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[UNOFFICIAL] /r/toontownrewritten SOS Shopping and CFO Marathons

Discussion in 'Events' started by fiddle, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. fiddle

    fiddle Gag Trainer ATTA Supporter

    May 24, 2016
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    I’m looking to host these runs for a while for anyone interested!

    Rules will be simple, here they are:
    1 Load and Go!
    2. Only stay for the cards listed in the picture unless the group agrees to stay for the card.
    3. Shop ‘till you drop! Keep coming back for more!

    SOS cards in case you couldn’t see: Moe Zart, Clerk Clara, Bessie, Pete, Mel, Sid, Flippy, LOM, Franz, Julius Wheezer, Sticky Lou (says Flim Flam, but Lou is actually he 5 star)

    I will look to set up a Parker toon to friend. Get ready for some solid runs starting next week! I talked briefly with Joey about this, and hopefully there could be some moderator support at these events in the future, but obviously the staff has a lot going on with the convention. In the meantime, I’ll be hosting but I’d love to turn it over to the staff afterwards. Screenshots and battle reports can go in here or another post sometime soon. There could be some type of prize to the person with the most Unites and SOS cards, but we’ll see. Thanks. Feedback appreciated!

    Future event: Sunday CJ Minithons (Noon EST)
    Click here to see the full post on Reddit.
  2. super pedalswirl

    super pedalswirl Cog Crusher KTTA ATTA Supporter TTR Beta Tester

    Jun 19, 2017
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    i will be there i need the 5 stars

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