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First Toon Ever Made?

Discussion in 'Toontown Online Memories' started by RockabillyDoll, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Melody McSong

    Melody McSong Gag Trainer

    Aug 3, 2023
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    I shared a Toon with my older cousin (he was 10, I was 6), and he was a fat orange dog. Don't remember his name, but he was maxed out on Throw and Trap. I said some very...un-Toony words (creative insults galore, courtesy of unrestricted access to Youtube), which got him banned from TTO. I had an account for TTR when I was 12, and made a light blue dog. Forgot her name and unfortunately the password as well. Now I have my main, Melody McSong! She has 46 Laff and is Trapless. Working towards maxing her out!
  2. Harry Hotdog

    Harry Hotdog New Toon

    Mar 13, 2023
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    Weird Chunky Electroslam

    A cat. Short, fat, light blue, tall head, short mouth, and male. Organic trap, no drop. Typically wore western clothing. Along with his doodle, Baby. Weird was created in the December of 2006. Me and my mom shared the toon, occasionally playing as the days progressed. He, like many others here, met their fate in the September of 2013. 131 smiling laff points were his last memory. Weird's ghost lurks behind my signature.

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