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Which is the easiest boss to max?

Discussion in 'Game Polls' started by Djcloud84, Mar 12, 2019.


Which is easiest to max?

This poll will close on Jul 12, 2102 at 11:48 AM.
  1. CEO/Bossbot

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  2. CJ/Lawbot

  3. CFO/Cashbot

  4. VP/Sellbot

  1. Djcloud84

    Djcloud84 Cog Crusher ATTA Supporter

    Aug 8, 2018
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    IMO its CJ, the DA offices are fun and give a lot of Jury notices unlike the V. P where it takes like 20 factories for 1 promotion
  2. Fishtacollahma

    Fishtacollahma Also Know as Ricky Mcroll
    TTR Beta Tester

    Jun 29, 2015
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    After maxing all the suits. For me the easiest has been the vp. It was boring but it was quicker and easier to max.

    For max merits you need 6 longs and 2 shorts or 7 longs and a building and are extremely easy to do. The boss is easy as well.

    The mints are not consistent but you can get a max of 1496 or a minimum of 1202. If you do get 1496 or 1484 for every single bullion you do you would need 6 bullions For max cog bucks. That is if you get every single mint that gives 1496 or 1484 which is unlikely unless you purposely try to get a bullion with 1496 or 1484 cogbucks each time. I do not know how long a factory or bullion takes but I am assuming bullions are longer. Plus bullions are harder and require better gags than the factory. The CFO is easy but I personally find the CJ to be even easier.

    You need 9 Office Ds and 1 B for max jury notices. The DA office D on average take I believe 26 - 34 min on average. I have seen it take 22 min before but I rarely see that. DA offices requires tnt that does 156 and or organic throw to make it easier for the cog set with a 12. Compared to a factory that is quite the difference in terms of difficulty and speed.

    Maxing bossbot has taken me 3 years because I quit the game many times but if you play a lot it will take way less for you. Back nines are easy to do since people have max gags and is literally the same strategy every floor ( assuming everyone has sound ) with a small change in gag choices occasionally. Mazes can be difficult to understand as well for many people. I myself forget them sometimes after not playing for awhile. The main thing that makes the grind so hard is the amount of time it takes to finish a back nines. 45 min or longer for a cog facility that is quite repetive. I mean speaks for itself. You need 7 Back nines which in total is 315 min which I believe is 5 hours and 25 min. This is if every back nine takes 45 min. The CEO is very fun though but it is the hardest boss.

    Sorry if my information is incorrect.

    Overall easiest to hardest for me personally
    1. Sellbot
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  3. Violin3607

    Violin3607 Elite Toon

    Mar 4, 2018
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    easiest for me was no doubt sellbot. i thought it was a big grind at the time, man was i wrong compared to, for example, bossbot. i'd say the order from easiest to hardest, or quickest to slowest, would be the natural order - sellbot, cashbot, lawbot, bossbot.
  4. Czarcasm

    Czarcasm Elite Toon ATTA Supporter

    Oct 22, 2015
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    1. CFO - Maxed this first, didn't get bored easily which helped
    2. CEO - Maxed this last but I maxed it faster than any other boss so wasn't too bad
    3. VP - Maxed second, super boring but not terrible
    4. CJ - Maxed third but beyond boring, dreaded it which made it the most difficult for me
  5. Kuitsuku

    Kuitsuku New Toon ATTA Supporter

    Feb 13, 2019
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    I'd say VP or CFO. I personally really like CFO so that's always easy to max. Everything else gets pretty tedious.

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