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Suggestion Achievements, Titles, Stars (Length of Time)

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Complaints' started by fenek_the_wylde, May 21, 2022.

  1. fenek_the_wylde

    fenek_the_wylde New Toon

    May 21, 2022
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    Pretty much the only 2 online games I play are ToonTown (off and on over the years starting with TTO) and World of Warcraft. Why mention WoW you ask? Because of achievements and titles!! These are so fun and I believe would add new players and entice old ones back to this game. I'm not really creative so I don't have any real, suggestions on how it would work in TTR, but achievements could be like:

    * For 1st 50 fish
    * 1st time to clear 50 floors

    So occasionally these achievements (of which there could be many) can award titles that display in-game:
    * (For clearing 500 floors total) - [NAME] the Floorsweeper

    So that's my thought on achievements and titles which doesn't currently exist in-game - at least not in the way that say a game like Wow implements.

    But what about stars? Currently, as COGS take over your buildings you quickly lose star levels. A spinning silver star can quickly become just a silver star!!!! That's not very toon-like. Continuing to "Borrow" from a previously mentioned game, what if server reset is at 8:00 am server time every day. So you keep whatever the highest level you reach on any given day all that day and night through 8:00 am server time the next day. These are like mini achievements that toons can reach on any given day.

    So these are my suggestion. Please (!!!) consider implementing.

    Please and ty,

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