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two contests read if you want jellybeans or a big long shoutout on my page

Discussion in 'Contests & Forum Awards' started by super pedalswirl, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. super pedalswirl

    super pedalswirl Cog Crusher KTTA ATTA Supporter TTR Beta Tester

    Jun 19, 2017
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    hi its super pedalswirl this is my first contest on the ttr fourms but i am going to hold a contest for you guys. for the first contest i want you to either tell me what you think is under the clould not what megasnoop or any other youtuber thinks is under the cloud. or create a playground. it has to fit in with the others and be creative. if you dont want to make a playground or say what you think is under the cloud you can go down to the second contest.
    in the post make sure you describe the playground, streats, task line,colors, health pick ups, and what ever else gets your idea arround.
    you will be graded:
    creativity: 50%
    how well will it fit into ttr: 25%
    prizes since there is another contest i have to put in this post there will be 3winners in this contest and 3 in the other so the prizes are low.
    1st: 1/4 of my jellybeans and a 1 month shout out
    2nd 1/4 of my jelly beans and a 2 week shout out
    3rd: 2 week shout out
    (i'm a bit poor now if anyone will like to raise the prizes they get maybe you can help)
    all entries win or lose but the results will all be posted.
    rules pls read anyone breaking the rules will be disculified:
    1. pm (private message) me with the actuall playground but comment you'll be entering
    2. thats the only rule
    if you have any questions pm me.
    second contest this contest has no work just pm me saying tt quiz and i'll send you a tt quiz who ever has the top 3 most right gets shout out all ties are included good luck
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