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When to make multiple toons?

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by currysawcc, Feb 13, 2019 at 6:33 AM.

  1. currysawcc

    currysawcc Gag Trainer

    Feb 3, 2016
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    My main toon is 78 laff and unmaxed, currently working on the cashbot suit. I have never gotten to this stage, not even in TTO, yet I absolutely love the game and want to progress as much as I can. It sounds a bit silly, but I see (mainly on YT) multiple TTR veterans with multiple toons at all the same high laff (110+) with maxed gags. When is the best time to make another toon and progress to having an account with multiple high characters? I'm thinking of specifically CoachZEvilTwin on YT; I see him playing multiple toons in the back nine which are all similar, and I wonder how 1) people get these toons maxed so quick, and 2) when they start to create these other toons! I do not have a duo monitor so I only play one toon at a time.

    Sorry for all the waffle, but maybe some of you can help me out? Tell me your experiences, how many toons you have, how long it takes etc :) Thank you!
  2. Fishtacollahma

    Fishtacollahma Also Know as Ricky Mcroll
    TTR Beta Tester

    Jun 29, 2015
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    One thing I can tell you is that you can play 2 toons at the same time on a single monitor. There is a program called toontown multicontroller. If you download that and use it you can play 2 toons at the same time and that is what I do. You use your arrow keys to move the righ toon and your wasd to move the left. You can set keybinds with the multicontroller for the specific toon like the throw evidence key, jump and shticker book key etc. You however need to have your toontown keybinds in the game ( not in the multicontroller ) to be default to be able to set the keybinds. It does take some practice to play 2 or more toons but you will get the hang of it. Sometimes I will play 4 even. You will need to make another account however if you wanna play another toon at the same time. You can not play multiple toons on the same account at the same time. It is very possible to play multiple toons on the same monitor and computer. You will need to put it on windowed mode however and it might lag your computer if it is not good.

    Another side thing, the multi controller has a option called Keep alive. This is the only thing that is against the rules that the multi controller has so you should disable that. The multi controller has an option to disable that so do not worry. Other then that multi controller is allowed.

    If you make another toon it depends how much you play and if you are gonna use your other toon to help you. If you use your other toon to help you it will really speed things up in terms of training gags and tasks. I know some people where in 1 month or even less to reach 100 laff. This usually happens when you play the game a lot. For me it took a literal year or months because I quit the game and came back. For my toon fish taco llama however it took around 1 month or even less I think. Keep in mind I did help him with my other toon to do tasks until he finished the brrgh. After I finished the brrgh, I maxxed all my gags with the help of my other toon. After that I played Fish all by himself only then. You can still take less then a month to get a toon to 100 laff even if you do not have another toon. I have seen people do it.

    If you look at my signature you can see how many toons I have. When I am training I use 3 toons so I can go into cog buildings easier. When I am doing tasks I use 1 toon to help the other and when I am grinding my suits I will do that on one toon and do whatever I want on the other. For example I will fish on 1 toon, do a ceo on the other and do a vp on another one. When I do things like factories, back nines or a boss battle, I can only play 2 toons unless I am doing something very easy on the third or 4th like fishing or training. I can use 4 toons in a vp however, I can also use all 4 in buildings or do cog facilities with all my 4. I do not use 3 toons in cog facilities or boss battles so I do not slow things down for other people. Using more than 2 toons requires mirror mode which moves every single toon you have activated in the multicontroller at the same time ( you can literally have 20 toons move at the same time ) and switching back and forth between my first group of 2 toons to my other group of 2 toons if you use multi mode which allows you to independently move 2 toons.
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  3. AquariusGaming

    AquariusGaming Gag Trainer

    Jan 11, 2015
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    Tips/recommendations: I'd say anytime is a good time to make multiple toons. If you do ever plan on making another toon to help you out within the game whether it'll be tasking or training, I recommend doing 2 things. #1, setting up your windows to overlap on one another but still be able to click on both that way you can play 2 toons at the same time w/o multi-toon and constantly going to the taskbar and clicking to switch(Imgur: The magic of the Internet is what I mean by this. Even though it's Corporate Clash, the concept still applies). #2, picking toonup and lure on that toon first and training lure at least to a usable level(like say lvl 4) and maybe doing some fishing/tasks on the side to get his/her laff up. This is so that your other toon will be able to support you in buildings if you decide to train there(which is what alot of people do, myself included, when they multi-toon).

    My experience: Generally, when I do use multi-tooning, I use it for training and maybe some assistance with tasking. It speeds up the amount of progress I make when doing either one by quite a bit since it means that I don't have to wait on an extra person to do bldgs with or in some cases, don't have to wait at all to do a bldg and just duo them. Since I have a very on and off relationship with toontown in general, it takes me longer to progress through some things which would probably take a week or 2 for others to do. However, I do make quite a bit of progress every time I do decide to sit down and play TTR for an hour or 2 thanks to multi-tooning that I wouldn't have made otherwise.

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