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NEWS Join the Toontown Online Web Comic Team! Artist needed!

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by SyntheticCobaltX, May 18, 2020.

  1. SyntheticCobaltX

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    Apr 17, 2015
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    You've heard it! - A while back (August of last year) I posted an idea for a webcomic based on Toontown itself on the Forums. After nobody responded, I mostly abandoned it until Toontown Rewritten announced the Community Partner Program.

    I decided to pick this project up off the ground and continue looking for team members. Luck played in my favor more this time around, managing to recruit two team members so far - My new partner, Maya, and the original Lead Artist, Hayden, who provided the artwork in the image above. (The logo, however, was my work, but no - I'm not that skilled when it comes to actual art.)

    After the original lead "left"
    (is unable to contribute due to new projects, but is still nonetheless a member of the team), we're looking for a new lead artist who can follow his style, and that can be YOU!

    You have what it takes?

    If you're interested, you can find me at Toontown Central in Thwackville - I'm a royal blue male cat named Sonic (yes) with 109 laff and wears red athletic shoes. Talk to me there or submit art here.
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