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Hoping to find an old friend

Discussion in 'Toontown Memories' started by Super Gigglepow, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Super Gigglepow

    Super Gigglepow New Toon

    Nov 1, 2016
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    hello! :mask:
    so i had a best friend.. and we were super close. we were friends for around 6 - 7 years, but our friendship ended badly a couple years ago. i'm hoping i can find her ingame again so we can talk things out.. if she's willing. i just really really feel like i need closure.

    if you see a small cream mouse named Fluffy Lemoncrumbs (around 100+ laff), a medium-small black cat named Pretty Pumpkin Paws, or a yellow cat named Juliet, please tell me. don't approach her and tell her about this post if you see her, pLEASE, bc that would be so freakin embarrassing, but just tell me where you saw her and what district it was in!

    and if you're worried our friendship ended bc of abuse or something, don't worry, it didn't. i told her i had a crush on her and she never talked to me again. ^ ^;;;;;;
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