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Bear Clan!

Discussion in 'Groups & Clans Archive' started by Mardek, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Mardek

    Mardek Gag Trainer

    Mar 8, 2015
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    Yo and whats up. My name is Mardek. Ive been playing tt since i was 8. I am 15 years old now and i still love playing tt(or ttr to be precise). So, the reason Im creating this thread is mostly because i love bears! So, without further ado, here the requirements and rules. Btw, Skype is mardek502
    1. Always be active. It should be obvious that for a clan to be successful, you should have active members.
    2. Be nice. I shouldnt have to explain this...

    1. Must be a bear
    2. Must have skype.
    3. Must friend me (this may change later on)

    So this is how it should look like if you wanted to join

    Name in ttr:
    Laff(really doesnt matter how much):
    Skype Name:
    Why you wanna join:

    And thats it. Hope you enjoy and remember, Bears are way cooler then cats. #Bears are the Master Race

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