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The Letter [ random story ]

Discussion in 'Fan Made Writings' started by IShipMyselfWithAMailbox, May 6, 2017.

  1. IShipMyselfWithAMailbox

    IShipMyselfWithAMailbox Gag Trainer TTR Beta Tester

    Dec 18, 2016
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    decided to make a story because why not?

    One day, an ice blue cat with rose pink legs was walking around her estate in search of her
    doodle. It was rainy, but she liked walking around and stomping on all the puddles.
    She stepped on some of the gag trees and her neighbor's daffodils because she was blind as she forgot her glasses.

    She finally saw a purple cloud of fluff. Her doodle was on the bridge, staring dramatically into the rainbow not to far away from her house. Rainbows were quite nice and you can see it perfectly from this postion

    "There you are!" she said, picking the doodle up as she made her way to her house. She awwed as her doodle fell asleep on her arms.

    When they arrived at the front of the house, she noticed something different. Something was moved.
    Definitely not her organic gag trees. Her roof was still there. Her roses were still wilted but wet. But her mailbox was definitely touched.

    The mailbox that she ships herself with, hugs every morning and customizes with pretty daisies had its flag up.

    Someone sent her mail. She had no friends that were far away from her that they were required to use writing as their forms of communication. Besides, we have telephones these days anyways. Usually anything that she buys from Clarabelle would arrive through a delivery truck. And she would know.
    She raised a brow as she let these thoughts sink in. She opened her front door and let her doodle inside the house as it was warm and cozy. She shut the door and walked up to the mailbox.

    This was probably Maquaroon and her jokes.

    How do you even open a mailbox? She barely used this thing that she actually forgot. She sighed and tried to open it inwards then outwards. It finally opened. Inside was a little green envelope, and it smelled great.

    She pulled it out and shut her mailbox as she walked inside her house, noticing that her doodle, Adorabelle, already found her comfortable spot near the fireplace.

    She sat down on the chair, opening the envelope slowly as she kicked off her shoes.
    The letter was the same shade of green as the envelope, she opened it without hesitance and was shocked.
    The handwriting definitely did not belong to Maquaroon. There was also a hint of rush based off the looks of it.
    Dear La La Land,

    Hello. I am currently in a rush as I'm writing this, I hope you can still understand. Inside this envelope is this letter, 2 trolley tickets, a key, and a card that redeems you 3000 beans. I trust that you will follow my instructions, so listen to me.

    This trolley ticket leads you to a whole new place that most people haven't discovered. Toonville, as they would call it. It's a very empty place, but you will have to go to a post office and get the next letter. This makes no sense at the moment, but I promise, this will all lead up to something once you read the next letter but for now, you have to pack up.

    There are 2 tickets because I know that you'll need a friend once things become sticky. You can bring someone you trust with your whole heart.

    See you soon


    Can she trust this S guy? She opened the envelope to reveal the things that S promised.

    [Authors Note: HEY YA'LL THIS WAS INSPIRED BY A BOOK I RED BUT HEY ITS JUST INSPIRATION! I may or may not make a chapter 2 who knows o.o I hope you all like this. This is the first time I ever shared my "writing skills" with the forums, any feedback would be appreciated! ]

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  2. toonisnotonfire

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    Apr 18, 2017
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    you're an amazing writer! also I love your references about me 10/10 would rate again. your choice of words are okay, your grammar is fine but no need to use such a deep form of english in your sentences. In other words, I like where this is going and you should make a part 2!!
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