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Using Trunks in the Middle 6 (strategy & math)

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Roboburger, Dec 31, 2017.

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    Jul 27, 2015
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    In the front 3, there are 6 battles so that means that a toon can use their elephant trunk in every battle and still have 1 remaining in the end.
    In the middle 6, there are a grand total of 12 battles, so it would make sense to hold on to your trunks for only the first battle. To be honest, it hardly does matter if you choose trunk or aoogah for the second battle, but this post is to prove that using trunk in the 2nd battle is the better play if you are looking for maximum sound xp and very slightly more efficient play.

    Fogs: In the first battle, there is a 1/4 (25%) chance of using a fog horn. In the 2nd battle, there is a 2/4 (50%) of using a fog horn.
    Trunks: In the first battle, there is a 3/4 (75%) chance of using a trunk. In the 2nd battle, there is a 2/4 (50%) chance of using a trunk.

    Per floor: On any given floor, there is then a 12.5% chance of using 2 fog horns, a 50% chance of using 1 fog horn, and a 37.5% chance of using 0 fog horns. At this rate, throughout 6 floors, one would expect to use a grand total of around 5 fog horns (3 + 2 from golf) throughout the entire middle six. One would then expect to use a grand total of 7 elephant trunks throughout the entire middle six if you are able to sound to whole thing. Any trunk received from golf would be gravy.

    With this fact that you only expect to need 7 trunks to complete a middle 6, then you can fill up your gags with 15 aoogahs (that could also be used if you do happen to run low on trunks). You will then have a higher chance of receiving a fog horn or elephant trunk from playing the golf mini-game and therefore a slightly increased chance of using sound longer into the golf course.
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