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Analysis of Update 3.0.0's Impact on Toon Builds

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by King T, Jan 12, 2022.

  1. King T

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    May 27, 2015
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    Given the lack of material to discuss in several recent years, the decline in activity the forum has experienced is pretty expected- but recently I've revisited the game and seen that just a month ago a rather substantial update has hit TTR's live server, and I have to say that it's peaked my interest. This post will be an analysis of how the aforementioned update has affected the 5 possible builds for toons. Perhaps this thread can spark some discussion, or at the very least be thought provoking to passersby.

    With that said, I won't be talking too much about the new field offices here, perhaps those are worth a thread of their own. I'll be focusing on the gag rebalancing, and most notably how it applies to the trap gag track. I'll split this post into sections based off of which toon build is the current focus.


    This is the build that likely came to everyone's minds immediately when reading through the gag rebalance. Trapless and Dropless have always been by far the two best builds, which is why this graph looks the way it does. However, dropless has always lived in the shadow of trapless, because of trap being a notably less potent gag track than drop. The recent rebalance does much to address this, but I'll go ahead and state right here that trapless still seems to be the best overall build. What is important, however, is that trapless is not the best at everything anymore, nor would an optimal team likely consist of 4 trapless toons post-rebalance. In order to understand where dropless stands now, we'll need to establish what 3.0.0 update has provided for the gag track.
    The notable buffs are the following:
    +Trap gags now have the same max capacity as all other gag tracks
    +Trap Door max damage increased 70->85
    +Railroad base damage increased 195->200

    And an indirect buff to organic TNT, Level 12 cog HP nerfed 200->196

    You can now have as many TNTs as pianos. Trap door 1-shots level 7's, while the safe still one-shots level 6's. Railroad and organic TNT can now one-shot level 12's, which is a particularly fantastic improvement for trap. These changes (particularly those in regard to TNT) elevate trap from its previous status of nearly useless, to a decent complimentary track for lure. I'll go over why drop still seems to be better in the trapless section, but these buffs give dropless an interesting edge. Currently, dropless is the best build for duoing (at least almost) anything in the game*. The reason for this being that lure is heavily used while duoing anything, and trap's synergy with lure plus its buffs makes it very powerful for duos. This synergy also means that dropless is probably on par with trapless for CEOs, given the strong presence lure has in that boss fight as well. All in all, I do think that dropless is in a moderately better place now. Though, while dropless was the first build that came to mind when thinking of the main beneficiaries of this update, there is another that I believe has benefited even more.

    *Something to keep in mind is that if two toons enter a boss battle (VP, CFO, CJ, CEO), there will only be one on each side. You will need 4 toons to enact actual duo strategies in these areas.


    It's no secret that toonup has always been a very powerful gag track and having both trap/drop has historically been an inconsequential boost to offensive capability. It is for this reason, that toonupless has always been vastly inferior to trapless/dropless. However, the 3.0.0 changes seem to have breathed new life into the toonupless build. The aforementioned changes to trap finally provide that offensive boost toonupless toons have been lacking. An optimal team would now likely include one toonupless toon, and being toonuples now provides a meaningful advantage for speed-running purposes. In addition to the changes to trap, toonup has experienced nerfs, and drop has been granted a minor buff. I won't really go over these changes too much here, as doodles are still vastly inferior to toonup, and the buff to safes (max damage 60->70) doesn't really open up many new valuable gag combos, at least without making it organic (note that at the time of writing this post, I have not looked very much into how organic drop combos are affected by this patch. I am under the impression, however, that it has valuable combos against level 12-14 cogs, making it very effective for the new field offices). The changes to both of these tracks do make differences in gameplay mind you, but they don't really change the position of viability that each build inhabits right now. Toonupless still has the obvious weakness of being absolutely horrible for duos and is still notably worse than trapless/dropless for trios, but I think the build performs very adequately in full teams now, provided there is not more than one. For all of toontown's history, Trapless and Dropless have been the only reasonable builds, but now Toonupless feels like perhaps it has become a third reasonable build post-patch3.0.0 in TTR. (so long as it doesn't become too common)


    As stated earlier, trapless seems to still be the overall best build in the game. Drop's synergy with sound (the most potent gag track in the game), and its ability to work in tandem with 4 other gag tracks, as opposed to trap being stuck with only working in tandem with lure, has always and still does secure its superior utility in comparison to trap. As stated earlier though, I don't think the optimal team would be 4 trapless toons anymore; especially considering that the new field offices place restrictions on usable gag tracks, but we'll talk about the new piece of content's role in this in its own section. The following is pure speculation my part, but I would guess that now an optimal team for tackling various content looks something like:
    2 Trapless
    1 Dropless
    1 Toonupless
    Trapless is still the most reliable build, and so it forms the team's core. A dropless toon allows you to take advantage of trap's new situational uses when they arise and having just one toonupless toon shouldn't provide much of a blow to the team's survivability, while bringing a decent boost in offensive capability to the table.
    Despite trapless retaining its throne, I would say in the current patch for TTR that dropless and toonupless do have their own value.

    Lureless and Soundless

    There's really not much to say about these, they're still horrible builds with the exact same major flaws that they've always had. Sound is still by far the best gag track in the game, and lure is still the second best. It is unlikely that Lure and Sound will ever stop being the lifeline of teams for every piece of content in the game. At the very least, lureless is significantly better than soundless, since sound strategies usually require all team members to possess the track.

    Field Offices (In regard to build performance)

    Briefly touching on how these builds perform in the new content, the most apparent thing is that it encourages having a bit of variety in your team's build composition with the track restriction mechanic. Of course, the boss battle itself is the main challenging part and this doesn't apply there, but I do think this is a mechanic we'll be seeing more of in any future content. The only observation I have to make in regard to gag effectiveness is that trap is affected more heavily by track restriction, as it requires two different tracks (trap and lure) in order to function at all; it seems that even when trap gets buffed, it really just can't catch a break. My experience with the new field offices is very limited, so I can't speak much on how tracks (specifically drop and trap) come into play for the boss round, and so I won't make any assertions regarding it in the OP here. I suspect I might make a thread dedicated to the evaluation of strategy in the new field offices once I've had time to build up more experience with them. Any input on drop/trap's functionality in the boss battle by someone with plenty of runs under their belt could be valuable in this thread's replies, provided the forum still has enough traction to facilitate such discussion.

    There is obviously a lot of detail left out of this post, most notable I did not go over any new gag combos that aren't immediately obvious trap ones. This post is already long though, so I won't bother doing it here in the OP- perhaps I'll post a reply with a list of new gag combos later. This is where the builds seem to stand now though, after the 3.0.0 patch. Trapless is still overall the best, dropless is in a better spot and is now particularly great for duoing purposes, and toonupless works well so long as they don't mix inside of teams. Lureless and Soundless will still need something if they are ever to be worthwhile builds.

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