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NEWS Doctor Dimm Reports In!

Discussion in 'News' started by Trap, Mar 12, 2020.


Favorite feature from this update?

  1. Organic Gags

  2. Picnic Games

  3. "Grey" fix

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  1. Trap

    Trap Forum Moderator Cast Member Forum Moderator TTR Beta Tester

    Aug 17, 2015
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    "Doctor Dimm!"

    That's my name! I still wonder why I hear people yelling it all the time. Maybe I've got a devoted following of admirers. I really can't think of any other reason why. If you somehow haven't met me, I'm one of the Scientoons at Loony Labs. The best, battiest Scientoon in town, if you ask me! Be sure to swing by Toon Hall to say hello whenever you can. I get awfully bored hearing Purrview ramble on.


    Don't let me get carried away though, I'm already tired enough from carrying all these zeroes! Between the Toon Resistance and the Toon Troop, Loony Labs has been stretched thin all across town. Luckily, we've pulled through and come up with multiple scientific breakthroughs!

    Organic Gags
    If there's one thing more annoying than yelling "Doctor Dimm!", it's having to yell "ORG!" at your friends. Whether you've got a 'Terrific Throw' or a 'Ludicrous Lure', quickly yelling at your friends about your organic gags is always important. The Resistance came in and rambled on about some Cog threat shenanigans and how we need to battle smarter. The point is though, they wanted none other than ME to help upgrade Toon T.A.G.S.!

    I took a bit of spray paint, rigged up a pulley, smacked it with a few hammers -- and presto! You can now see what Gags are organic in Toon T.A.G.S! But that's not all -- I worked with the folks over at Goofy's Gag Shop to upgrade your Gag Pouches as well. When you select an Organic Gag in battle, it'll sparkle bright! The old pastime of shouting "ORG!" should be no more.

    Picnic Games
    But that's not all. Professor Purrview has been called upon by the Toon Troop to inspect Picnic Games at Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres. It's been a long while since Fisherman Nutty last spruced them up, and they've been in a state of disrepair for quite a while. Professor Purrview has a knack for being... "purrticular" about things. With her stellar skills, Picnic Games have been fully revamped! Try them out when you're in the mood for some friendly competition. I sure am, and let me tell you -- my greatest enemy is terrible at checkers! Curse you, Banana Peel...

    Major Bug Fixes
    Last but certainly not least, Professor Prepostera has been called to investigate... the grey. With the protection of the Toon Resistance, Prepostera went in and sealed up all the cracks. In other words, logic-breaking bugs in the D.A. Office and Cog Golf Courses have been fixed! Plus, on his way there, Prepostera ran into some interesting "crashes", sending him right back to the playground. Huge gaps, right in the tunnels we travel through every day. Who would've thunk. I've heard many Toons complaining about these to the Toon Council, so I'm happy to see all of them fixed. Maybe now I can finally hear myself think...

    "Doctor Dimm!"

    Do you hear something? Must've been the wind...

    March 10, 2020 [ttr-live-v2.6.8]
    Chip n' Dale's Acorn Acres
    • Acorn Acres' Picnic Games have been re-written from the ground up for stability and more features!
    • While playing Picnic Games, the GUI has been updated with more flair and better indicators.
    • Even if you aren't playing a Picnic Game, you can see the game board move in real time, even from afar!
    • Rewrote the instructions for Picnic Games to be clearer.
    • Reduced the volume of some MiniGolf sound effects added in the last game update.

    • Implemented measures to reduce memory leaks and reduce crashes on Intel based systems.
    • Increased the speed at which you can deposit and withdraw jellybeans from your Jellybean Bank.
    • Corrected a crash that occurred while visiting a friend gardening at their Estate.
    • Fixed an issue where names such as "D.J." would be blocked due to no vowels and all capitals.
    • Re-named "Juggling Balls" to "Juggling Cubes"
    • Addressed various bugs and glitches throughout Toontown.

    • Added a new option in the Options Menu to adjust text quality.
    • Adjusted the scaling of '3, 2, 1, Go!' in Kart Racing to be visually clearer.
    • Fixed a graphical bug in the 'Cog Thief' Trolley Game.
    • Fixed the text alignment of the 'Options & Codes' title in the Shticker Book.

    • Implemented Organic Gag indicators in the battle menus. There's no need to say "ORG" anymore!
    • These indicators also affect Toon T.A.G.S. - so you'll never have to worry about if your teammates have come prepared.

    Cog HQs
    • Re-added room name tags within the Sellbot Factory. Now you'll never be lost!
    • Fixed many "grey screen" loading bugs in the District Attorney's Office and in Cog Golf Courses.
    • Fixed various cutscene bugs in the Sellbot V.P. Battle.
    • Implemented detailed reward information at the end of the Lawbot Chief Justice and Bossbot C.E.O. Battles.
    • Adjusted the names of some Cog Bosses within Boarding Groups and SpeedChat for consistent grammar and style.
    • Adjusted the "How to Play" menu in Cog Golf to be less confusing and visually cleaner.
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