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List of SOS toons!

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by CherryTwist1997, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]
    "So, did you toons come to rescue me?"

    After completing a sellbot VP battle, you will have rescued a NPC toon and they will give you their own unique SOS card!
    Listed below are all the SOS cards available at the moment!
    [​IMG] Flippy, 5 Star Toon-Up
    [​IMG]Daffy Don, 4 Star Toon-Up
    Madam Chuckle, 3 Star Toon-Up

    Clerk Clara, 5 Star Trap
    [​IMG]Clerk Penny, 4 Star Trap
    [​IMG]Clerk Will, 3 Star Trap

    [​IMG]Lil' Oldman, 5 Star Lure
    [​IMG]Nancy Gas, 4 Star Lure
    [​IMG]Stinky Ned, 3 Star Lure

    [​IMG]Moe Zart, 5 Star Sound
    [​IMG]Sid Sonata, 4 Star Sound
    [​IMG]Barbara Seville, 3 Star Sound

    [​IMG]Barnacle Bessie, 5 Star Sound
    [​IMG]Franz Neckvein, 4 Star Sound
    [​IMG]Clumsy Ned, 3 Star Sound

    I am in your debt.

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    you did sound for bessie franz and ned lol

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