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Apr 25, 2015
Jan 31, 2015
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April 15

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Gag Trainer

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Apr 25, 2015
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    April 15
    Toon Name:
    My name is Lefty Loopenklunk.
    This is just a message explaining my experience with this game and such.

    To begin, I started playing ToonTown Online waaayyyyy back in 2003. My parents made the account and created this toon with me to my specifications - Brown dog, mid-sized body and legs, and a tall head. The only thing I was not allowed to do was pick the name which my mother named Lefty Loopenklunk - a clever yet surprisingly funny alliteration.

    At first I was only a free to play account. I was limited to this for quite some time. In late 2004, I began to use my birthday money to buy memberships for the game, and quickly became addicted to it.

    I achieved 137 laff in February of 2009 under this characters name, trapless. I then started 3 uber accounts:

    Scooter - A 4 gag uber brown cat with Throw, Squirt, Sound, and Drop.
    Loopenklunk - A 4 gag uber blue horse with Throw, Squirt, Sound, and Lure.
    Toothless - Named after the How to Train Your Dragon character, was a 5 gag uber black cat with Throw, Squirt, Sound, Drop, and Trap.

    They were all completed with max Sellbot suits in mid 2010, and I slowly began to drift away from the game, eventually leaving it.

    Although I kept up with the "major updates" of the game from 2010-2013, I never went back fully. With no good, new, content, there was no point.

    So how did I get into ToonTown Rewritten?
    I actually can't remember.... But I remember it being in mid alpha when I started becoming a huge fanboy about it. It was sometime in December of 2013 when I started to go through the update posts. I tried and tried for an alpha key, but was never privileged enough to get one - nor did I ever get a beta key. I began binge playing when playlines came out. I would slave over my computer waiting for my time to come, being utterly discouraged when my time was during work or some musical gig (I'm a musician in real life). I new about these forums for a long time but never actually cared enough to sign up for them until now.

    I've seen great things come of this now fan-controlled masterpiece, and I expect even greater things to come. It's been a great pleasure so far rewriting my character, exactly to the way it was in TTO. If I see you out there, I am respectful and level headed. I will never be rude, and I will always obey the rules.

    Happy Cog fighting!!!
    - Ian
    AKA - Lefty Loopenklunk