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Lawbot D Office with 1 soundless Toon

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by Rookie, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Rookie

    Rookie Elite Toon

    Jun 25, 2015
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    Hi! I'm Rookie. Or Pawn. Or Missed By A Hare. You get the idea. I noticed that there were no guides for D Offices for 1 soundless Toon, and with no one to guide me, I've been cheesing them with restocks...until yesterday, when a friend (edit: JusticeInACan) showed me this strategy. I'll share it here. If done right, you can clear this in 20-25 minutes, which definitely beats the average D Office sound run.

    Before we start...
    • The group must have maxed gags. You can get away with unmaxed toonup or lure if the other Toons can cover for that, but you'll need everything else (or at least a 156-damage TNT in trap's case).
    • Two Toons must have organic throw. 3 or 4 is ok, but that will not change anything.
    • If you like to run two Toons, take a lureless or a Toon-upless Toon with you. They're great for a soundless, giving access to both TNTs and pianos. Of course, another soundless is great too, but then you'd need Kitt Kitt Lou's guide. Not this one.
    The first 3 floors
    Lobby battles (skelecogs)
    • Two Toons (one if he/she has organic lure) should start the battle. If anyone else joins, then they must pass. Start with hypno goggles and a toon-up stun (or just hypno goggles if organic). You can try lure without a stun, but remember that lure can be an eek sometimes.
    • Use four birthday cakes to clear all 4 cogs.
    Elevator battles (3 level 11 cogs, 1 level 12 skelecog)
    • 1-round it with 3 fogs and a seltzer bottle or fire hose.
    After your birthday cake and foghorn supply runs out
    Lobby battles
    • Continue with lure+Toon-up. If someone is in danger, then they can join. Use a group toon-up for these circumstances.
    • Throw cream pies at the level 10 cogs. (2 pies per cog. Avoid crossing.)
    • Use a seltzer bottle/fire hose and a storm cloud for each level 11 cog.
    Elevator battle (2+ trapless Toons)
    • Sound (give this task to the dropless Toon if there are any) + 3 pianos for the level 11 cogs.
    • Sound+3 pianos again if any of the previous ones missed. If they all hit, then hit the skelecog with 4 pies, lure+pies, or 2 fire hoses and 2 safes.
    Elevator battle (2+ dropless Toons)
    • Magnet (give this task to the trapless Toon if there are any) + 3 TNTs for the level 11 cogs. Keep the hypno goggles.
    • Finish the skelecog with 4 fire hoses. If someone is in danger, then 3 cream pies and juggling cubes are a good alternative.

    Take advantage of any good restock barrels and battles where one or two Cogs are waiting outside. (Sound+3 pianos is not recommended in lobby battles if you don't have 3 Toons with TNTs.) If your gags miss so often that this strategy doesn't carry you through the whole office, then improvise. I'm sure you can figure something out for that last battle or two.

    The other organic gag tracks
    Obviously, organic throw is the star of the show (That rhymes!), but what about the two Toons who don't need organic throw? I'll explain some uses for the other tracks here. (Keep organic throw no matter what you read here if you're the soundless Toon.)
    • Toon-up and trap: None.
    • Sound and drop: Allows you to hit the level 12 skelecog with a stronger piano, or with a normal piano and the extra foghorn if two Toons have organic sound. It doesn't change much.
    • Lure: You can lure for 3 lobby battles without a Toon-up stun.
    • Squirt: The best to have when someone disconnects. In lobby battles, you can take a level 10 cog with your cloud while the other two Toons hit a level 11 cog together. In elevator battles, 3 fire hoses can take a lured 11 if one hose is organic. Organic cloud + any fire hose will take the lured 12.

    Here's a video showing the 1 soundless Toon strategy in action from a soundless Toon and a lureless Toon's point of view.
    Note: We had access to 3 pianos and 3 TNTs, so we could afford to use sound+3 pianos in the lobby battles where 1 cog was waiting outside.

    Thank you, Scooter and Haunted Spirit!

    Thanks for reading! This is my first guide for a game...ever. How did I do? :p
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2016
  2. Silly Duke Hucklephooey

    Silly Duke Hucklephooey Gag Trainer ATTA Supporter TTR Beta Tester

    Feb 15, 2016
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    This is a very useful guide! I just did a D office with a soundless toon and we used this exact strategy. It worked extremely well!
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