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Doodle Quality of Life Suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Complaints' started by Hat, Nov 30, 2022.

  1. Hat

    Hat New Toon

    Nov 30, 2022
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    I think there should be some small quality of life changes to doodles. I have a doodle I got a long time ago and I forget its traits as well as the location as I bought it quite some time ago. Most likely one of the lower playgrounds- As it isn't the easiest to train.

    I think it would be a pretty neat feature if not only we could see the traits our doodles currently had, but if there was some kind of "Doodle Trainer" that would train specifically the traits of the doodles. Maybe for a hefty amount of jellybeans it can pull a less desirable trait up a level? Even if it is probably a TTC Doodle, I'd still feel bad if I ended up replacing my doodle to get a better one. I feel like allowing players to upgrade their traits in some way would be a feature everyone would appreciate.

    As a final suggestion, I think it would be nifty if players could additionally purchase a Doodle Rewrite/Rename.

    Overall I think these features would immensely improve players' enjoyment in the game. I think it goes without saying that most of us enjoy the presence of these little cat-snake-rabbit things and would enjoy features such as these.

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