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Toontown Improvement Ideas

Discussion in 'Game Suggestions' started by Candycrush119, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Candycrush119

    Candycrush119 Gag Trainer

    Aug 16, 2014
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    I have many ideas to improve Toontown Rewritten. Warning, this will be a long post.

    Table of Contents;
    Clans and Guilds
    Special Events
    New Areas
    New Toon Species
    Improving Toon Species
    Estate Improvements
    New Buildings
    New Cog HQ


    First off, is doodles. There are many ways to improve doodles.

    Walking your Doodle:

    On Club Penguin, you can walk your puffle around with you. It'd be cool if you could do the same with doodles! All you have to do is click on your doodle and a new button would be there labeled: Walk. You press it and your doodle would follow you. If your done with your doodle, the walk button has turned into the Go Home button. Press it, and a teleport hole will appear and your doodle will jump in it and go back home.

    Advantages of walking your doodle could be that you can show off your doodle to people.

    Customize your Doodle:

    It would be cool if you could buy accessories for your doodle. You could buy glasses, hats, shoes, and shirts. It would be awesome to have your doodle looking just like you!

    Make your Doodle:

    You could have two options when going to the Pet Store: Buy a Doodle, or Make a Doodle. Making a Doodle would send you to the Make a Toon place, but instead with your doodle.

    That's about it for the Doodles. Of you have any more ideas, feel free to post some!


    There are plenty of clans on Toontown such as Leaf Clan. You should be able to make your own clan inside the game.

    How to Make One:

    There would be a new button by your Friends List, and it'd be the clan button. I don't know what it'd look like. You could press, "Start a Clan," and it would say: Give your Clan a Name. You then name it, and the name has to be approved by the Toon Council. If you want, you can pick a name. Words like Leaf, Silly, or other words would be on there. Anti would of course automatically be rejected.

    After you Make One:

    There will be a new button on a toons profile labeled: Invite to Clan. It would work just like your friends list. You can have a maximum of 100 clan members.

    Schedule Meetings and Events:

    You could schedule meetings and events, and it would be put on clan member's calendar. This would help people keep track of events. You can also pick where your Meeting would be. Once the meeting or event starts, a whisper appears to all clan members. They can click the whisper and teleport to the Meeting Location.

    How to Tell if Someone's in your Clan:

    Anybody in your clan will have a black name tag to you. Leader will have a red name tag to other clan members.

    That's all for Clans!

    Special Events:

    It'd be cool if we had more events like Christmas and Halloween events. I have a few good ideas:

    Modification to Christmas Party:

    A new building would appear in the Brrrgh playground during the Christmas event in Toontown. It would be called Santa's Workshop. It would be giant and red. Inside would be HUGE. It would have elf NPCs everywhere. You could even design toys.

    Santa's Office:

    At the top of the stairs would be a door leading to Santa's Office. Inside would be a jolly room with a Christmas tree and a desk with a Santa NPC sitting at it. You could get special Toontasks from him. The reward would be a chance to ride in his sleigh with 3 other toons.

    Defeat 10 Cogs: 1 Sleigh Key
    Give a Gift to a Friend: 1 Sleigh Key
    Give a Fruit Pie to Santa: 1 Sleigh Key
    Defeat 10 3+ Story Cog Buildings: 1 Sleigh Key

    After that, you could get on the sleigh. The Sleigh would be small and be in the workshop. There would be 4 seats and it would countdown like an elevator. After the timer goes down, the sleigh grows and take off. After it leaves, another appears for other toons to get on.

    The Sleigh Ride:

    After that, you will teleport to the sleigh ride. The sleigh is giant with Santa driving it and presents everywhere. Reindeer are in the front like any sleigh. The sky is black and snowing, and if you look down you will see a giant map of Toontown.

    Lil Oldman is riding the sleigh with you. When you come to the sleigh, he says: "Hello toons! Thanks for coming help Santa deliever the presents! You were sent here because Cashbots have been coming and stealing the gifts to make a profit! We need you in case they attack again."

    All of a sudden, a wave of Cashbots fly in Levels 5-10. Lil Oldman then says: "Oh no, there they are! Stop them from stealing the presents!"

    So, then you fight waves of Cashbots. After they're defeated, Lil Oldman will say: "Thank goodness, thanks toons! Uh oh, they're sending in more!"

    After that, Level 8-12 Robber Barons will fly in. They will walk towards the pile of presents and try to take them. You are given snowballs to throw at them. The pile is huge, and has 30 presents, and there will be 10 waves of Robber Barons, each with 4.

    If all the presents are taken, all the toons will go sad. If the toons win, they will do the victory dance.

    After it's over, Lil Oldman will say: "Thanks toons, you've saved Christmas! Take this as a reward:"

    You will then be given an elf accessory and 100 jellybeans. Each time you win the sleigh, you get a different elf accessory that is random:

    Elf Hat
    Elf Shoes
    Elf Glasses
    Elf Backpack
    Elf Shirt
    Elf Pants

    Lil Oldman then says: "Thanks for helping toons, bye!" The toons then teleport away.

    New Events:

    There should be new events like, one for each month.

    January: New Years (Fireworks)
    February: Valentines: Toontown would be decorated with hearts everywhere.
    March: Easter: You could go on Easter Egg hunts to earn an Easter egg head. You could also unlike an Easter Bunny, which you could get on Easter by making a rabbit toon and saying: "Happy Easter!" To Flippy. Your rabbit would then turn gray.
    April: April Fools: Of course, Toontown would be wacky like always.
    May: Doodle Day! Doodles would be all over Toontown and they have chewed up the Sellbot's wires, making anyone able to go to the VP.
    June: Doomsday Week: It's Summer and the Cogs want to ruin our fun because of the Doodles letting us in Sellbot Towers! Every playground will go through Doomsday except in Safe Zone districts. This will go on June 12-25.
    July: New Items are added to the catalog!
    August: Gag Training Week: for one week in August, get double the xP from defeating Cogs!
    September: Classic TT: For 2 weeks, Toontown is black and white except Toons and Cog HQS and cogs. This can be toggled in the options.
    October: Halloween: Usual Halloween stuff. Except, there will be no Bossbots on streets or anything because they are enjoying Halloween at Bossbot HQ! However, certain districts do have Bossbots.
    November: Toony Band plays in Minnie Melodyland.
    December: Already talked about above.


    Toontown could be turned giant! Well, even more giant! First improvements to existing areas.

    Toontown Central:

    Not much to improve here. However, it'd be cool if the grass was changed to a darker shade of green like in Toontown Beta. It would compromise having old TTC and new TTC.

    The Bank and the Library could be turned into giant buildings like Toon Hall. The bank would be green inside with a giant Piggy Bank where you could make a bank account and store Jellybeans in there.

    The Library would be huge with tons of bookshelves. You would have a new Library page in your Shticker book with books you checked you. Books cost 200 Jellybeans each and you keep them for one week.

    To make Toontown have more of a town feel, there could be random NPCs who just walk around the playground. They would be regular toons who could give you just for fun Toontasks. Each playground would have a theme. TTC's theme would be regular toons who have starter clothes.

    Donald's Dock:

    The NPC's there would mostly be ducks who are mostly red or brown or light brown or orange. They would have clothes found in the DD clothing store. They would offer a little bit harder just for fun tasks.

    Daisy Gardens:

    It would be cool if you could ride the flower like you can ride the geyser.

    The NPC's would be mostly cats and dogs. They'd mostly be girls that are green, yellow, and hot pink. They would wear clothing found in the DG clothing store.

    Minnie Melodyland:

    Nobody really visits MML. Ever. Which makes it seem like a ghost town. They should add a bunch of features here.

    First, they could move the pond and bring back the Merry-go-Round with the tuba in the middle. Also, at the top of the Piano could be the Toon Council building. To go inside, you must have 105+ Laff (explained later.)

    Inside the Toon Council building would be a huge room that is pink and has plenty of instruments. There would be chairs and gags everywhere. Around the room would be Toon Council members including: Flippy, Lil Oldman, and many others.

    The outside of the Toon Council building would have piano stairs and look like a light blue gultiar.

    In November, every once in a while an NPC band will play songs and have instruments.

    The piano staircase can make noise when you walk on it. Of course, it'd have a spam filter.

    The NPCs here would mostly be sheep and rabbits. They would mostly be periwinkle, pink, and light orange. They would offer medium just for fun tasks. They would wear clothes found in the MML clothing store. They would mostly be girls.

    The Brrrgh:

    The NPCs here would mostly be bears. They would mostly be white and aqua blue. They would offer hard just for fun tasks. They would mostly be boys and wear clothes found in the BR clothing store.

    Donald's Dreamland:
    Taken a secret staircase can take you under the bed. Under the bed would have boxes everywhere, and Cogs would roam there.

    The NPCs here would mostly be boys of any species. They would offer hard just for fun Toontasks. They would be bigger and mostly be slate blue and purple. They would wear clothes found in the DDL clothing store.

    Chip 'n' Dale's Acorn Acres:

    It would be turned into a full-out playground.

    Pet Shop- Light Brown
    Gag Shop: Orange
    Clothing Store: Light Brown
    Toon HQ- a wooden cabin.

    The acorns would restore 15 Laff points.

    After Donald's Dreamland tasks, you would go to Acorn Acres tasks.

    The Tunnel in Donald's Dock is changed to a street called Seastar Street. This leads to Acorn Avenue in Acorn Acres.

    Streets in Acorn Acres:

    Acorn Avenue- Donald's Dock
    Walnut Way- Bossbot HQ

    The Minigolf tunnel would stay the same.

    The Under Construction tunnel would be turned to Walnut Way.

    The NPCs would mostly be mice. They would mostly be brown and have green clothing that is found in the AA clothing store. They offer expert just for fun tasks.


    After you get 137 Laff points, you unlock two new toon species and three new profiles! These would be known as advanced toons, and when toons sees you playing as one they'd know you are an advanced player.

    Goat: just like the one in the elections. They would be the third smallest toon.

    Turtle: I don't really like chickens since they're so similar to ducks. Turtles would have a round head with something like a bird beak, but it's the same color as your toon. They would be third tallest toon. They have a beard to symbol your an advanced player. They also have a beard.

    Here is one you could always get:
    Sheep: I would love sheep toons. They would be wooly and have a horse snout but smaller. Their ears would be short and be the same color as their snout. They would be second smallest toon.


    Mostly, certain toon species are picked due to look. (My personal favorite are mice.) But wouldn't it be cool for each toon species have a special thing that makes each one even more unique?

    Dogs would be slightly faster than most toons but not as fast as cats.

    Cats would be faster than most toons and could jump higher.

    Since mice are small, they'd have a 20% better chance of ducking and dodging a cog attack.

    Ducks would be able to swim faster than most toons.

    Horses would be the fastest toons, since they're horses.

    Rabbits are as fast as cats.

    Monkeys can jump really high.

    Bears have a 30% better chance of dodging a cog attack.

    Pigs level 1 gags do 5% more damage.

    They are the slowest toons, however, cog attacks do 5% less damage to turtles. They start at 16 Laff points.

    Sheep earn 5 extra Jellybeans whenever they play on the trolley.

    Goats heal faster when in the playground and playground items heal them more. They start at 16 laff points.

    Estate Improvements:

    Estates.... Oh where do I even start? I mean, estates are a good place to fish and garden, but it seems really......bland. There's no music or anything! But estates could go from most eerie place on Toontown, to most awesome place on Toontown!


    One bad thing about estates is: no music. You could buy a jukebox for inside and outside. Then you could pick songs from it like at parties.


    To make it where no estate would be the same, you could unlock different themes for your estate as you progress through the game!

    Default- the one we have now, any toon can use this one.
    Dock- unlock this one by completing all Donald's Dock Toontasks. He ground would become the same color as the Donald's Dock ground. The sky would turn grey like in Donald's Dock. There would be pelican noises instead of bird noises. The paths color changes to the color of docks. The items would be Starfish.
    Garden- unlock this one by completing all Daisy Garden Toontasks. The ground would become brighter and flowers would be everywhere. There would be more butterflies. The path color stays the same. The items would be daisys.
    Melodyland- unlock this one by completing all Minnie's Melodyland Toontasks. Turns the sky orange and makes the ground pink. The paths color turns into pianos and makes noise when you walk on them. The items would be music notes.
    Winter land- unlock this one by completing all the Brrrgh Toontasks. The water would be frozen except the pond, it would be snowing, there would be snowmen everywhere, and the ground would be snow. The path color would turn dark blue. The items would snowflakes.
    Dreamland- unlock this one by completing all Donald's Dreamland Toontasks. The ground would turn into the same color as the bed patterns in Dreamland. The sky would turn to night, and the path colors would turn purple. The items would be ZZZs.
    Acorn Acres- unlock this one by completing all Chip 'n' Dale's Acorn Acres Toontasks. The ground would turn a paler green like in Acorn Acres. There would be more trees, and the items would be acorns. The path color stays the same.


    You could buy themed houses you unlock, or unthemed houses.

    Default- the one we already have. Has 1 story and 2 rooms.

    Boat- looks like a boat. Has 1 story and 3 rooms.
    Watering Can- looks like a watering can. Has 2 stories and 4 rooms.
    Piano- looks like a giant piano. Has 2 stories and 5 rooms.
    Igloo- Looks like an igloo. Has 2 stories and 6 rooms.
    Bed- Looks like a giant bed. Has 3 stories and 8 rooms and a balcony.
    Cabin- Looks like an AA cabin. Has 4 stories and 10 rooms and a balcony.

    Ones you Buy:
    Cupcake- a giant cupcake house. Has 1 story and 3 rooms.
    Teepee- a teepee house. Has 1 story and 3 rooms.
    Old Fashion- a house with a porch. Has 1 story and 4 rooms.
    Castle- looks like a castle. Has 5 stories, 20 rooms, and a balcony.

    The different stories can be accessed by your choice.

    A.) an elevator, cost more but is faster.
    B.) stairs. Cost less but slower. The top of stairs is a door to other story.

    The balconies would be on the top floor. There would be a door and would take you outside, but on your balcony. You can even jump off your balcony.


    There could be an NPC toon by the wheelbarrow named Gardener Fred. He would be a yellow dog with a straw hat. He would be there for no reason except to make your estate less lonely.
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  2. Kirlial

    Kirlial Cog Crusher

    Jun 28, 2014
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    I love some of these ideas! Mind if I ask how clans would be different from regular friends? Like can you send messages to your whole clan at once if you want? Could you have a clan house which is like your house except anyone in your clan could visit at any time, making decorating seem even more important?

    I think it'd be cool if doodles could join you at parties or maybe support you as a caddie in minigolf (though optional). Being able to walk your doodle would be nice!
  3. Candycrush119

    Candycrush119 Gag Trainer

    Aug 16, 2014
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    I added more stuff.
  4. PrinceGoofy

    PrinceGoofy Gag Trainer TTR Beta Tester

    Jul 30, 2014
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    The improved species ideas are ridiculous. 5% increase on level 1 gags doesn't change anything except for MAYBE organic trap. And then some species have DIRECT UPGRADES of other species.

    Dog < Cat < Horse

    Mouse < Bear
    (even 10% more likely to dodge attacks is insane)
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  5. ToontasticToon

    ToontasticToon Gag Trainer

    Dec 16, 2014
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    Some pretty neat ideas you've got there ;)
  6. lianating

    lianating Gag Trainer

    Dec 19, 2014
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    This sounds amazing, I love your ideas. =)
  7. Terranort

    Terranort Elite Toon KTTA TTR Beta Tester

    Apr 16, 2014
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    I am loving that perks idea! It could use a little tweaking, but I am all for it!
  8. CaptainLionel

    CaptainLionel Cog Crusher

    Sep 24, 2014
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    I LOVE SOME OF THESE IDEAS!:sweetgoofy:
  9. chalkay

    chalkay Cog Crusher

    Nov 24, 2014
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    as a pig, I'm let down seen as level 1 gags are never used after TTC and 5% would still add nothing to any of them... D:
  10. Kate

    Kate Forum Moderator Cast Member Forum Moderator KTTA TTR Beta Tester

    Jun 15, 2014
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    I think that these ideas are so well thought out and developed. Everything sounds so cool, and I hope they are considered for future updates! As a few have said above, the toon species improvements could use a little tweaking, but other than that, you did a fantastic job! I really like the idea of making your own doodle :D
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  11. Waddledee789123

    Waddledee789123 Gag Trainer

    Dec 20, 2014
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    This may sound weird, but what about a flying cog?
    Flying cogs are more likely to dodge an attack and are immune to trap gags.
    This could be a certain "condition" like skelecog and v2.0 cog, so that every cog has a flying cog form.
    Maybe we could even get flying skelecogs and flying v2.0 cogs.
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  12. Taffy Pinkbunny

    Taffy Pinkbunny Elite Toon

    Oct 28, 2013
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    Good ideas! I don't have much creativity as others do, heh..
  13. Sahara25

    Sahara25 65 laff KTTA

    Dec 3, 2014
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    I love your great ideas!
  14. Joanna

    Joanna Gag Trainer ATTA Supporter

    Dec 11, 2014
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  15. madamoiselle--soleil

    madamoiselle--soleil Hall of Fame Hall of Fame ATTA Supporter TTR Beta Tester

    Sep 18, 2014
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    Contrary to popular belief, I think that the toon improvements are actually quite good. They're different species after all, so each species has something special to bring to the table. And big whoop that some of the species start off at 16 laff, oooh, I wonder what that one point will do. C'mon now.

    All-in-all, I love the entire thing, well, mostly everything anyway, haha. Very well thought-out, so yes yes yes. Developers, look over here!
  16. Terranort

    Terranort Elite Toon KTTA TTR Beta Tester

    Apr 16, 2014
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    This thread is very well done and I will send the link to the mods.
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  17. Miniapollo17

    Miniapollo17 Social Media Team Cast Member Social Media Mini Mod

    Nov 21, 2014
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    I like all but the species tweaking.
  18. A Person

    A Person Elite Toon

    Jan 30, 2018
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    Maybe, mostly because some people get dizzy from spinning objects on the screen, we can have some kind of “Musical Chairs” game in Minnie's Melodyland! I didn’t actually think this through. Also, I'm all for adding stuff into the estate because I get lonely there... We can even have a button that allows certain friends to go to your estate even when you aren't on, so if you think you can’t play for a while, you could ask them to help you water your gag trees!

    The species tweaking is a bit overwhelming. I get the jumping and speed thing, except in trolley games like Catch the Apple (what is it called again?) and the mouse and bear dodging rates could be more like 2 or 3% because that still makes a difference, just not much. The pig upgrade is not great. Perhaps you can make it so that pig's gags do like 1 or 2 damage, which could help in group battles but not too much so that they can destroy level 1 cogs with a cupcake, and their lure be slightly more accurate, but just barely.
  19. Gett'n Fangy

    Gett'n Fangy New Toon

    Feb 4, 2018
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    There's some great ideas here! I especially love the customize doodle bit, and have always wanted them to follow you everywhere!

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