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Factory guide for those who prefer to solo (not the traditional long or short route).

Discussion in 'Sellbot HQ' started by hollowstars, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. hollowstars

    hollowstars Cog Crusher

    Apr 27, 2015
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    Most guides tend to be for the traditional routes through the factory, but I haven't seen one on here for the route I like to take. I got my information from another website (the merit counts and general walkthrough), although eventually I began to stray from it or do whatever I needed differently to get the required merits. I'll put the link to it at the end, but here is my version of the guide.

    NOTE: I've been told by a friend that it's just easier to do 7 long factories and 1 short factory for those dreadful 5500 merits. I don't like taking the time to fully go through a long by myself, hence this guide. I realise this may not be the preferred way to get merits as you're not getting the full 776 merits you could be getting, and if you want to do it your own way that's completely fine and I understand. I like my own routes more because I don't have to go to the gear room then turn back to go the other way, then have to go through the stompers, through the oil room (I really don't like the oil room), etc. I prefer to just go a straightforward way (and avoid going through as many doors as possible, seeing as they always seem to glitch out on me and won't let me through, especially near the stompers). This also provides some variety to the "7 long factories and 1 short factory" run, which I also prefer, instead of doing the same thing over and over.

    I'm at a point where I need a whole lot of merits. I like to split my solo factory runs so I'm not doing a short factory worth 480 merits when I only need 200 or something. I sometimes just use my calculator and determine which combos I should do (while letting my toon heal a bit in Daisy Gardens), but mostly if I need a lot of merits, like 5500 of them, I'll do a few of the regular 776 merit routes, but as I get tired of them, I'll switch it up and do some 584 merit runs instead.

    Before I get into the specifics of what to do, make sure you at least have:

    • 70+ laff (You may be able to do it below 70 laff, but I haven't tried it. If you want to, knock yourself out and good luck.)
    • 2 hypno goggles
    • 3 big magnets
    • 3 birthday cakes (high enough to take out a level 9 cog)
    • 7 whole cream pies
    • 3 storm clouds (high enough to take out a level 7 cog)
    • 4 hoses
    • 3 foghorns (high enough to take out a level 5 cog)
    • 2 elephant trunks
    • 2 whole fruit pies or 2 seltzer bottles
    Remember to bring extras though, just in case something misses. Sound SOS cards that you don't mind wasting also come in handy if your foghorn happens to miss. Also, if you follow my guide, you won't be getting any sound experience this way, seeing as sound isn't a very good gag to use when soloing and needing the experience.

    If you are:
    Soundless: you needn't worry, because you can just lure and throw/squirt accordingly.
    Lureless: I'm afraid either terribly good luck and not getting hit, or lure SOS cards are your only option in this case (that I know of, anyway).

    For this route, you need to do this starting from the side entrance. Here's a map that was also given on the website where I got my information:

    (The cog levels in the gear room are wrong for this factory; it's two level 5 cogs and a level 6 cog.)

    1. The first room is the duct room. Just fog them and move on to the next room.
    2. Keep going straight into the pipe room. Start with either side of the skelecogs, and fog them. Head over to the other side and do the exact same thing.
    3. Head over to the boiler room. Use a big magnet to lure the 3 cogs. Use a whole cream pie on the level 6, a hose on the level 5, and then an elephant trunk to take out the level 3.

    NOTE: When you're doing these battles, make sure that you at least have 4 whole cream pies by the time you get to the silos, otherwise you won't be able to destroy the cogs in one hit and risk losing laff points. If needed, you can step into hallway outside the lobby and restock on your throw. I prefer to improvise, as stopping in the hallway defeats my initial intentions of going quicker.

    After this, go to the gear room. Lure the 3 cogs with a big magnet. Whole cream pie the level 6, and hose the two level 5 cogs.
    5. The warehouse is up next. Use your hypno goggles, and take out the cogs accordingly (whole cream pie on the level 6, hose on the level 5, and the level 4 gags you packed on the level 4 cogs).
    6. Go up to the silos. It doesn't matter which side you do first. First, use a big magnet. Use whole cream pies on the level 6 cogs and a storm cloud on the level 7. Do the same thing on both sides.
    7. At this point you're up to the final battle. You're going to need to start off with using your hypno goggles. Then use a birthday cake on the level 9, and either birthday cakes or your storm cloud to destroy the remaining level 6 cogs (or if you skip some rooms and have some whole cream pies left, you could use those as well).

    Voila, you're done.

    This route, if you choose to follow it completely, should get you 656 merits.
    Not doing the gear room (step 4) and going straight to the warehouse (step 5) will get you 584 merits.
    Skipping the gear (step 4) and boiler (step 3) rooms will get you 520 merits.
    Ignoring the gear (step 4) and boiler (step 3) rooms and only doing one set of cogs in the pipe room (step 2) will get you 464 merits (at which point I would recommend that you simply do the traditional short route, unless you like the side entrance, but you won't get as many merits (480)).

    For me, this is faster, and I don't worry as much about running out of gags as I do when I attempt to solo the long route. If you see some flaws, would like to add something, or talk to me about this way of doing factories, be my guest!

    I was grateful when I began this route, and I hope it helps some of you as well, in any way.

    This guide is partially made from my own experiences as well as from information on this website, created by a guest user named Fangs McWolf. You can get more information there, as I've just simplified it to how I prefer to do my factory runs. Keep in mind that some information on that website may be out of date because it was written in 2008 for Toontown Online, not Toontown Rewritten.
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  2. Beary Funny2

    Beary Funny2 Cog Crusher

    Jul 4, 2015
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    Thanks for this! I may end up trying this route if none of my friends are online.
  3. hollowstars

    hollowstars Cog Crusher

    Apr 27, 2015
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    No problem! I hope it works out ^-^
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