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New Profile Posts

  1. Maalik
    Officially back in ToonTown as of yesterday! My main toon is a red deer named Maalik.
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    2. Mano
      Cool, are you from MENA?
      Jan 24, 2021 at 4:24 PM
  2. kismet
    lemon drizzle biscuits>
  3. CaptainLionel
    Just read my old threads from 2014-2016. I felt a wave of nostalgia, and I miss TTR. But wow, my grammar was so bad back then LOL
    1. CaptainLionel
      I was 10 when I created this account, btw.
      Jan 23, 2021 at 4:44 PM
  4. MichelleM
    Has anyone else had issues with fishing and it glitching and depleting your jellybeans?
  5. Gregory Mouse
    Gregory Mouse
    I’ve started to comfortably feel that I’m transfem. I’m not fully female, but I got so much feminine mannerisms that it feels right.
  6. Nankurunaisa Fukanona
    Nankurunaisa Fukanona Duck Tape
    Oh, hey there..... Duck Tape???? Is that you???? Have you seen my toon???? If not i'm surprised there's two ducktapes and I don't know who to like more for "pasting my stuff up my wall!!!!" I think the both of you are great!!!! I will be "happy for you helping me somewhat put things on walls!!!!" Its Galaxiaz do you know me????
  7. Nankurunaisa Fukanona
    Nankurunaisa Fukanona MegaDramonFan31
    Ohh~ Why hey there then!!!! I saw you enjoyed "J-pop and VOCALOID" alot!!!! Its hard for me to find others that do!!!! (You might have/might have not seen me on the introduction forum right before, on top of you!!!!) I mostly enjoy CY8ER most!!!! I enjoy the "TOKIWOTOMETE" song most and "Tokyo Identity!!!!" Which are your favorites!!!! Nice to meet you and "if you don't answer" nice to "see you" lol!!!!
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  8. Gregory Mouse
    Gregory Mouse
    I'm a cute mouse princess with a bunch of cute adorkable subjects under my own little cute adorkable kingdom. I decree all to be cute ^_^
  9. Little Sammie Dandyfoot
    Little Sammie Dandyfoot
    Well, I've come back to TTR for the time being xD. Working on grinding to max Bossbot. Also been cringing at old posts from 2015.
    1. Little Sammie Dandyfoot
      Little Sammie Dandyfoot
      If you knew me back then, I sincerely apologize. The cringe is insane.
      Jan 17, 2021
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    2. Gregory Mouse
      Gregory Mouse
      Look at my first posts from 2016 for a similar effect lol.
      Jan 18, 2021
  10. IceQ
  11. Gregory Mouse
    Gregory Mouse
    3 months in after maxing bossbot on Gregory, and I still haven’t maxed golfing and racing for 137 laff.
    1. Gregory Mouse
      Gregory Mouse
      I can officially say now I feel racing and golfing are the worst boosts to get in the game. I just have zero motivation to get on and do them, especially already having done them twice. Golfing is just too horrendously broken to be fun, and racing is just sleep inducing I feel like logging off after a couple of races or so.
      Jan 17, 2021
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    2. Unbounded
      It’s ok, I have 0 motivation for this game. I’ll occasionally log on to attempt a b9, but the moment that one person w/ full gags joins, I’m offline for the next few days
      Jan 18, 2021
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  12. Miniapollo17
    Miniapollo17 That Soundless Horse
    Apparently kingsisle got bought by another company, crossing my fingers the new one cares about P101 lowkey
    1. That Soundless Horse
      That Soundless Horse
      yep. we've finally entered it being in the realm of possibilities (i'm still doubtful but obviously open to updates) which would be nice, but i'd also be very open to them trying to potentially revamp poorly designed systems (pets in pirate) as well at this point, pet making is so awful in pirate.
      Jan 16, 2021
    2. Miniapollo17
      Low-key it would probably take pirate a long time to dish out a new book-sized update even if they immediately set to work on it, so we won't even know if they plan to revive it for a while.

      I'm just hoping they work on a feature revamp like you said or a new side activity just to kinda signal "hey we care about this game"
      Jan 17, 2021
    3. Miniapollo17
      And today the company apparently talked about maybe making a mobile/console port of the games, scrapping all the mobile games that low-key killed pirate's development, and put more emphasis on pirate101 in their post so things are looking brighter than expected :o
      Jan 18, 2021
  13. Gregory Mouse
    Gregory Mouse
    Tired but still feeling enby and proud ^_^
  14. Sanjaya
    where does one find the motivation to train drop for the 7th time
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    2. Catcat
      you don't
      Jan 15, 2021
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  15. Gregory Mouse
    Gregory Mouse
    New pfp time featuring Gregory with the trans flag colors since he's a trans icon! I'm also trans so yes total validation y'all! :D
  16. Gregory Mouse
    Gregory Mouse
    I'm totally ready for this covid madness to be over. I'm so tired of people not taking this seriously and spreading it like crazy :'(
  17. Mano
    It's been 4 years? wow, I'm planning to stick around for awhile so I need anything to encourage me to stay active
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    3. Gregory Mouse
      Gregory Mouse
      https://discord.com/invite/toontown for a ttr discord server this one's the most alive that I know of. https://toon.town/soundless this one is for the soundless cult, a clan mainly for soundless runs in ttr. You don't need a soundless to join you can just get a friend role in there if you don't have one. There's pretty nice folks in there, and where I usually talk the most out of all the toontown discord servers.
      Jan 14, 2021
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    4. Mano
      @Gregory Mouse sadly ttr discord server no one use voice channels as it is so boring to just keep writing in the game like duh.. there are channels used for voice yk? not 24hrs ofc but at least 1 hour/day.
      Jan 14, 2021
    5. Gregory Mouse
      Gregory Mouse
      Yeah I’m not sure if there’s any toontown discord servers that have active voice channels since I barely voice chat myself since I’m really shy lol. Mainly just tight knit close friends I could imagine doing that sort of thing on toontown these days since a good chunk of the popular toontown servers like keeping the chat moderated.
      Jan 14, 2021
  18. Gregory Mouse
    Gregory Mouse
    It has been a year since Jayden has cut their hair, and wow they totally get called a girl every other day, but they don't mind ^_^
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  19. Princess Pinky Glitterpop
    Princess Pinky Glitterpop
    server is here, check the thread ! also, it's called cotton candy café now yaay
  20. Gregory Mouse
    Gregory Mouse
    I honestly really do love the pan flag colors. Being pan really has encompassed my experiences without realizing it for so long.
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    2. Mousemallow
      I did always like the palette of the pan flag
      Jan 9, 2021
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