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OFF TOPIC Looking for someone.

Discussion in 'Forum Fun' started by AvoBrigs, Dec 29, 2023.

  1. AvoBrigs

    AvoBrigs New Toon

    Dec 29, 2023
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    Hi, im new here, and this tale may be strange, but it's all I have.

    In another MMO called Star Wars the Old Republic, I met a nice friend who's character was named Adelia. We got along nicely, and were having fun, until today where she abruptly just deleted everything. Not a trace.

    She would share her favorite songs and fanfics of her character, but, without a word all her works are gone too. I feel bad. I feel like I was just one day late, and now lost the chance forever to ask whats wrong, is she okay?, or even a have a proper farewell.

    The last MMO she played was this one, ToonTown. Knowing how she reads forums sometimes, I hope she comes across this by some small miracle of one day returning here. I hope you are well, and everything is fine. You are a great friend and I hope one day you return so we can hang again.

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