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KTTA Boss Run Rules

Discussion in 'K.T.T.A - Kid Toontown Addicts' started by Fluffy Whistlespinner, Jan 23, 2015.

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  1. Fluffy Whistlespinner

    Fluffy Whistlespinner Hall of Fame Hall of Fame KTTA TTR Beta Tester KTTA Clan Leader

    Dec 1, 2014
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    • Load and go - Please don't hop off of the elevator once you are on and try your best to not let any elevator leave with empty slots.
    • No boarding groups - This can result in unnecessary chaos and exclusion of toons from participating in the run with you.
    • No closing the game unless there are less than 5 toons before the first round - Exiting out of the game will make it harder for those toons who went into the battle with you to survive. Try your best to stay in-game and online. Although other toons might disconnect from time to time, accept the challenge and try your best to complete the run.
    • No SOS shopping - Once you board the elevator, please stay in the VP battle until it is done.
    • Be respectful - Be kind to your teammates, do not argue and don't say unfriendly things that might hurt their feelings. Please avoid complaining or demanding others to choose certain gags. Following this rule will keep a positive atmosphere and allow everyone to be able to have a good time. :)
    • No glitching
    • No greening
    • Gags & Laff - Make sure that you are stocked up on gags and laff points before you enter the battle. Doing this will let the run go along smoother. Please also make sure that you have enough laff points to be able to survive the battle. Although we accept all toons at any laff, we recommend that you make sure that you have enough laff points to be able to survive a few hits from the cogs.
    • Work as a team
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