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The level 8 gag

Discussion in 'Game Suggestions' started by Blockhead, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Blockhead

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    Jan 12, 2015
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    Level 8 gags: End-game gags only unlockable or obtainable through quests. The tweaking will be about how difficult the cogs are and also how effective level 8 gags end up playing out. If cogs are weak enough or one-dimensional enough so that level 8 gags don't necessarily help much more than level 7 gags then the new tracks are pointless.
    Maybe when TTR expands to a new area it can make the cogs unique or more strategic in some way, this way really justifying level 8 gags more.

    Level 8 gags provide bonuses or debuffs to cogs that go beyond damage. I have not played the game in a while, these numbers are just suggestions.

    TU 8: Max laffs are boosted by 20 points for 10 rounds. Then, 4 toons may share 260 points of healing.
    Toons gain 50 laffs of shielding

    TRAP 8: Cogs receive damage equal to the level 7 trap gag, however residual effects on the floor add 30 points of damage per round for two rounds. Cogs are not woken up by residual damage.
    Residual damage only affects the awoken row

    Lure 8: Lures all cogs with perfect accuracy but blinds them for their next attack when woken up, causing them to deal 50% reduced damage.
    -or- Lures all cogs however enables sound knock-back damage

    Sound 8: Damages and stuns all cogs for one round. The stun affects other cogs fighting nearby toons.

    Throw 8: Damages cogs and provides toons throw accuracy and damage buffs for 5 rounds.

    Squirt 8: Soaked through! Grants toons 10 round buffs that bleed squirt damage into exocog health. Damages cogs.

    Drop 8 (my favorite track): Until the current battle ends, a random drop gag will rain down each round.
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