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Chaos Emerald Clan

Discussion in 'Plotted Roleplays' started by LoopyDawg59, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. LoopyDawg59

    LoopyDawg59 Gag Trainer

    Dec 14, 2013
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    Join together with Chaos Emerald and take down the Cogs in this fantastic journey to take adown the Cogs attempting to steal Magic Rings, the Chaos Emeralds, and eventually the Master Emerald!

    Here are the rules:
    1. A new Toon must be created. However, this Toon can have any name. So what's the catch: We are using the classic color scheme for Chaos Emeralds and Rings: shades of green and yellow, respectively.
    2. Each Toon in the clan must take care not to go sad. If you do go sad, the Cogs will steal your Chaos Emerald and all of your Rings and you will be unable to continue until you are revived.
    Here is how revives will work: You get Rings by defeating Cogs. You will be getting Rings based on how many Cogs you defeat and what level each one was. In the event of a group K.O, the highest level Cog will give Rings multiplied by number of Cogs defeated. For every 100 Rings collected, a Toon will receive a Credit which they can use to revive their Toon. If a Toon is knocked out and has no Credits, another Toon can revive him/her for 125 Rings. (Self-revives are cheaper!)

    Each character starts with a Chaos Emerald. However, they can get more by completing Buildings, Cog HQ facilities, and Bosses. Just remember not to go sad, as you will lose 1 Emerald for each time you go sad!

    The ultimate goal is yet to come, though: Dr. Eggman is planning to take over Toontown by using the Executive Office Tower! Who knows what they're doing in there!?

    Be sure to sign up! :)
  2. Super Romeo

    Super Romeo Guest

    I'm not joining, just wanted to post this. :p
  3. Domino Mouse

    Domino Mouse Guest

    Stereotypical name: Check
    Edgy: Check

    you got a clan here bud

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