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Good Party Hosters

Discussion in 'Groups & Clans Archive' started by Super Oscar Zippengloop, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Super Oscar Zippengloop

    Super Oscar Zippengloop Cog Crusher TTR Beta Tester

    Apr 11, 2015
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    Hello there. This is the Good Party Hosters group. This group will host great parties when they come out when parties are released. There is only one requirement and here it is: You must have 10,000 to 15,200 beans.
    If you want to join this group, then you must check your beans first, then type this in :

    <Toon Name>

    <Number Of Beans In Total>

    Ok guys, well that's all I have for you. So bye![DOUBLEPOST=1433683442,1433360880][/DOUBLEPOST]Join now! This group is marked as inactive. If it's inactive by august, then it will be closed.[DOUBLEPOST=1440188440][/DOUBLEPOST]Sorry, it's inactive. So it's closed now.

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