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Light Speed (Racing Group)

Discussion in 'Groups & Clans Archive' started by Rigel, May 20, 2015.

  1. Rigel

    Rigel Guest

    Rigel here! :)
    This group is for goofy speedway racing. We don't do gag training or anything. We're simply racing. If you want to join, just simply message below.

    Meeting District: Watercolor Woods (If full, Pianissimo Plains or Renaissance River)

    Copy and paste the below:

    Your Toon Name In the Game:
    Laff (Optional):
    Current amount of tickets:

    You can edit your post if you want to update the amount of tickets you got.

    So if you love racing, join us!

    If anyone in the group would like to race, feel free to post on my profile page. (@Rigel)

    Below are the 'places' a toon can be (similar to ranks). I will update as we get more toons.

    Leader: Rigel

    Assistant (They can host races also):
    Bunny Hop Nibble
    Good Ol' Clyde,

    Ace Racer (Notably good in racing):

    Member (Typical racer and member):
    Pancake Lemonpop
    King Lollipop Junior
    Professor braniac

    [DOUBLEPOST=1432152445,1432128939][/DOUBLEPOST]Welcome our new assistant, Good Ol Clyde and a few others!
    Last edited by a Resistance Ranger: Jun 22, 2015
  2. PancakeLemonpop

    PancakeLemonpop Gag Trainer

    Feb 20, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Name: Lemongrab
    Laff: 113
    Current Tickets: 120 LoL'ing
    I'd like to get races done, I never did them in TTO and it's what caused me to never reach my goal of max laff.
  3. Rigel

    Rigel Guest

    Accepted :)
  4. That Soundless Horse

    That Soundless Horse HAHA FOUND YA LENNEH TTR Beta Tester

    Jun 11, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Your Toon Name In the Game: King Lollipop Junior
    Laff (Optional): 96 atm
    Current amount of tickets : 120
    I need to actually race, I never did on old tt and I want to reach max laff ;)
  5. Professor Brainiac

    Professor Brainiac Forum Moderator Cast Member Forum Moderator KTTA ATTA Supporter TTR Beta Tester

    Jan 17, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Toon Name: Professor Brainiac
    Laff: 120
    Tickets: 213 (due to a glitch)

    I want to race to get my laff higher, but no one ever wants to race
  6. Rigel

    Rigel Guest

    Accepted :)
    I'm not on that much on the moment because I'm on a hiatus. You've been added to the list though.

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