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All Boss Fights For Dummies

Discussion in 'Site Info & Guides' started by Djcloud84, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. Djcloud84

    Djcloud84 Guest

    Hello! I have no clue if this is the kind of guide they meant but whatever I feel like writing so why the heck not?

    If anywhere here it says dog, I most likely mean cog but auto correct hates me.

    Ok, here we go!


    First round of VP is simple, all your doing is taking out the cogs that come from the VP and your team is most likely using sound. That’ll be a common theme for all boss fights. The cogs are lvls 9-10 and rarely you have some level 11-12 cogs. That’s it for the first round. Then VP goes up a ramp and sort of just goes around and then you fight more cogs. Most of them are Skelecogs ranging from about levels 9-12. Pretty easy though if you have some people with good sound. Lastly, you have the pie round. You grab a pie from the toon trapped in the cage, then start tossin! Press Delete or simply click the pie icon too throw the pies. Your goal is to get the VP to fall off the edge of the map to win. To hit him back he must be stunned. In order to stun him you need to throw a pie into the hole once he opens the hatch on the bottom of his body. You can tell he is stunned when it makes a weird noise and there are stars on his head. Once The VP falls off the edge. the Toon trapped in the cage or, SOS tells you some stuff that’s pretty much useless and then you go back to the playground. The SOS can be used once in a battle to assist you! For example, Professor Pete restocks all kinds of gags. The VP is the easyiest boss in the game and the first one you fight.

    *I will finish shortly I cannot right now*
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    Jan 1, 2021
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    So, what kind of timeframe is Shortly with you? lol 8/20/2018 lolol

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