit.

    Scrambling to stow some gags away, I cleared my throat and made sure to stand professionally, gloved hand stretched out for him to shake.

    An awkward silence…

    I retracted it, making a small, uncomfortable wave. “Er….hi?”

    Still nothing. He just frowned at me and reached for something: paper and a pencil. I grinned.

    “Oh! You like writing too? That’s wonderfu—WHOAH!” I yelped and suddenly ducked out of the way before a checkmark flew over my head. That’s when I put my hands on my hips, furrowing my brows. “Hey, what’s the big ide—AH!”

    The Flunky did it again. I realized that this cog didn’t want to be friends. Would all of them react this way?

    Knowing to what I had to resort to, I pulled out a cream pie slice and blurted, “Eat this!” before I threw it.


    The cog froze in mid-scribble, as did I, my arm still in the throwing position.

    “Ah…you can’t, can you?”

    That’s when the light on his chest rapidly blinked red. Gears were flying, he was spinning like a top and I covered my head before he exploded.

    Oddly enough, there was no trace of him after that. Shrugging, I strolled to a giant red fire-hat and got what they called a Shticker Book, where all sorts of information could be conveniently kept.

    Thanking the HQ Officer I exited, and just in front of the tunnel to the playground I spotted an aqua blue dog, wearing an orange shirt with red stripes and purple shorts.

    I waved at him. He waved back.

    Getting closer I noticed that he was smiling. He gave off a sort of leader impression that I knew I could trust.

    “Why, hello there!” he grinned. “I’m Flippy Doggenbottom, the temporary president. You must be the writer I heard about, that saved Tom?”

    I beamed, nodding proudly.

    “Wonderful, wonderful!” Flippy seemed to be relieved, although something bugged me about why he said “temporary”… What happened, I wonder? But that thought was dismissed after he explained the trolley, the jellybeans, and said he already prepared a house for me. An actual house, for me! I thanked him many, many times, shaking his hand many, many times. Boy was I happy!

    Flippy said he had some work to do and told me he would be at Toon Hall if I needed anything. I watched him head into the tunnel after we said, “See ya’ later!”

    I was so glad I came here to Toontown—I already felt so welcome and encouraged to help more than ever.

    Taking my first step into the tunnel, I went through it to the playground.
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  3. ENTRY #3: “Election Day”

    In no time flat I had gotten adjusted to Toontown Central. The majority of that time, I admit, had been spent fishing so I could gather jellybeans to decorate my new home. But fun is fun, right? That’s how it was supposed to be.

    But of course I hadn’t forgotten my tasks and the job of taking down those cogs!

    I also had been making a lot more friends than I thought. It gave me a Laff Boost just thinking about how much help everyone did for each other, whether it was joining them in battle (even when it didn’t relate to tasks), or laying out the Toon-Ups! It was all worth it.

    Which left me scratching my head when I returned my finished task to Toon HQ.

    “No more?”

    They shrugged. “Nope,” they replied, “all Flippy says is to come see him.”

    He wanted to talk to me again? Well, no problem, there. He was a really nice toon that I had gotten to know recently. Although hopefully he would finally open up about what exactly happened the past Election Day… All he would tell me was that something went horribly wrong and would switch to another topic.

    Politely I knocked on the door of Toon Hall, when suddenly it burst open and I was engulfed in a hug. Flippy pulled back with a big toothy smile and said, “Writey! Just the toon I wanted to see! Come in, come in!”

    And he tugged me in, like most had done lately.

    “First off,” Flippy began, “I wanted to congratulate you for completing all your tasks here in Toontown Central. You’ve been a BIG help here and wanted to give you your next assignment…”

    I leaned forward, smile growing, eager to hear what it was…

    “You’ll be off to Donald’s Dock!” he proclaimed cheerfully. “It can get a bit foggy from time to time but it’s your next step to learning the ropes!”

    “That’s great!” I grinned widely, but something still bugged me. I had to ask about it before I departed.


    He tilted his head like any dog would.

    “What happened last Election Day?”

    My question was innocent and simple, but the reaction was instant: Flippy’s eyes got big and began to water.

    “Oh, no, no, no...!” I waved my hands frantically. “Flippy, I’m sorry! Don’t cry! I didn’t mean to—!”

    But he put a glove up and shook his head woefully.

    “It’s okay,” he sniffled, dabbing his toony eyes with a tissue from out of nowhere. He blew his nose on it, which sounded funnily like an elephant. I waited patiently, figuring he hadn’t exactly spoken about things like this in a long, LONG while.

    “I should be the one apologizing for not telling you,” Flippy sighed, and mustered up what he could to begin the story. He started out with the Election: it was one of the most awaited days they had and was held right in Toontown Central. The contenders were him and a sea green duck named Slappy. He spoke so lively about Slappy, how they were great friends… But just as Slappy got the win, a Yesman broke in and made him sad! Slappy vanished and suddenly cogs, waves and waves of them, invaded the playground. Toons fought hard that day, he told me, and the last was a Skelecog—the Director of Ambush Marketing. It said some horrible things to Flippy, about a Chairman and their happiness…until Flippy defeated him with a huge ‘ol Wedding Cake.

    “It was for Toontown,” he finished, “and for Slappy…”

    I can tell by the gloom what Flippy was thinking, and so I sported an encouraging smile and patted his shoulder. He looked up at me, surprised.

    “Don’t you worry, Flippy,” I assured him, with courage, “if anyone’s going to get Slappy back, it’s us toons. After all, if it wasn’t for your warm welcome, we wouldn’t be here.”

    Brightness seemed to return to the dog and with a nod he gave me another hug before nudging me towards the door. “Go, go, you’ve got so much to do and so many to help!” Of course, Flippy was smiling all the while. And I laughed, agreeing to stop by whenever I would come here and exited down Punchline Place, and into Donald’s Dock.
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  4. ENTRY# 4: “The First Building”

    There was something about Donald’s Dock that made me want to sail the seven seas, I mused, strolling along the boardwalk. I had gotten through most of my tasks here already (quite a lot of delivering and finding), and now I was ready for another.

    “A…building?” I questioned, somewhat fearfully.

    The Toon HQ only nodded.

    “But that would mean I’d—” My ears flattened. “I’d be by myself…”

    “That shouldn’t be too hard a task for you, Whiskered Writer!” they encouraged. I could only grin and scratch the back of my head out of nervousness.

    “Y-yeah! How hard could it be?”

    I shouldn’t have said that.

    My eyes flicked from the task address I was given to the building right in front of me; yes, it was the address unfortunately.

    I gulped, staring up the three-story. My knees buckled.

    Pull yourself together! I shook it off. This is for Toontown!

    With my head up high and shoulders back, I marched bravely into the elevator, waiting about ten seconds before it closed with a ding!

    After being forced to listen to elevator tunes (which were oddly catchy, by the way), the door opened with another ding, revealing but one cog: a…pencil?

    “Hold on a moment,” I told it, causing it to look at me weirdly as I flipped through my Shticker Book. “Ah, a Pencil Pusher, eh? But—but—”

    I stared at it, feeling an odd sense of betrayal.


    The cog quirked a metal brow, obviously thinking that I had lost my toony little mind as I dramatically recovered from my episode.

    “Bop-bop-boo-bop?” it said. I gasped.

    “Oh, you are, are you?” I countered, confidently pointing. “Well, I’m gunna’ write the walls with you, buddy!”

    It saw me pull out a fire-hose and its eyes snapped wide. Suddenly the cog was blasted by a huge stream of water, crashing comically into the wall before exploding on impact.

    “…told ya’ so,” I smiled cutely, dusting off my hands before heading up.

    The second floor held not only one, not two, but THREE Downsizers. I was slicker than before, but of course they took it as stupidity, especially when I decided to make train-tracks appear…in front of them, might I add.

    Having dodged their attacks (they were quite baffled) I pulled out my lucky Large Magnet, drawing them directly onto the tracks.



    The cogs were run over.

    “Guess you guys weren’t properly…‘trained’?” I laughed at my own pun and finally headed to the third and last floor, where a large Corporate Raider waited for me.

    Almost immediately he began rambling in cog-speak.

    “Bop-boop-beep-bop,” boasted the cog, “beep-bop-bop-boop-beep—”

    While he had been chattering away I gave him a simple shove, causing him to fall into a puddle of quicksand.

    I looked up, expecting him to fall down.

    He didn’t.

    “Weird…huh…” I shrugged to myself, grinning in victory. “At least I took back the building!”
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  5. ENTRY #5: “Factory”

    Flippy had sent me an urgent message saying something was going on in Daisy’s Gardens, so I went to check it out.

    And by checking it out, I meant smelling just about all the flowers on Oak Street. I may have picked a few for my garden…

    Just a few.

    “So many—whoa…”

    I stopped in my tracks, jaw open. The entrance to the daunting Sellbot HQ stood before me. The smell changed from flowers to oil and I hadn’t even stepped foot in there yet.

    It wasn’t until now that I questioned if I was being over-confident… Who knows what would happen in there…

    Don’t hesitate! my mind was scolding me. And it was right. Flippy specifically sent me here, and if it was as big a problem as he said it was, then he must have trusted me to the task.

    I can’t let him down…

    Nodding to myself, I went forward into the deep, dark tunnel.

    Sellbot HQ was vast, very depressing with its lack of color and gravelly ground. I was greeted with their headquarters up ahead, wondering straight away what was in there…

    But I recalled what another toon told me, something about a factory and cog parts for a suit…

    What was so dangerous that I needed to disguise myself as a cog?

    Oh! There’s the factory! It caught my eye when I looked to the right of the large pit. Oddly cheerful in the mass of Sellbots I skipped to it, puzzling the cogs that I passed and jumped into the elevator.

    “C’mon, c’mon, let’s goooo!” I whined childishly, and pressed the up arrow button more than fifty times. The Sellbots exchanged glances before making their usual walk around the place.


    “Yes!” I eagerly bounced, but then the elevator doors got stuck.


    Kur-klunk. They shut.

    I grinned in spite of myself.

    There were quite the many obstacles I definitely was not expecting at the factory: unlocking giant metal doors, jumping across some kind of strange purple stuff, security bots, moving platforms, platforms that shove you OFF those platforms… The only thing I did expect were cogs, though there were many.

    Crossing the catwalk (which I suppose was cakewalk for a cat), I climbed onto the lift, which took me to the highest part of the place. The wind howled and my fur stood on end, spotting the two groups of cogs on either side of the final storage room in the middle. It took a bit of strategy, but I managed to successfully take them out.

    I took a moment to shake the heebie-jeebies off and entered the final factory battle.

    There was a cog I hadn’t seen before, like any normal one but without it’s…uh, face.

    “You must be one of those skelecogs Flippy told me about,” I acknowledged. The cog wouldn’t stop staring at me, and it creeped me out….

    “Well, then! I, uh…will just be off with these parts and, uh…” I tried getting away with some parts but he quickly stopped me by slamming the ground with his feet. I tripped and the parts went flying in numerous directions.

    “No need to be so mean about it!” I yelped. Scrambling up I whipped out a Fruit Pie and threw it at him.

    It missed.

    I whipped out a Cream Pie and threw it.

    It missed again…

    There was one more gag I hadn’t used: a Birthday Cake.

    “S-stay back, cog…!” I warned, but it advanced. In that moment all I thought about was what Flippy must have felt, taking that one skelecog head-on… This one had the same intentions of making me sad.

    Suddenly my eyes narrowed, and with a great swing the cake went straight into his face—SPLAT!

    The skelecog’s green light went static before going out completely. Oddly enough, he didn’t blow up, just laid there motionless.

    Dusting myself, I folded my arms and said, “You cogs are going to have to take your cake and eat it when it comes to us toons!
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    ENTRY #6: “VP”

    I can’t believe I’m wearing this…
    Here I was, walking into Sellbot HQ dressed like a Cold Caller. Y’know how awkward that feels? Controlling the suit was even hard.

    “Left, right, left, right…” I mumbled, trying to get the legs to walk correctly into the giant elevator ahead.



    I ran into the wall, shaking my head and eventually getting to where I stood in the elevator. My heart was pounding; I was a tad shaky again in the knees…

    Nuh-uh. Not this time. I was NOT going to be a scaredy cat!

    The large doors slowly and ominously shut…

    No turning back, now.

    Once the doors opened my eyes went as big as dinner plates. A massive, GARGANTUAN cog was some pie-throws from me, wearing a fake, robotic smile and waving off more cogs.

    “You are hereby promoted to full-fledged Sellbots. Congratulations! Go! And make that sale!” he told them. Was this the VP?!

    I waddled out and awkwardly made down the ramp. The VP turned to me. “Welcome, new cog!”

    I stopped in front of him. He looked down at me for a moment.

    “Well, it’s not much, but it will have to do…” hummed the VP. My ear flicked; I could have sworn I heard somebody above me—

    “You are hereby promoted to a full-fledged Sellbot. Congratu—”

    The VP stopped, looking up to a cage holding…FLIPPY?!

    “Writey, what are you doing here?” he yelped, grasping the bars worriedly. I wondered the same thing. “If he finds out you’re a toon—!”

    No, no, no, no, no, no, n—

    “Huh? A toon! In disguise!” His narrowed gazed landed on me now, and suddenly my suit poofed. “ATTACK!”

    Swarms of Sellbots came from the VP himself. My toony courage quickly shrunk as I slowly backed away from them, backed into a corner…

    Was this it?

    Would these cogs really make me believe that I made a mistake coming here?

    I covered my head, waiting for them to take my happiness away…



    I glanced up to see that a couple of cogs were already exploding, sending splatters of Wedding Cake everywhere.

    “A toon’s always equipped for times like these,” joked Flippy. I grinned widely. “You know what to do, Writey! I got your back from up here!”

    “Yes, sir!” I saluted and, with all the puns and gags I had, I didn’t hold back. Sound, Throw, Squirt, Trap, Lure, and Drop…. one by one the cogs spun out of control and were defeated.

    The VP, having been frightened by this unexpected outcome, rode up the ramp.

    In my haste I kept him from getting to Flippy. The blue dog took the first swing and tossed a Cream Pie at his face, causing him to whirl with gears and dizzily lose focus.

    “Here’s extra!” Flippy gave me a large amount full. “Go get him!”

    And I definitely took advantage of this, tossing pies at his face, repeatedly knocking him back until he shook himself awake. He jumped and I jumped. He threw gears at me and I threw a pie or dozen in his trap door. The process kept going until he, finally, was at the edge…

    “Your selling days are OVER!” With one last pie he fell off.

    There was a bit of silence, shocked over my own win.

    “WHOO-HOO!” I burst into dance, cheering and grinning more happily than before. I didn’t even notice the cage lowering and letting Flippy free.

    “What a Toontastic victory!” Flippy praised. Modestly I smiled.

    “Couldn’t have done it without ya’, honestly…” I admitted. “But what’s Toontown without teamwork?”
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    ENTRY #7: “Musical Mayhem”

    Just about anything and everything on the streets of Minnie’s Melodyland made some sort of musical tune. I found myself often skipping and humming to it, even doing little twirls which caused me to get dizzy and crash into a nearby fire hydrant.

    Hold on…did that thing just move?

    I shook my head and looked again. Nope, still as a statue.

    But besides the fact I was subjected to somewhat more difficult tasks, I didn’t give up! The fight with the VP made me pie cogs with ten times the effort I put into it before. And the playground was so whimsical!

    Although the other toons may have complained about me running back and forth across the giant piano… I’m wacky like that…

    With what my journey and how it’s turning out, I shortly decided to write down everything that’s been happening in the notebook I carried around. Normally people would do journal entries, but I thought of making a little twist out of it—a story would be more exciting! Most certainly thrilling and more creative to scribble while I fought cogs (their reactions were very amusing, I assure you).

    I wonder if I’ll be able to share this with other toons someday?

    Along the way I teamed up with others to take down some cog buildings (which helped complete tasks quicker), and I returned it to HQ for the day. I slipped into thought while I fished, sitting on the edge of the dock and patiently waiting with my fishing rod. Music played all around me and I swung my toony feet back and forth, every now and then swiping the water with the tip of my boots.

    It was a nice…



    Until a Holey Mackerel thought it was a good idea to pull on the line, causing me to be yanked headfirst into the pond with a high-pitched, “EEP!”

    Everyone who saw the scene started to laugh as I surfaced, smiling sheepishly with a blush as I laughed along too.

    A town like this didn’t deserve to be overrun by cogs…
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    ENTRY #8: “Winter Wonderland”

    Huh. Déjà vu…more snow…

    I thought when entering The BRRRG. Luckily it wasn’t as freezing as the blizzard I endured when coming to Toontown. Actually, I was quite a bit warm still in my hat and scarf. I always kept those on even in warm climates, making other toons a bit questionable when they saw me. I’d always shrug, replying with, “Y’never know when it might snow!”

    I was beginning to think that would become a catchphrase of mine at this rate…

    Apparently my next task here was to visit a rabbit named “Lil Oldman” at The Blizzard Wizard on Walrus Way. It would be my final task here since I arrived some days ago.

    Little did I know that it would be my most dreadful task yet…

    In fact, he started me off straight away with gathering six lumpy cheeses from the Big Cheeses, then a spoon from a Robber Baron, then I had to fish, and THEN I had to visit someone else and find ten ice cream cones by fighting Mr. Hollywoods…

    Just when I thought it was over, I arrived back at the Blizzard Wizard, dragging my poor toony legs as if they had pianos strapped to them, only for him to say he had yet ANOTHER task for me: Wig powder from the Big Wigs, and after that, TWENTY 4+ cog buildings!

    Needless to say my raging scared quite a few cogs.

    Finished, I came back, yet again, eye twitching and silently waiting for it—

    “Writey! I have another ta—!”

    “WHAT, WHAT IS IT NOW?!” I exasperated, arms crossed and foot tapping irritably. The slate rabbit’s eyes went large as he meekly smiled, replying, “Just to find my talking toad in the pond! That’s it, I promise!”

    “You sure?” I peered forward suspiciously. “Because you seemed to say that whenever I did something for you…”

    “Cross my heart.” He made the gesture and, although I admit I was tired and just wanted to explore, I relaxed and sighed, nodding.

    “Okay…I’ll find your toad.”

    “Thanks a million, Writey!”

    Maybe I was thinking too much on it, even though he did give me way too many insane tasks to do alone…

    When I brought him back his toad I found out I was.

    “Sorry for getting so upset earlier,” I apologized, feeling bad. He shook his head, laughing.

    “No need to say that, I understand,” he told me, glancing left and right (even though we were the only ones in his little shop place), “I was just preparing you and training you for the fight ahead…”

    I blinked owlishly. “With what?”

    “With the Chief Justice, of course!” he exclaimed suddenly, making me jump. “The, er…one at Lawbot HQ?”

    I still stared.

    “You don’t know where it is, do you?”

    I shook my head.

    “Well it’s just off of Polar Place,” he explained. “Can’t miss it, really… Wait a minute…” He tilted his head. “I thought Flippy would have given you a heads-up on that already.”

    Good point.

    “He didn’t…”

    “Strange…” hummed Lil Oldman, being serious for once. “Be careful, Writey… If he didn’t direct you there then someone ELSE did.”

    I gulped at the thought. W-who? I wondered, thanking the rabbit before heading to Lawbot HQ.

    Who, indeed…

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    ENTRY#9: “Judged”

    Lucky me! I found a Bottom Feeder suit abandoned somewhat near the entrance. Probably from another toon… I thought.

    Jumping in it, I wobbled and slipped across the Courthouse Lobby to the elevator, where I’d be prepared to face Justice.

    Well, he’d better be prepared to face the REAL kind, anyway…

    “Hmm, what’s on the docket today?” wondered the CJ himself as I entered in. “Aha! We have a toon on trial!”

    A TOON?!

    “The prosecution’s case is strong,” he said, looking finally at me. “And here’s my public defender!”

    I tried moving forward but my suit wouldn’t budge.


    “Wait a minute…you’re a toon!” he exclaimed.

    My suit went poof and I staggered up. “You just noticed?” I quirked.


    There were many, much harder to defeat than the VP, but it was done.

    “Bah, so you passed the bar exam…” He turned and began rolling to a large stand. “Jury selection will now commence.”

    “Oh, no! They’re only putting cogs on the jury!” cried a voice above. I looked to see it was another toon: a bear I didn’t quite recognize. “Quick, use the cannons and shoot the toons into the jury chairs!”

    “U-uh…okay!” I tossed out my pocket cannon and aimed, managing to get over eight toons into the jury chairs (not exactly sure where they came from but all good, right?). After that giant hammers started wacking and I had to manage to dodge them to get to the scales, where I threw tons of evidence into.

    Suddenly the hammering stopped.

    “Your appeal has been rejected! I sentence you to sadness!”

    “Not this time, Judge!” I put my hands on my hips with a heroic grin. “Your case is closed!”

    “Impossible! The defense won?!” he was gaping. “No, I declare a mistrial! A new one will be scheduled.” The CJ turned, making his way into a door that opened behind him. “Hrrrpphhh…I’ll be in my chambers.”

    And the door closed, just like that.

    I blinked, shrugged, and waltzed off whistling with a happy bear in tow.

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    Entry #10: “Sleepy”

    Donald’s Dreamland was much more tranquil than I anticipated, much much muchier than I could handle after tons of non-stop battling.

    I literally flopped asleep when entering the place, my obnoxiously loud snoring catching the attention of cogs walking the streets. Two approached with caution, glancing at each other. One took a stick and poked me with it…

    I still didn’t budge from my sleep.


    “Boop-beep…” The other shrugged.

    The cogs eventually moved on, seeing I wasn’t going to wake up any time soon.

    By the time I managed to wake up, I stood and stretched with a big yawn.

    “Wow, what a naaa—AAAH!”

    My toony tail poofed in shock; there were TONS of cogs, circled around me and just…staring!

    “Okay, OKAY—back it up, guys!” I demanded. “PERSONAL SPACE, PLEASE!”

    Their brows went to the tops of their heads and they quickly resumed whatever they were previously doing (wandering around aimlessly). I huffed and shook my head. “Yeesh…”

    The playground turned out to be a giant bed. I could already tell Donald’s Dreamland was going to be one of my favorite places to visit. Everything was just so…sleepy…in a nice nice sorta nicey nice way. I practically fell asleep fishing! (Not a good idea, don’t try it).

    I came to the realization that I was probably never going to leave if I didn’t work on my tasks. These in particular were pretty hard to do, but luckily the training Lil Oldman put me through proved to be useful.

    And just when I thought I was finished, another tunnel caught my eye…

    “Cashbot HQ…hmm…” My grin widened and, eagerly chuckling, I marched onward.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 12, 2016 ---
    ENTRY #11: "CFO"

    I waited for the big doors to open, uncomfortably shifting in my Short Change cog suit. Seriously, what was the deal with these things if they just go "poof", anyway?
    The giant doors opened, revealing a pink monkey named Matta Hairy. I recalled seeing her in between my adventures and grinned, attempting to wave but failing when the arm of my cog suit fell off.
    "Hey, you made it! Follow me to the main vault before the C.F.O. finds us!" She went over to a metal door, which began to pull up only to be pulled back down. She turned around just as the large CFO decided to roll in. "Blast it! We're too late!"
    "Ah-HA!" he boomed. "I thought it smelled a little toony in here! Imposters!"
    "Wait...how can you smell when you don't have a--?"
    There went my suit and Matta Hairy's.
    "Keep him busy, I'm going to set a trap!" she cried and ran into the vault.
    I sighed, smiling with a shrug as I made a remark to the huge buffoon. "Guess you don't 'register' things like you used to, huh?" I made a terrible pun about his cash register head, causing him to fume.
    "Get her!!!" he ordered his cogs.

    When his pawns were out of the way the CFO started rolling into the vault. I followed behind and saw him turn towards Matta Hairy.
    "Watch this!" she called out to me.
    "Hey, get away from that!" he warned her.
    And when she was trying to tell me how to defeat him a goon woke up and chased after her. I took the opportunity to jump to the crane, operating the giant magnet to pick up stray goons and toss them at the CFO. When he was dizzy enough I tossed safes at him and pretty much anything metal I could find laying around (and I mean anything!).
    Eventually after bashing him over the head enough, he got fed up.
    "That's it! I've had enough of this absurd toon!" He swiveled quickly and made to exit. "I've got a train to catch!"
    Only the train...ran him over before he even got the chance to escape...
    "Sorry, big guy!" I declared heroically. "Looks like your ride's been canceled!"
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 14, 2016 ---
    ENRTY#12: "Ill Golfer"

    After my great victory against the CFO, I decided that I deserved a well-earned trip to Acorn Acres for some fun.

    Swing eighty...
    "Fish sticks--"

    Swing eighty one...
    "Fish sticks--!"

    Swing eighty t--
    "I QUIT!"
    Unfortunately I wasn't so good at mini-golf, and in my embarrassing childish tantrum had only managed to swing the golf club miles and miles away, where it was never seen again.
    Huffing, I pouted and plopped down onto the grass, arms crossed and glaring intensely at the golf ball.
    "Fine, you win..." I grumbled. "This time."
    It just sat there, mocking me.
    Rolling my eyes I flopped backwards, laying on the green ground and watching the big, fluffy clouds roll on by. The birds were tweeting, butterflies were fluttering...was it really as "okay" as it seemed? My brows furrowed; I couldn't ignore the hunch that there was something going on underneath all this...
    Figuring it was merely me being burnt out from all the heroics, I sighed and folded my arms behind my head, attempting to rest.
    Something still nagged me... What was it? What was it--?
    My eyes opened again. Come to think of it, Flippy's been rather quiet lately... I haven't gotten a letter from him since--
    Wait a second!
    Suddenly I flew to my feet. I opened my Shticker Book, pulled out a dot, and jumped in it, popping up instantly in Toontown Central. I practically sped past all the toons, making sure to apologize profusely, of course, and burst into Toon Hall.
    Flippy wasn't there.
    My heart sank, spotting a note on his desk: it was written by a cog....

    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 17, 2016 ---
    ENTRY#13: "BossbotHQ"

    Rushing up I snatched the note, eyes darting over it and reading what it said:

    To the "Whiskered Writer,"
    We are 'delighted' to inform you that we have your current, and former mayors, hostage. If you ever wish to see them again, go to these coordinates hidden in Acorn Acres. Come ALONE.
    If you don't abide by that warning, they will be re-created into Cogs, predominately reduced to sadness.
    With No Regards,
    The Chairman

    I must have re-read it a couple more times, because I had trouble absorbing the information that was just bluntly given to me. My ears flattened, feeling rather intimidated by the fact The Chairman himself knew about me...
    But I couldn't just let Flippy and Slappy be turned into Cogs!
    "Oh man..." I whined, shaking my head with a dismal sigh. Crumpling the note into my skirt-pocket, I trudged back out to Acorn Acres.

    "This should be the spot," I mused, scratching my head. "But where IS it?"
    There was nothing but a batch of trees. No huge tunnel, no warning signs...
    Sighing, I mumbled, "If only all the toons of the world could uni--IIITE!!!"
    Suddenly I dropped through a dot that opened beneath my feet, and popped up in a huge, HUGE area, black and white and quite honestly scary.
    "W-whoa..." I gulped, and cautiously began walking forward up to a fountain. It wasn't water, however, but oil. I looked around my surroundings, spotting the Big Cheeses marching by, the ominous buildings in the distance... This was Bossbot HQ. I was shaken, not just by the mere sight of it, no...
    But by the fact I was all alone in this...

    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 19, 2016 ---
    ENTRY#14: "The Mansion"

    The place was much, much more vast compared to the other Cog HQs. I took out my notebook and pencil, beginning to jot down every single detail I could muster for future reference. This may be of use for other toons someday (especially for the Toon Council), and I don't want it to go to waste!
    I decided against sitting near the fountain since it gave off a weird gloom, and couldn't really find anywhere else to perch myself so I went on exploring, stowing away my precious writing tools.
    Avoiding cogs wasn't a problem as it was figuring out where Flippy and Slappy were located. Could it be that huge house up on that hill? I considered that. I mean...where else would evil villains hide them? I nodded to myself, marching bravely up the many, many, many....maaaannnnyyyyy steps until I reached the top.
    Just as I stepped foot inside...
    I was in a cog suit.
    Looking myself over I noticed the suit was unusually white. "Huh...didn't have to make it myself this time."
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 20, 2016 ---
    ENTRY#15: "Party Crashing"

    Ding! The doors opened. I looked up, seeing a purple pig in disguise.
    "Oh, you already have a suit! Great!" he said. "I'll just take it for a moment so you can take care of these waiters behind me..."
    "Wait, have you seen--?"

    He walked away, leaving me with about a dozen Big Cheese v2.0's and other Bossbots, such as Headhunters and Downsizers.
    I moped, "Why is everyone throwing things on me?"
    "Ah, shadup--I don't wanna hear it," I waved off a Cog. It gasped, drooped, and sulked in a corner. The other Cogs glanced at each other, shrugging before being splattered in the faces by rapidly flung cakes and pies.
    The room was now a mess, a Cog-free mess.
    Dusting my gloves I stood heroically. "Now who's the one throwing things?"
    "Good job!"
    "AIE!" I jumped a mile in the air, fur on end and staring wide-eyed at the pig from before. I huffed a sigh. "Oh, just you...say, do you know where--?"
    "Now put on these waiters' clothes..."
    I was in the white Cog suit again.
    "Hold on--"
    The wall swung open. "WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG?"
    "AHH!" I screamed like a scared-y cat. A Cog, rather identical to the VP, CFO, and CJ, appeared, but more put-together in appearance. Something told me that he was way more demanding...
    "YOU!" He pointed at me. "GET CRACKING AND SERVE MY BANQUET!"
    "Y-yes sir, yes sir!" I nodded. The wall closed again.
    "Hehe, serve the food I placed on the conveyor belts...the Cogs'll explode!" the pig advised me.
    "But who's--?"
    He walked away again.
    I sighed. Looks like I'm on my own on this one...

    Serving the, er...Cogs was rather interesting. I felt uncomfortable, but sometimes the silly thought came to me, wondering how daft they could get not to notice my toony head.
    Seriously, in all the HQ's I've invaded--how can they NOT notice until last minute?
    Back to the events of things: all the Cogs I served were now--well, "they got served!" would be the best expression.
    "What's happening here?!" roared the big guy. "This waiter's a toon!"
    "NO POOF--!"
    Spoke too soon...
    Slapping a hand to my face in humility, I flatted my brows, appearing rather annoyed. He seemed annoyed himself but for different reasons.
    "Hrrrrmmppph... When I need a job done right, I'll do it myself." Suddenly he pulled a giant golf club from nowhere. For REAL? It's like golf was back to haunt me again!
    Snapping out of it, I called him out, "Hey, big-stinky-stupid--head!" I struggled to find something insulting to call him. Although it must have done enough; he wheeled towards me.
    "Are you The Chairman?"
    He laughed. Not a funny-ha-ha laugh, but a cold, emotionless one.
    "Foolish toon! I'm the C.E.O.!" he stated, rather proudly. "And you might as well give up--I won't be exploiting our master's location any time soon!"
    After that I didn't have time to retort--he swung about a dozen HUGE golfballs my way. I yelped and ran around, arms flailing like some crazy chimpanzee. From there I spotted the seltzer bottles on the tables and aimed away. The CEO kept trying to run me over flat but I wasn't giving up! He knew where the head-honcho was and I wasn't stopping here!
    Eventually, with enough toony-passion in my spirit, I brought him down.
    "No! The Chairman won't like this!" he cried. "ARRRGGGGGGGHHHH---!"
    This time, HE POOFED!
    ...into a Flunky.
    A Flunky.
    I broke out into petals of laughter.
    "BAHAHA-snort-HAHAHAHA!" I was practically clutching my sides from snickering so much. "Wow...hehe...how ironic...."
    Ironic that a Flunky was the first Cog I ever encountered in Toontown.
    Clearing my throat, I stomped over to him, jabbing my glove at his metal chest, causing a light ting-ting. "Where's The Chairman?" I demanded. The Flunky trembled. "And DON'T give me any of that 'beep-bop-bop' stuff," I added, "because I don't speak Cog!"
    Oh, wait a minute...then how was I supposed to talk with him?
    In fact, I just realized I back-sassed all the Cogs I encountered and probably sounded...well, crazy.
    Oh well, they were long gone anyhoo.
    Blinking confusedly, I noticed the Flunky making over dramatic movements. I sprung up, clapping happily. "Ooo, ooo! Charades! I like this game! Person, place, or thing? A per--no, you guys are Cogs...wait, a thing! Okay! Um...two words? Er...walking...no, marching? Yeah? A marching band? No? Um...a parade? No? Huh...how about a flying banana pie poodle! Not that either? Man, this is pretty tough...Uh...a robo--THE CHAIRMAN!"
    The Flunky nodded, about exasperated at my pathetic attempts of guessing. He wasn't done yet.
    "One word...."
    He nodded.
    He nodded again.
    This time I understood.
    "A factory?" I scratched my head, puzzled. "But where? I didn't see one outside--"
    The Flunky grabbed a can of oil and spit into the air like a--
    My eyes widened, realizing what he meant.
    Another odd silence...
    "Whoops..." I nervously chuckled. "Forgot to warn him about that..."
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    ENTRY#16: "Gyro Gearloose"

    Well, here I was, standing at the oily, gray fountain stuck in the middle of Bossbot HQ... The information I previously obtained was a bit of a shocker, honestly. I mean, it just looked like some kind of fancy-shmancey lawn ornament. I had no clue it'd lead straight to the big guy (and I sure didn't mean the "Big Cheese").
    Now where's the switch on this thing...? I patted the sleek, marble surface, being extra careful not to get a drop of that nasty tar on my clean gloves. It's a cat thing...
    I must have checked for at least ten minutes but still--nothing.
    With an aggravated scowl, I realized that Flunky tried throwing me off.
    "STUPID--BACON--OLIVE--POTATO--TOMATO--CARROT--!" And in my fit of toony-fury I ticked the fountain. I grabbed my foot and hopped up and down, sputtering, "Ow, ow, ow!"
    Suddenly, however, there was a brief tremor, causing me to freeze and stare at the fountain, wide-eyed as it slowly screeched aside to reveal a huge staircase.
    Seems he didn't lie after all... Warily, I proceeded down the dark, creepy passage.
    Unfortunately, being the klutz I was and not being able to see my own hand in front of my face, I wound up rolling all the way down, flopping with a loud, "Ooph!" and shaking the stars from spinning around my head.
    "Ah-ah-CHOO!" I sneezed, rubbing my nose with a sniff. A cloud of dust had practically covered me when I landed and I made great measure to get it off as I stood. Patting around for a light I managed to find a switch, snapping it on. The bulb flickered before drearily illuminating the room, which, I came to notice, was a rather small version of a factory... One, I mused, seemed not to have been used for years.
    I wasn't sure why, but for some reason I didn't like the sense of foreboding I got here... There were cob-webs, old beakers and lab equipment, a rickety belt machine (obviously used to bring something heavy from one side of the room to the other), and many shelved books.
    Although it was an abandoned note that stuck out to me the most:

    May 30th 2003
    I, Gyro Gearloose, have done it! After spending countless years pouring over my research, I've created the first
    automaton! The Toon Council said it couldn't be done--that it shouldn't be done--but I've done it!

    I noticed more, shifting through them...

    June 1st 2003
    As I've hinted in my last entry, the Toon Council didn't think my experiment to be a wise choice... The idea of a one-and-only mayor upset them. They claimed they were "fine" with having different mayors for Toontown--they were "okay" with the old, boring ways. But I felt that we needed something new, something that wouldn't get tired, would never get old...something that could constantly lead Toontown without even so much as taking a nap!
    Ah, I can see it now... I think I'll call him the Chairman.

    June 2nd 2003
    T-This...this was a mistake--a dreadful, HORRIBLE mistake. What have I done? What have I done?
    To anytoon who happens to read this--to the Toon Council--to my dear old friend Scrooge Mcduck... PLEASE STOP HIM FROM---

    The rest was smudged and unable to read.
    This Gyro seemed to be in a bit of a hurry... But boy did this explain everything.
    Stowing the notes in my pocket, I uncomfortably glanced over my shoulder, getting the weird feeling of being watched. I had to get these to the Toon Council, and fast!
    WHUM! the sound of the door slamming caused me to jump. My heart was racing faster than a rabbit.
    "Going somewhere?" drawled a robotic voice. The mere sound of it sent a shock of fear down my spine as I slowly turned around, staring at a tall, cold-plated gray Cog, wires sticking out of his foot and looking rather old-fashioned compared to his counter-parts.
    Taped to his chest in bold letters:
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 24, 2016 ---
    Entry#17: "Heroes"

    Stiff as a statue, unable to run, unable to hide. I hated to admit it, but...
    I was scared.
    "Look at you," the Chairman sneered, stomping forward and causing me to fall back, "weak, insolent little toon..."
    "S-stay back...!" I warned, scooting towards the locked door as he advanced menacingly. His blaring red eyes seemed to find my fear entertaining, making me all the more intimidated.
    "You hope for a colorful world..."
    "Leave me alone!"
    "You dream for everyone to be happy..."
    "This...this isn't fun!"
    "Interesting," he remarked, "one of my lackeys mentioned a blue dog saying the same thing... Although he must have shown at least an ounce more bravery than you."
    I knew who he meant.
    Clink. My pencil slipped from my pocket. He picked it up, looking it over before crushing it.
    "And yet you still continue to write your pathetic stories"--he sprinkled the dust at my feet--"hoping to share them with all your friends..."
    I just stared up at him, eyes mortified and tearing up.
    "Where are they now?" I could practically hear the smirk in his robotic voice. All the Cogs were nothing compared to this monster. "Where are they?"
    Little by little I found my happiness going away, one by one...and the destruction of the only pencil I had made it worse... Ears lowered and heart heavy with sadness, I shrunk into an insecure ball of fluff and covered my head, wishing for anything to make this nightmare end.


    Confused, I slowly lifted my watery eyes to see the back of an orange shirt, belonging to the dog the Chairman had just recently spoken of. Beside him was a sea green duck.
    It was Flippy and Slappy.
    They saved me.
    "YOU--!" The Chairman fumed, wiping the cake off his metal face. "HOW DID YOU ESCAPE?!"
    "You leave Writey out of this!" barked Flippy, standing protectively in front of me, as was Slappy, whom nodded in firm agreement.
    I sniffled, "G-guys..."
    The duck looked back at me, grinning. "Now, now, that sad look won't help defeat this guy. As the new mayor I think you should turn that frown upside down! What d'ya say, Writey?"
    My head lowered. "But...my pencil..." Slappy noticed the remains of it and jumped, digging around his pockets and pulled out the most perfect pencil I've ever seen.
    "Here," he said, giving it to me, "you can have mine."
    I gazed up at him with glee. "R-really...?!"
    Nodding, Slappy replied, "Yup! Now, lemme help you up--there you go! Get that pencil ready for some writing. Flippy and I are going to need this battle described very clearly if it's going to wind up in the history books!"
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 29, 2016 ---
    FINAL ENTRY: "Unite"

    Pies and cakes were flying. Gears were spinning. My new pencil was scribbling hastily as I looked up now and then to describe the events the best I could. In all honestly, it was going so fast it was difficult to; I can only tell you that it was epic--you'll just have to trust me on that!
    I could feel the grin on my face widen. Oh, how exciting this was! Witnessing Flippy, Slappy at their best... True heroes and toons of legend!
    "Getting tuckered out, Slappy, pal?" smirked Flippy. The duck didn't reply, making Flippy frown. "Slappy?"
    "I, er," he cleared his throat. "I ran out of gags..."
    The dog's eyes bulged. "Say WHA--?"
    My pencil stopped; Slappy had jumped in front of Flippy, and had gotten caught in a horrible net that shot from the Chairman's chest. My thoughts were long gone as I charged after them.
    "COME BACK HERE!" I hollered, but the Chairman, with an evil laugh, smashed through the door and escaped.
    Escaped with Slappy...
    "WHY, YOU--! Flippy, let go! We've gotta' save...!"
    But the dog only shook his head, woefully placing a gloved hand on my shoulder. "The Chairman's too strong for only the two of us...much stronger than I imagined..." he drifted, taking a serious tone. "If we're going to get him, we're going to need all the help we can get."
    Straightening, I began to slowly understand what he was talking about.
    "I'm up to the task, Flippy," I told him confidently. "What'll you have me do?"
    "Retrace your steps--begin again with your first task in Toontown Central. Make as much friends as possible and alert all those you come across about the impending danger..."
    "You mean...to unite?"
    Smiling, he nodded.
    And as ordered, I returned to Toontown Central, starting out from scratch once again.

    To the toons reading this,
    These entries were recorded and put together as evidence that the Chairman is still out there, as is Slappy. The Tales of the Whiskered Writer was written with hope of spreading the news--to unite as much of us as possible to take back what's ours!
    Toontown and its residents NEED YOU!
    A Helping Hand,
    The Whiskered Writer

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    This is such an amazing story of a Toon's journey through Toontown!!! So creative and well thought-out, and I love that it adds those little details, like sitting on the edge of the dock swinging your feet. Thank you so much for writing this, I'll love it forever!!
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    You're the first person to receive a "like", "creative", and "optimistic" ratings from me. Part of the reason why I signed was because I wanted to rate your work. I really reassuring enthusiasm of fighting a no-nonsense enemy such as the Cogs. This story really does pushes you to take out some Cogs in the game. In fact, I'm gonna take over a few buildings right now!
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