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NEWS CRASH Into the Fun! | ToonFest 2018

Discussion in 'TTR Posts' started by Miniapollo17, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Miniapollo17

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    Nov 21, 2014
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    Posted by Riggy Marole on September 23, 2018 at 7:00 AM

    WOWZA! What a fantasticin' turnout, if I do be sayin' soin' myselfin'. It's been only a few days, but my bundle o' bears tells me that those ToonFest prizes are flyin' off the shelf faster than a jackrabbit on a jackhammer. If yer new here, let me give ya's the rigmarole -- my name's Riggy Marole, and I'm the host with the toast (and jellybeans) here at the grand event known as ToonFest!


    What's new at ToonFest this year, eh? That's where I've got o' bone to pick with ya. Turns out some certain Toons complained to the Toon Council about a bunch of crashes at my event, so they sent out some sorta inspectorator!

    The boy-o tried to tell me that I've got a case o' da "buildin' code volitions" and that the Toon Troopers would need to help fix 'em, but the only volition I know of around here is the volition I have to eat this entire jar of jellybeans.

    So I told 'em that my bears can build so well that they've got their own workshop, but he didn't budge even when we offered a free voice box with his bear. So they sent a ton o' Toon Troopers down here and fixed a bunch of the ToonFest crashes! Much to my dismay, ToonFest may be even more stable than ever. Can you believe the nerve o' these fellas?

    Luckolee, I know one of the Troops down at ye ol' Toon Hall. A fellow appreciator of the cashin' arts, named Sir Max, who always manages to get past those rascally Toon Council mandates. If we're lucky, there may just be a crash or two left in there!

    Anyhoo, I outta get back to runnin' the event! ToonFest is lastin' all month long, and there's still time to create a few more crashes! HAH!

    PS - I ran into one of those Toon Trooper pals named Mustavo, who wanted me to let ya know that those upgrades to Toon T.A.G.S. are here!

    September 22, 2018 [ttr-live-2.2.2]
    • Added dynamic window margins, which allows for more boxes to fit on the sides of the screen depending on your aspect ratio.
    • Changed wording to indicate that Toons cannot access the 7th Gag Track based on community feedback.
    • Re-implemented holiday-based Pick-a-Toon screen backgrounds.
    • Added Cast Member Tag. This is the first of our Cast Member minigames to be added to Toontown. Look out for Toon Troopers around Toontown, and if you see one, be sure to ask them to play tag with you!
    • Added integration with Discord in the form of Rich Presence. If you’re 13 or older and have your parent’s permission, you can make a free Discord account and chat with your friends! Your Discord friends can see your Toon’s stats and your location in-game if you find “detailed-presence" in your settings.json file and change false to true.

    • You can now see the specific area your friends are in while looking at the Toon Detail Panel.
    • You can now adjust your teleporting preferences in the Shtickerbook, restricting the feature to friends or disabling it entirely.
    • When using Type-a-Name in the Make-a-Toon menu, a confirmation prompt will now appear before you can submit the name.

    • Addressed multiple instances of crashes related to the ToonFest Event Grounds.
    • Fixed a longstanding issue with fishing at ToonFest that led to hits incorrectly being counted as misses.
    • There are no longer two sets of Token Takers Tori and Tanner. Looks like Tobias and Tonya had an identity crisis!
    • Added a “miss” sound effect to the Duck Tank when the pole of the target is hit.

    • Changed Cog defeat animation to fix an issue which caused the legs to clip into the torso.
    • Cogs will no longer end their lure idle animation when another Cog in the same battle is defeated.
    • Fixed an exploit with the Boarding Groups feature.

    • Adjusted the dynamic music system to fade between tracks when going underwater.

    KNOWN BUGS: There are currently crashes when entering the Toontorial, as well as occasionally when opening the Friends List. We'll be rolling out a fix for these issues as soon as possible!
  2. A Person

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    Jan 30, 2018
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    I read this over and cried on the inside because it didn't include Crash Cashbot or Field Offices.


  3. Im the d0ct0r

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    Sep 29, 2018
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    gg m8

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