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Toontown Flash Animation (Installer)

Discussion in 'Toontown Memories' started by Flippy Forums, Apr 13, 2019.

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    Apr 12, 2019
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    While the flash animation had nothing to do with the rest of Toontown AFTER the installation, it was a pretty cool piece of 2003 Toontown stuff. Long story short, Scrooge slammed the door open while looking for Gyro and discovers a huge cog, that of which looked like a Skelecog. He's not allowed to touch it but he does so anyways and shenanigans continue until BAM! Cogs were born. Who knows whatever happened to Scrooge and Gyro? After the screen fades, the animation either loops or ends and your game is downloaded. I don't know much about this topic. If you know ANYTHING ELSE about this flash video, reply with something about it. Thanks!

    With lots of laughs,
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