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TTR Suggestion Draw gags track remade

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by Tapatío, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Tapatío

    Tapatío New Toon

    Jan 5, 2020
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    I thought of this gag when I saw it gears up challenge solo video in the summer of 2019 (until yesterday [1/5/2019] I just found out that I was not the first shout out goes to Mike Madorian for creating the first draw gag).

    This gag is my concrete ideal for a draw gag
    This is what it does.

    It picks randomly so just like sound or if it’s just one cog you cannot pick what it’s target but it can be directed.

    It will be randomizes from its column but have a rarer chances of being 1 level up or 1 level down. So it can be essentially better or worst depending if you have good luck are you going to try .

    Toon up, lure, and trap doesn’t activate in Certain situations. Toonup can’t activate if there is no one else is hurt. Lure and trap won’t activate if they are already lured.

    Special gags is the idea that I got from Mike Madorian. This can be gag the ttr team can test new gags and new gag Abilities without having a dedicated new track or reel. Example a super hammer that haves 100% accuracy and will destroy all cogs no matter any level but it’s pullout rate is about 1% while a egg Carton can be a 4%. It can vary in percentage since there might be more overpowered and less overpowered.

    Level 1 is the Magic Hat
    (pulls out hat and pulls a gag from it)

    Level 2 is the Notepad
    (pulls out a Notepad and draws a gag (will always look like the first gag of the track unless special then it will look like flippy) and then resume animation for the gag)

    Level 3 is the Pocket/bag
    (Something similar to the squirt animation)

    Level 4 is the Chalkboard
    (Brings out a chalkboard from off screen or something like that and draws a gag )

    Level 5 is the Deck of Cards
    (simlar to the squirt animations but gets the deck of cards and the toon draws a card with that gag)

    Level 6 is the Painting Canvas
    (Brings out a Painting canvas and begins painted (you can have a Bob Ross hair to make it 100% better) and paints the gag and then the animation of the gag)

    Level 7 is the Creator or The Idea
    (The creator of toontown above a small cloud and draws you the gag while you are scared what it might do. The idea is you have a lightbulb above your head you doing a thinking animation and you look up and grabs the lightbulb and doing something with your hands and then creating the gag).

    The stats of draw gags can go like this
    70% same level gag 25-30% to a upper and lower level gag and 5% if special gag was decided to be into the draw gag lineup. This makes it a bit overpowered in a way in the beginning (since there is no lower gags at level 1 gags) but at the same time will make it worse at the end (since there is no higher level at level 7).

    Then it can be 50% for all current level gags except the gags requiring special situations to work. So it would be 1/8 or 1/9ish Possibility if all situations aren’t met Or if it is then it would be 1/5 or 1/6ish possibilities to get sound, throw, squirt, drop gags. It will allows work the same way gags track are formatted toon up down to drop gags or special gags if planned.

    organic gags I have threeish ideas on how to make it happen if you decide to not put special gags and to drop out any gags that you are missing add that back on for organic gags or if you decide to put the missing gag already and the special gag make the special gag have increased the percentage rate and lower the other rates or if Neither then make it so it like a gag that makes all gags organic I doubt this one will be picked but it’s cool idea.

    We almost have everything but don’t have an idea for the event to connect it to. I thought of the Wanted Event (the promotions can be sort of like a cowboy style event where you will see cogs wanted for doing stuff they are known lol) which is a storyline that the cogs would steal top secret documents from the researchers toons in toontown central and they want it back before they get away. And this will add a new cog type wanted cogs (this is similar to v2 or skelecogs where it will be under the name of the cogs) they are what to run off and they will have a higher chance of dodging and is able to fly away during battle but still can fight but is a low chance of spawning.

    I would like people feedback any changes or other stuff that can be added. I doubt anyone will see this but if you are that person hello :D. I also doubt it being added over something else since it would I think be very complicated to implement since it’s basically a gag that have a few gags tracks into the that gag but it would be appreciated addition.
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